NUK Breast Wipes, 30-Count

NUK Breast Wipes, 30-Count

NUK® Breast Wipes can help you feel as clean and fresh as possible while breastfeeding. Each wipe is made with food-grade ingredients and free of artificial flavors and fragrances so they are safe for nursing. The extra soft wipes are perfect for tender nipples and the flat pack package is convenient for on-the-go moms.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Simple cleaning at home or on the go
  • Safe for nursing – food-grade ingredients
  • Extra soft wipe for tender nipples
  • Convenient flat pack for on-the-go
  • No artificial flavors or fragrances

Verified reviews


Is it really necessary?

I’m a first-time nursing mom and thought these would be great to have. However, before they arrived I began using the unscented natural baby wipes and I think they work just fine. I’m using these now that I have them but probably won’t order again. I’m not convinced I need them.

Isabella Indio, CA

Great product

Good price, nice and cool. Perfect for a nursing mothers in the summer when things get especially sweaty! And for on the go.

Marissa Mills, PA

Nice smell, safe for baby

I call it "vanilla boob." It’s a light, refreshing scent and good for the days that you don’t feel quite clean enough for baby (like after going for a walk, etc).

Jeanne Hayward, MN

Thought I’d use them more

I thought I’d use them all the time but I really don’t. When you get into the swing of breastfeeding you don’t really have time for this stuff and you’re not really worried about cleaning before/after feedings as you are in the beginning. They are nice though for days when you’re out and about or for post-pumping. They’re small though.

Antoinette Windsor, CO

great value

I like these better than other wipes I have purchased in the past. They also smell nice, because of the natural vanilla.

Libby Eva, AL