NUK BPA Free Teeth Ez, 3 Pack, Colors May Vary

NUK BPA Free Teeth Ez, 3 Pack, Colors May Vary

Cutting a first tooth can be a painful experience for your little one. The Teething Ring Set will help provide comfort. Complete with 3 rings: cool, soft and firm, this set provides triple relief.

Main features

  • Ergonomic shape ensure all parts of the jaw area are reached
  • Chewing increases saliva production which helps prevent cavities
  • Different materials, colors and surfaces as well as the basic assembly system to stimulate learning
  • BPA free
  • Colors vary, you will receive the following colors – yellow, orange and clear

Verified reviews



I bought these for my teething baby, and she loves them. They’re easy for her to hold and she certainly seems to like chewing on them, so I suppose they feel good on her gums. She bites all over them, but her favorite part to bite on is the little round tab that sticks out on two of them. She likes the cold, soft one and the hard ones. I don’t think she has a preference. Now that she’s mobile, she carries them around the house with her and plays with them. I’ve had them for eight months now, and they’re still holding up well.

Coleen Englewood, NJ

made in Germany

awesome teether set. Great value. Per teether, costs on average what most teethers from China cost. BPA free, light-weight, easy for my baby to handle. The “chilled” one (the blue one) doesn’t stay cool very long, since you can’t stick it in the freezer… but still a great teether.

Glenda Chuckey, TN

Not Made in China

We were looking for something our son could chew on that was not made in China and have been beyond pleased with this product. This is his favorite teether, even above his pacifier. It is super easy for him to grasp and is firm without being uncomfortable for him to chew on. We’ve purchased two more sets as gifts.

Jana Colliers, WV

Best teethers yet!

We’ve tried a LOT of teethers, and these three rings are the best yet. They’re very easy to hold and cleverly shaped so she doesn’t get frustrated trying to position them for relief. The three different hardness levels are also a great feature. You can’t lose here.

Arlene Neffs, OH

I love it

My baby is teething and uses this everyday. I love that its BPA FREE and made it Germany and not China.My baby prefers this to the sofie the giraffe teether.

Kristy Roselawn, IN

Don’t leave home without them

Perfect size for little fingers to grasp and they are perfect size for little mouths. My 5 month old seems to like them a lot.

Earlene Gilman, WI

perfect teether

I love how this comes with three parts that have ranging hardness levels and are super easy to hold for little hands. They survive the sterilizer and freeze well. These were a huge hit with my baby, and I would recommend. They even fit onto the rings great which means I can attach for on the go to stroller/carseat.

Bertie San Fernando, CA

Nuk knows babies!

They are my daughters favorite teethers!Pros:- easy to hold- 3 different firmness levels- easy to clean (I HATE all those teething toys that say surface clean only–how ridiculous)- cheap price

Carey Barnesville, PA

Best teethers ever

I tried several different teethers for my daughter before finding these. She LOVES them! It’s great that they have no water as I’ve heard stories about all the bacteria that can grow in those water or gel filled teether. However, the plastic still has enough give to be chewy and great to gnaw on. They are BPA free and NOT made in China. My daugher loves to play with the inter-locking rings.

Mary Delaware, OH

Just OK

The parts that bulge out- the connectors can make baby gag- its a but too bug for babys small mouth.

Gena Scranton, ND


My daughter really likes these tethers. The three choices of softness is nice and she use all depending on where she is in the teething process. They fit nicely in her mouth and hands. Recommend to all.

Dolly Canfield, OH

Just awesome

Like every other desperate first-time parent out there, we bought a million teethers for our crabby, teething infant. This one was awesome. He liked a few others okay, but the real benefit this one has is that the clear and orange rings have a tab, making it perfect for him to chew on and give relief to the front of his gums, where his front teeth are presumably coming in. It’s been difficult for him to get the regular ring-style teethers placed exactly right in his mouth so that he can chew on it at the front of his mouth, but these really have been perfect for him. When he was younger, he adored the clear ring (the softest one), but now that he’s slightly further along, he likes to chew on the orange one too – it really angles well into various areas of his mouth.Bonus points for being very easy for a little baby to hold (unlike the bigger or bulkier teethers aimed at older children) and also for this being made in Germany.

Alana Edmore, ND