NUK BPA Free Pacifier Carry Case, Colors May Vary

NUK BPA Free Pacifier Carry Case, Colors May Vary

BPA FreeColors shipped will varyKeep your pacifiers and nipples clean and handy with our EZ-to-Hook Pacifier Carry Case. Hook it onto your diaper bag, purse or stroller.This handy case will hold up to 2 pacifiers or 2 nipples Hygienic storage allows you to keep pacifiers or nipples safe from impurities while in transit Ventilation holes are designed to prevent moistureNUK was founded over 50 years ago by a dentist and pediatrician team who developed the NUK orthodontic nipple. The orthodontic nipple is similar in shape to a mother?s nipple during breastfeeding. This eliminates nipple confusion and encourages healthy development of your baby’s jaw and teeth, which, in turn helps your baby?s overall development. In fact, a recent study* shows that the NUK nipple is the right alternative to breastfeeding because it is closer to natural.Safe and BPA freeGenerations of moms have trusted NUK in the U.S. and in over 100 countries. All NUK bottles, nipples and pacifiers are produced in our own factories in Germany and the US for total quality control. What’s more, all NUK products meet or exceed U.S. and international safety standards and are BPA free.Hygienic storage allows you to keep pacifiers or nipples safe from impurities while in transitVentilation holes are designed to prevent moistureCarry case holds up to 2 pacifiers or 2 nipplesBPA freeColors vary, you will receive one of the following colors – orange or blue

Main features

  • Hygienic storage allows you to keep pacifiers or nipples safe from impurities while in transit
  • Ventilation holes are designed to prevent moisture
  • Carry case holds up to 2 pacifiers or 2 nipples
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: orange or blue

Verified reviews



I was disappointed in this. It claims to accommodate 2 pacifiers but I could barely get one in. I am using the Soothie pacifiers.

Freda Smithland, IA

way too small

I thought these would be a lot bigger,and I was hoping to get the blue one… I got the orange one and it’s way smaller than the other one I got for a lot cheaper.

Blanche Tampa, FL

not practical

It is very difficult to open the case and when opening it makes a loud clicking noise, which always wakes my baby if I do it near her.Second, it is really hard to fit two nuk pacifiers in this case and it is small.On the positive side, I like that it can be hanged and it is very sturdy and easy to clean.

Tamika New Era, MI

Fits 2 Soothies!

I bought this pacifier cast is a good size and fits 2 Soothies in it! The hook is perfect to hook onto the outside of your diaper bag. The case has holes in it to prevent moisture from building up inside if the pacifiers were wet. The case is BPA free which is another plus. Looks like it comes in orange and blue, but you can’t choose your own color when you order it, you get what they give you. I received the orange and it’s perfect since it stands out on my dark diaper bag.

Kristin Centereach, NY

Good case, but not for all pacifiers.

This case is very convenient and durable. The only issue i had with it is that soothies will not fit into it. It only works with the regular shaped pacifiers like MAM and NUK, etc. That being said, once my son decided he didn’t like the soothies anymore and switched to the MAM pacis, it works perfectly.

Christian Warbranch, KY


This is the perfect pacifier holder. Our daughter uses the Sassy MAM pacifiers and we are able to fit two in this holder. It keeps them clean and makes it easy to find a paci when you need one! Great buy!

Katy Davenport, NY

does not fit 2 pacifiers

This case does not fit 2 pacifiers. I tried to put 2 newborn paci’s in there and I literally had to shove it in and force it to close. The paci’s I had were not oversized either. They were your average size pacifier so I’m not quite sure what kind of paci’s they used to test this product out because there was no way you could fit 2 in there without some effort. I used it twice and never looked at it again.

Gracie Zion Grove, PA

very handy and exactly what i hoped!

I bought this for my son’s pacifiers because I am one of those mom’s who likes to keep things clean and organized. I have this attached to my diaper bag and it is always available and handy when needed. I don’t give my son pacifiers often because I am anti in that area, however when he really seems to need one I can always find it quick and take comfort in knowing it is clean in this holder. I got the orange one and I had been hoping for the blue, but honestly the color is just fine and being bright it is even easier to find quickly. Not a bad price and its been lasting well for about 4 months + at this point.

Katharine Lynch Station, VA

Not for two pacifiers

The description does state this will fit two pacifiers, but it really depends on their size. I have regular pacifiers with the plastic shield and Avent Soothies, and the Soothies were the only ones where I could cram two of them in there. For regular pacifiers with the plastic shield you can only fit one. That’s not such a problem for me, but the description really should be a bit more accurate. The pacifiers I have are the newborn size, so if you get a bigger pacifier there’s even less space for it. On the plus side, it does seem to lock pretty well. I did have trouble opening it from the tab at the top; a work around it so just squeeze the sides and it pops right open. It has an open side on the clip, which allows you to easily attach it to something. I also bought the Nuby carrier, and it’s pretty much the same thing (though quite a bit cheaper). Size wise, it also only fits one pacifier so if you’re looking for something to fit two pacifiers, you will need to keep looking (or just use a Ziploc bag).

Mitzi Palmyra, PA


Nice concept. It take a while to figure out how to fit two pacifiers in there. Also, the transparent NUK pacifiers are slightly bigger and are even harder to fit. The colored ones are easier to fit.

Delia Athol, KS

Great item!!

This holder is great. I purchased two of these holder. After I bought one of this holder, I decided to get the other one. The only thing I will complaint is, I wish the price is a little cheaper. 😉

Kristy Ute Park, NM

Great little item

Just a nice handy item to have. Leave it hooked to the outside of our diaper bag for easy access. Easy to clean too.

Megan Milanville, PA

Love it!

This product was a real lifesaver for me. My daughter who is now six months used to be collic and wanted a binki all the time, having the binki holder helped me out so much because it was always attached to my purse and meant I didn’t have to fumble through my purse or search the house for a binki. As a new mom I didn’t think binkis just disappeared, but you will find they do and having one place to put your binkis that keeps them clean is FANTASTIC. Some of the other reviews say you cannot fit two binkis in this holder but I did, I used Nuk binkis with my daughter.

Patti Chester Heights, PA

Good pacifier case

I love this! Its extremely durable and holds up well even to the dishwasher sani hot rinse cycle. Plus it stores pacifiers to keep them clean and is small and easy to fit into bag on the go. And the clip feature is nice too in case you want to just latch it onto a smaller bag for easy access. Overall, its well designed and I would recommend this product.

Mercedes Tallapoosa, GA

Kinda does the job, but too pricey!

This holds about two pacifiers but you really have to squish them together and hope the container doesn’t pop open as there isn’t really a ‘lock’ to it. It’s cute and convenient but was so not worth the money. Use a plastic bag instead, or make your own out of fabric!

Kelly Bedford, IN

Useful case with attractive design!

Since I bought only NUK pacifiers and bottle nipples for my newborn I thought to add this cute carrying case to our collection. I’ve got the orange one and I really like it, it protects from dirt when we’re outside and it easily attaches to mom’s purse or a diaper bag. A useful baby item with attractive design.

Ana Charlestown, NH

Looks nice, but fallls off

Its a bit of a challenge to get 2 in here (Nuk brand). I do like the easy clean part, and holes that allow air to help it stay ventilated while wet. BUT it does fall off the bag. I’ve dropped it a couple times and now just put it in a side pocket of my bag, easy to find, but defeats the purpose of hanging it on the diaper bag strap.

Octavia Oakvale, WV

Awesome case for those indispensable pacis!

Bought these to tote along our son’s NUK pacifiers. We can fit this on the skinniest part of the Chicco carseat handle so it’s always there when baby boy gets fussy and wants his paci. This container has holes for ventilation. It easily fits two or three of the NUK pacifiers. We’ve been using this container on a daily basis for 4+ months and its held up very well. Being plastic its also very easy to clean very well, unlike those fabric paci holders that I also considered. If your baby uses a NUK pacificer, you should definitely check this case out.—updated 1/11/12. Bought a 2nd case to keep in my car, so that we’ll always have a clean, safe way to keep our baby’s pacifier handy.

Estela Dexter, OR

Could be a little easier to use

As I think other reviews have discussed, the limitation with this product is that it is tricky to fit two pacifiers into it, though (at least with the first level pacifiers) it can be done. If you use it just to carry one pacifier, well, its rather bulky for that purpose. Otherwise, it is sturdy, closes tightly and opens relatively easily.

Pat Quebradillas, PR

Closes not tight enough

I had bought 2 of those pacifier cases before, they close super firmly and perfectly. This one does not close as firmly 🙁

Haley Keeling, VA

PERFECT! Holds 2 pacifiers!

I love this holder. It holds 2 pacifiers that are any brand (we mix brands all the time). It stays closed when I drop it and it hangs off the strap of the diaper bag, or the handle of the stroller. I love that the handle has an opening to hang on things that don’t disconnect, like a full bar handle bar for the strollers or the straps on my diaper bag. And it is BPA free, so that is always a plus!

Gertrude Ballouville, CT

Should come with instructions

This was a cheap buy but after receiving the item there was some serious frustration in trying to get two pacifiers to fit inside. This item would definitely benefit from some instructions or improvement. I am currently carrying two 0-6 month “NUK” brand pacifiers in the case but they barely fit and only if they are placed inside the case at a certain angle. I am concerned that any other brand or size of pacifiers may not fit. Buyer beware…

Marjorie Brier Hill, NY

Good product, does its job

It’s a good product and easily fits two soothie pacifiers. Only issue is that it closes loudly (bad for quiet places like church) and the hook is a little large and doesn’t stay hooked onto the diaper bag.

Marci Trinchera, CO