NUK 3 Pack Orthodontic Silicone BPA Free Nipple Bottle, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

NUK 3 Pack Orthodontic Silicone BPA Free Nipple Bottle, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

NUK® 0m+ Medium Flow Silicone Orthodontic Bottles. Original orthodontic nipple. Reduces colic & promotes healthy oral development. Simulates & supports breastfeeding. Can be used with all NUK® wide neck nipples. Brand trusted by moms for over 25 years in North America. NUK® Air System™. BPA free. 3 bottles.

Main features

  • Simulates and supports breastfeeding
  • Nuk air system vents the bottle preventing vacuum build up
  • Soft, clear silicone nipples
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: pink and green or blue and green

Verified reviews


love the idea but

My breastfed baby won’t take these, or any other kind i’ve found! Going to keep trying with these and some other one’s. Love the design, the bottle itself in my book is 5 stars, but because my baby won’t latch onto these i had to give them a 3.

Stacy Sanderson, TX


I always liked the NUK bottles and sippy cups when my kids were younger and these didn’t disappoint. Bought to have when my granddaughter comes and they’re such pretty bottles and very durable. Good price and shipping was fine.

Angel Bryantville, MA

IMMEDIATE success after much struggle.

We were BFing and had tried Breastflow first, but was a disaster for us. Then tried “simpler” nipples like Soothie, Gerber, and Adiri, etc that have the smooth “unshaped” nipple. No luck — the flows were too fast and he didn’t seem to like the shape, because he couldn’t keep them in his mouth. Then, my mom randomly bought us a NUK to try — a complete miracle!! We were desperate cause it was almost the time we wanted to wean him, and couldn’t find a bottle so we thought we’d have to skip right to a sippy cup. But upon putting it in his mouth, he IMMEDIATELY knew what to do. It didn’t gag him. The flow was perfect. SUCCESS, finally!Hope this helps! We HIGHLY recommend it!

Jo Paul Smiths, NY

This company is a shining example of customer service.

These bottles arrived by the promised date. I love the NUK brand and these were no exception. There was a misunderstanding regarding the color and design.They quickly contacted me and have more than rectified the issue. I was pleasantly suprise and will definitely do business with them again. Shining example of customer service!

Kristina Plainwell, MI

Not that crazy about this bottle.

I thought I would love this bottle, but my baby and I both ended up not liking it much. The disc to help prevent leaking while shaking works, but then it’s annoying if you are out and about because it’s covered in milk and you can’t just throw it in the diaper bag like you can with a lid for other bottles. Then, if your baby doesn’t finish the bottle and you put the lid back on, it will leak unless you put the disc back in place. It also seemed to me that the measurements weren’t very accurate on the side. Lastly, the flow of the nipple was always too fast or too slow for my baby. The nipple it came with became too slow for her, so I bought new nipples that were faster flow, but then she was drowning in milk and wouldn’t eat.

Maritza Hoxie, KS

Best Bottle for a Breastfed baby!

I was totally against bottles all together.. so when i found out that my 2nd daughter had cystic fibrosis and need the extra calories that formula offers i went on a mad hunt for the PERFECT bottle. I tried almost every one i could get my hands on! This one is perfect. My daughter went from this bottle to breastfeeding and back with no issues what so ever. It is a great size and does not leak.. We have been using the same 4 bottles for about 8 months now and they are in perfect condition even after being washed and put through my wet and dry sterilizer after every feeding. AND they are not expensive! Great product.ALSO, the cute little designs on the outside are still in perfect condition. No cracking or chips.

Hattie Garden City, MO

Easy to clean, baby loves it

Used MAM bottles first, but they had too many parts, therefore it leaked and it was a PAIN to clean. Switched to NUK bottles and she had no problem moving up to the Medium flow eventhough Im breastfeeding. MUCH easier to clean and they don’t leak!

Cindy Menoken, ND

good bottles for breastfeed baby

These are the ONLY bottles my baby will drink from. I introduced the bottle at 5 weeks and almost felt defeated after trying another brand popular for breastfeed babies. After shopping around and looking at nipples, I tried these and my baby loves these!!

Christina Sextonville, WI