NUK Barely There Nipple Shield with Case

NUK Barely There Nipple Shield with Case

If breastfeeding is uncomfortable due to sensitive nipples, try the NUK® Nipple Shield with Case. The NUK® Nipple Shield has a unique natural shape that maximizes mother-baby contact while protecting sensitive nipples. The super-soft silicone clings to the breast and has soft nodules for gentle stimulation.

Main features

  • Plastic, Silicone
  • Imported
  • Triangular design maximizes mother-baby skin contact
  • Protects sensitive nipples during breastfeeding
  • Soft nodules gently stimulate your milk flow
  • Made from super-soft, thin silicone for comfort
  • 24mm diameter opening

Verified reviews


Needed the Case

For the first month, our child had a really hard time nursing. She had a "disorganized suck" and the only way she was able to breastfeed was with a nipple shield. We were given Medela shields at the hospital and ended up losing them rather quickly, as guess what, they are clear and small and blend in everywhere!! In any case, we bought several more and had a really hard time finding a case. So, I found this and bought one.The nipple shield was not as effective for our kid, she didn’t really latch on well and it didn’t maintain good adherence to the nipple. The case, originally why we bought it was alright. It is made to fit the Nuk, and we could squeeze the Medela in, but it ended up not being a great solution. We eventually bought and used a bright red and orange pacifier case which was impossible to lose and had plenty of space. Then one day she was able to nurse without the shield which was about 2 weeks after we found the case.Overall, it didn’t work for us. However, I think it’s completely unpredictable to determine what would or wouldn’t without trying and it’s probably not fair to blame the manufacturer for not making something that would work in every possible situation. Just turned out that it didn’t for us.

Trina South Waterford, ME

The best option I’ve tried

My baby can’t latch on to me, so I feed her using these. They are SO much better than the contact name brand shields that lactation consultants push on new moms. Unlike those, the NUK silicone sticks to the skin and doesn’t slide off. The shape allows for some skin contact, too. The only negative is that the flaps flip up sometimes and cover the baby’s nose, which is scary.

Cassie Sandy Creek, NY

A regretful purchase

I bought this item after trying the Medela nipple shield and not having much success. This NUK item is even worse in terms of its lack of ability to stick on. Additionally, this NUK shield does not quite fit into its case because it is just a bit too large relative to the size of the case. Furthermore, there are only three holes in this NUK shield – the Medela has four and according to my lactation consultant, more holes is preferable. In summary, I regret buying this item.In case you are wondering, here is a link to the Medela shield which is, in my opinion, superior to the NUK shield:Medela Contact Nipple Shield Standard

Luann Landingville, PA

Kept Me Breast Feeding

I used these temporarily since initially my nipples were cracked and bleeding about a week postpartum. I was honestly ready to give up on breast feeding since it hurt so bad. My husband initially purchased me one of the NUK-barely there nipple shields at Walmart. It allowed me to nurse while my nipples healed. I used them for about two weeks, and nurse now without any issues. During that time I purchased two other brands online to try to see if they were better. They weren’t. My daughter latched on without problems with the NUK-barely there, but she hated the other ones that were thicker and bulkier. I ordered extra after not liking the competition ones, but untilmately I was able to stop using these. Once I did, my daughter went back to latching on my nipple without problems. Thanks to these, I am still breast feeding which I had initially given up on.

Tonia Los Ebanos, TX

Rare to find a case for these

I haven’t used it yet and it looks quite large, however, at this price, I bought it just so I had a case. I have previously used the Medela nipple shield and it worked like a charm. My infant at the time got used to eating out of a bottle and I had a hard time with nursing. I ended up using a nipple shield for 7 months. So for the price of under $6 it was well worth it.

Daphne Moscow, KS

I bought this for the case to use with my other nipple shield but it turned out to be much better and more natural! Saved Us!

I bought this for the case to use with my other nipple shield (Medela). But the Medela was not working for us, my daughter would not pull enough of the nipple in her mouth. Initially this shield seemed way to big BUT one night in desperation after the Medela wasnt working, I used this one. SHE LATCHED FOR 10 MINUTES after weeks of no latching!!! I think there could be more holes in it, so I just made an extra few holes very carefully (made sure no loose silicone and no rough edges – The Medela is so thick you cant do that as it is to rough) This made my flow fast for her like she likes. The case is awesome and no one else makes them. Even though the shield is very large, my areola gets pulled into it which makes her not have to latch so deeply to activate my let down. AND it STAYS ON!!! I wish it were a little smaller and had more holes, but we are sticking with it. TRY IT!!!! Feels more natural then the Medela, much more stimulating.

Concepcion Stearns, KY

Perfect for nursing!

This is awesome! Its really thin, soft silicone that goes over your natural nipple that allows you to get a break from breastfeeding discomfort. If you are suffering from sore or cracked nipples due to breastfeeding this will give you the relief you are looking for. It’s really nice that it comes with a case too!

Summer Wentworth, MO

Shield itself is fine…

the shield doesn’t fit in the case!!! No point in having the case if the product doesn’t fit. Nothing wrong with the shield itself, but I ordered it to put in my diaper bag and to travel with. Big disappointment.

Mitzi Haverford, PA

Saved Nursing for us!

I had heard of these while I was pregnant and wasn’t sure if I should get one just in case. I decided to wait but after I delivered my daughter she had a hard time latching properly due to my anatomy. The hospital gave us a Medela shield but it didn’t stay on well and was very frustrating. Not what you need when you and baby are trying to learn how to nurse for the first time!! . Once we got home from the hospital I ordered this and it arrived quickly. It worked SO much better!! I ended up buying two more just to have on hand in the diaper bag and such. The little case it comes with is perfect and discreet, the Medela didn’t have one. The shape of this is more of a rounded triangle at the base and the part that fits over the nipple was better suited for us as well. Super easy to clean, just use hot soapy water. I told all of my pregnant friends about this product-if you are sore from nursing or have cracked/bleeding, flat, or inverted nipples, or the baby just has a hard time getting that latch try this!! I ended up suing it continuously for the whole time I nursed my daughter and her pediatrician was ok with that, some people just use it as needed or for a few weeks until baby learns to latch better or they are healed up. This seriously saved our nursing experience and I am so glad!

Tara South Chatham, MA

Don’t stay on well

I was willing to give these a fair shake. Who can beat the price point? Medela certainly can’t.However, these do not adhere to the skin as easily as the aforementioned competitor. They keep coming off during feeds, which grew quickly frustrating for my baby. I went back to the other brand. Pity, these seemed good in theory, and I like that they have their own carry case. But essentially you’ll be paying $5 for a carry case.

Ida Medina, NY

Made a huge difference with latching

This shield helped my little girl latch much more easily. She was getting frantic before because she couldn’t get a good latch and thus was not getting any milk so she was hungry and frustrated. She calms down much more easily since she is able to latch. The case is also nice since it’s easy to lose a piece of clear rubber. The only issue we’ve had with the shield is that it is sometimes hard to keep it on. I don’t know if my baby has a super strong suck or anything, but even holding it on, I sometimes feel like she may pull it off and eat the plastic. Overall though, $5 well spent.

Rosalyn Dry Branch, GA

Great Medela Alternitive!

I was given a Medela shield at the hospital and it really helped my little girl breastfeed. I soon realized having more than one would be handy for different reasons. I was surprised how expensive they were when I went to the store so I also bought this less expensive NUK band shield to try at almost half the price. i would say it is just as good as the Medela if not better. It seems to clean up better and the case is nice for in the diaper bag (before I was using a ziplock bag). Save some money and give it a try!

Loretta Glen Gardner, NJ

Didn’t work for us

The shape of this nipple shield was nice enough but I didn’t like the thinness. Thin nipple shields do not work for me. The case is brilliant though and they should all come with those!

Shauna Rembrandt, IA

bought for the case

Only bought for the case. For the price, it’s great for this–just used my Medela nip shield, which is far superior but doesn’t have its own case.

Adelaide Victor, CO

Works fine

The first few times it sticks well to you, but after a week or too, the "stick" loses it’s stick. It does still work well though. It just takes a little more effort to make sure the shield doesn’t slide off before you get your baby attached. I do like how thin it is. And it stays on just fine once your baby is latched. I would recommend it. Like I said, really the only issue is that it isn’t "sticky" after a little while.

Leonor Ridgeville, IN

doesn’t work for me

The diameter is right, but it’s way tooooo long! Don’t understand why they design like that. You have to have nipples as high as 6 cm to use them. Or did I get it wrong?

Angelia Hartsville, IN

Waste of money

This is frustrating!! When my baby suckles, the sides will flap and land on his face. So irritating! I don’t understand the design. Didn’t work!

Fanny Barco, NC

I would buy again

My baby struggled with latching so in the hospital we started out on the medela shield which worked great. Then a month in I rwlized I rsakly needed a few more so I always had a clean one on hand but the medelas are spendy. This got good reviews and was cheaper so I tried it. I ended up liking this more than the medela!!! My baby weaned off after two months so I didn’t use it that long but it made my life much easier.

Mai Cheshire, OH

Decent nipple shield for the price

This nipple shield works ok and I like that it comes with a case, but I would recommend the Medela nipple shield over this one. The Medela one only has the border on one side so that you can place it under your nipple – this NUK shield has three borders that can get in the way and cover my baby’s little nostril so I feel like I have to keep holding it down, which is annoying. In the hospital, they told me that I have flat nipples and gave me this – it helped and also made the transition easier from bottle to nursing, but once I met with a lactation consultant who showed me how to properly place my nipple towards the roof of my baby’s mouth, I didn’t need the nipple shield anymore.

Mamie Mescalero, NM

Love this case.

I used nipple shields after my twins got thrush to try and get them to nurse again. It worked and they were 4 months old at the time and hadn’t nursed for weeks… I lost several nipple shields before buying this case and none since. It also has holes in it to breath- so if you’re like me and wash the shields and stick it in the case, then your diaper bag, you don’t have to worry about the moisture building up and growing bacteria. Just wish it came in bright colors to be able to find a bit easier!

Candy Hamilton, MS

Great breastfeeding aid

I got these on as an impulse buy because I wanted a case for my nipple shield. I’d previously been using the medela ones with no problems, but they’re pricey so losing one was a major annoyance. The nuk nipple shield works just as well and in my opinion is easier to use. It’s softer, the plastic is more pliable so it’s easier to get on. I liked it so much I replaced all my medela ones and use the nuk ones instead.

Evangeline Onley, VA

WAY too big for me, might work for others

This nipple shield was extremely large for me, and I would consider myself a medium size. The baby had difficulty even getting it in his mouth. I prefer the Medela sheild which provided a better fit for me.

Rosalind Muscoda, WI

I like the case!

The case is handy to have, if you’re stuck using a nipple shield. The shield itself is fine, though after using Medela ones, I prefer those because I am more used to their shape (only very slightly different). But given the price difference, if I get replacements, I’ll be ordering these because they are so similar!

Bertie Fort Lupton, CO

My baby was not a fan

The Medela shields worked much better for my baby and I. Not sure whether that’s to do with the shape of this one, or just because she was already used to the Medela (which I wanted a backup for).

Meredith Bronx, NY



Kerry Youngstown, FL

Too large.

I like the shape and case. However, it was one size to large so I am unable to effectively use the shield. I use a medium in another brand, but do not think the description on amazon stated the size. If anything, the case is great because it is so hard to find if the shield drops on the floor.

Jamie Pleasant Hall, PA

great product

This nipple shield is durable and I like having the case. It’s very thin and helped my preemie get a good latch. Even now that I have weaned her from the shield, I can still go back to it without a problem if I am suffering from soreness. She doesn’t have any problem with it!

Alexandra Kneeland, CA

Good, although…

I really like these… however there are a few things I think that they could have done to make it better.The shield itself is really good. Comparable if not better to the medela ones. I would say better because of the price. For what it is, you don’t need to pay 10 dollars for them like Medela wants. Really, they are making you pay for the brand name. Lets face it, you pay for enough baby things as it is, you don’t need to pay for the name. It is still good quality. It suctions good. The nipple is the same size, my baby has no trouble with it.The things that I think could make it better: Really the only qualms I have are with the case. I think it’s an awesome bonus for the case, however… the case is clear. Which also makes it easily lost. I wish they could’ve made it some sort of color so it was easier found. It also seems small for the shield. I almost have to bend and shove it in there to get it to close.Otherwise a good product and would still recommend it.

Elinor Minerva, KY