NUK BPA Free Ez Cup Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors Vary, Colors May Vary

NUK BPA Free Ez Cup Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors Vary, Colors May Vary

NUK creates a drinking concept that developers with your child. The cups are all designed precisely to complement the abilities of your child at every stage of their development.

Main features

  • With a special silicone soft spout for easy transition from breastfeeding to drinking from a cup
  • Ergonomically shaped anti-slip handle
  • Spill proof
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: red, blue or green

Verified reviews


Awesome for transition! You CAN get the color you want!

My son is just turning 1. We’ve been off the bottle since he was 9 months. I tried lots of different sippys, but this one is GREAT! It has lots of parts just like the dr brown bottles, but, worth it. My son can hold this. We started out with just water in it. I let him play with it for awhile. Then, he just started drinking. He fussed for a bit, but seeing he wants going to get a bottle, he gave in and that was that. And, he has no problem with the handles turning. In fact, he seems to like that flexibility and adjusts them to hold how HE wants. The blue one is less turnish than the green though. But, it helps him angle the cup depending on where he is sitting. So, we like the turn feature.The spout is easy for him like the bottle nipples. And, he doesn’t struggle to suck out the liquid like some of the other older sippys. For transition, these are good. They don’t leak unless he whacks them on something and then they spit. We use them in the car, plane, house, school.Ok, it is frustrating to order these and get what’s supposed to be red. It’s pink. If you have a girl, it’s nice. However, if you order more than 1 at a time, you can get different colors and send back what you don’t want. Easy! I ordered 6 at a time and got 2 in each color. I just sent the 2 red ones back. No biggie.I also like that NUK has the new taller sippys out and the spouts are interchangeable with these. So, that is a nice feature when you need more spouts and different cup sizes. Amazon has a variety of them cups… that you cannot get in the store. Sometimes they have them priced too high… over $7, but I wait until they go down and order.All in all, LOVE these.

Tricia Pricedale, PA

My son doesn’t like it…

I tried to wean him from his bottle to this sippy cup without success. He just doesn’t like it. The nipple is a little different from his usual bottle nipple. I’ve tried several sippy cups and all were wastes of money! Maybe I’ll just introduce him to a regular cup with a straw.

Charlene Vinton, IA

My son LOVES his sippy

Like other reviewers, I tried a few different sippys without success. My 8-month old son LOVED his cup immediately and was weaned from a bottle literally within 24 hours of introducing this cup. I’m sure he likes it because of the soft nipple. It’s totally leak proof and easy to clean. Yes, the instructions are ridiculous, but once you figure out how to assemble the cup, it’s actually very easy. I have one in every color. Go ahead, give it a try. Your child might like it too!

Tonia Mexican Hat, UT

Good product but…

Used it frequently for a few months and both my son and I liked it a lot (I liked it because it’s very easy to disassemble and wash compared to other sippies) until I saw my then 15 month old chew off a piece of silicone. Not sure if it’s bound to happen with any silicone spout or the product’s flawed…

Amelia Malone, WA

LOVE this cup for my 6 month!

This cup is perfect as a starter sippy cup….I have it to my 6 month old son and he loves it. It’s easy for him to drink out of and to hold. I love the fact that it is basically a 2 step cup….once my son gets past the initial learning stage, there is another spout that can be used when my son gets older. I actually ordered 2 more of these today because I love them so much!

Patrice Versailles, MO

It’s great!

I had a lot of trouble trying to find a cup my son would drink formula/milk from. He would drink water or juice from other cups but not milk. I tried 4 different cups before finding this one. There is a review that says that the spout is easy to pull out, but the cup has a ring that screws into the lid and tightens down on the spout and doesn’t allow it to come out. I am not able to pull the spout out and neither is my son.The cup is pretty much leak proof, but not totally. If the cup is resting upside down on the spout it doesn’t leak. When my son shakes the cup it doesn’t leak either. The only time it leaks is if pressure is applied to the nipple when it’s pinched, etc. It’s really not bad though considering that other cups I’ve tried with soft spouts leaked from shaking or sitting on the spout. It’s definately not as leak proof as the sippy cups with the anti-spill inserts, but overall I am happy with it.

Susie Harford, PA

Love it!

Tough to pick a sippy cup from the many options on Buy this one! I can’t imagine anything they could have done better on this product — we love it & baby does too.

Matilda East Bloomfield, NY