NUK 2 Pack Replacement valves Spill Proof Cup, Colors May Vary

NUK 2 Pack Replacement valves Spill Proof Cup, Colors May Vary

Gerber® Graduates® Replacement Valves control the flow of fluid, making it easier for your child to drink from their Gerber® Graduates® sippy cup. It’s great for baby as the liquid flows only in desired quantities. Plus, these valves snap easily into place. They come in sturdy plastic that helps extend the use of these spill-proof cups.

Main features

  • Fits most fun grips, sip and smile cups
  • Extends use of spill-proof cup
  • Snaps easily into place for convenient use
  • Made of sturdy, durable plastic
  • Controls the flow of liquids

Verified reviews


Different Cleaning Instructions From When You Buy Them With The Cups

They work fine. I wish they were easier to clean for when you use them with fatty liquids that stain. But, these directions say to use a Q-tip. So far, that’s been working satisfactorily.

Summer Lancaster, MO

They Wear Out

This is one solution to keeping your sippy cups going. Sometimes they just start to leak a little bit out of the mouth piece, and all you need is a new valve. I believe these are an add on item now. It can be hard to remember them, but keep them in mind, when placing an order. You will be happy you did.

Andrea Centennial, WY

Work just as good as gerber

These are just as good as gerber, and I’ve had them a year now, and they still work great and I run them through the dishwasher frequently.

Alisha West Newton, IN

These are great little valves

We have 6 cups (2 for each of our three little ones) that use these valves and they are by far the best. One set has lasted +2 years already. I’ve never seen them leak which is a miracle considering how many "leak-proof" cups we’ve owned over the last five years that leaked everywhere. They are simple to use, just push them into the hole on the cup. Of the three sets of cups we have, we interchange all of the valves & have noticed no difference in use or leaking. They can be a pain to clean but all small pieces of any cup set are hard to clean. I prefer to soak them when they’re starting to show signs of build up. Then you don’t have to be so rough on the piece and it’ll last longer. I was quite happy to find that they make replacement valves, too. This way you don’t have to buy new cups just to get the valve. I think that is considerate of the Nuk company. All of the cups we have are of good value, too. They haven’t broken after much abuse and the pictures haven’t come off from frequent washing. Keep up the good work, Nuk!

Debora Drayton, SC

Nice to have

We bought the cups, the cups got lost or we found them in the car two months later under the seat and the valve was moldy and nasty. This saves you a bundle from having to buy a whole new cup. Works nice. I have also found that using pipe cleaners really helps keep these nice and in good working order.

Wendy North Hatfield, MA

perfect replacement

When you lose the valves from your Nuk sippy cups like we always do then these are the exact OEM replacements that you require!

Sarah Faith, SD

Love these sippy cups and replacement valves

We love these sippy cups and prefer to replace the valves every couple of months once they start to turn yellowish.

Adela Lindside, WV

Great purchase

I had lots of sippy cups that were leaking. After purchasing the new valves, they no longer leak. I was able to save my son’s favorite cup by buying replacement valves instead of throwing away the cup and trying to find it elsewhere. So my 3 year old thanks Amazon for saving his cup! 🙂

Lindsay De Smet, SD

NUK sippy valves are the best

No other sippy cup works as good as the NUK ones with these valves. It’s totally worth it to buy a couple extra valves in case you lose or ruin one. Good peace of mind when you’re in a bind and your kid is screaming for some juice.

Corine Wheatland, OK

Prevents leaks, but mold is a problem

Okay, so maybe I don’t wash my kids’ sippy cups often enough, but even when I wash them more often, mold is a problem in this valve. The mold grows up in the creases of the valve, in an area that is impossible to reach. The valve is good at preventing leaks, though, and I love that my kids won’t damage the valve when they chew on the spout. So it was worth it to look for a solution to the mold problem.The solution to the mold problem is bleach. I don’t like to use bleach, but when our allergist recommended bleach for killing mold (which my daughter is allergic to), I gave in and tried it. Soaking these valves in some bleach completely got rid of the mold without having to scrub in those impossible to reach areas. So if you don’t mind using a little bleach, these valves are awesome!

Francine Epworth, IA

nothing really to say

They fit in tons of different types of cups and keep them from leaking, what more could you ask for?

Sally Jeremiah, KY

NUK 6 pack Replacement valves

I searched all over the local stores for some replacement valves, but never found any. Finally found them here. Very glad I did not have to buy more cups. Item is as described. I received 3 packs of 2 replacement valves in each package. Nicely sealed. I immediately opened a package and used 2 valves for the cups that I had lost valves to, and they worked perfect. No spills, no leaks, nothing. I would recommend these. Very very pleased with this product.

Myrna Minerva, KY

Work like they are meant to!

If you’re buying these, you probably needed them, so not much to say… They are replacement valves, lol… Happy buying! (Needed 2 more words…)

Rosella Brewerton, NY