Nuk Clear Silicone Replacement Soft Spouts

Nuk Clear Silicone Replacement Soft Spouts

The special shape of this replacement spout and the softness optimally supports the transition from bottle to cup. Great for your child 6 months or older. It is constructed of silicone so its nice and soft for your child’s mouth. A brand that mothers adore!

Main features

  • Fits NUK Learner Cups and Active Cups
  • BPA Free and constructed of Silicone
  • Supports the transition from bottle to cup
  • Recommended for ages 6 months and up
  • Spill-proof and gentle on gums

Verified reviews


Awesome sippy spouts.

My son loves to drink milk out of the NUK. First it was great nipple bottle, and sippy spout is perfect for young toddlers. At the beginning they are a little bit hard to get the milk out (my son was lazy to suck it harder, but he was ok when he was under 1 year old). I made the hole in medium flow slightly bigger and it works great.The spouts never leaked and never loose quality, even after boiling and dishwashing.The NUK bottles, nipples and sippy spouts are very good quality. We had few bottles and spouts and decided to replace them after about 10 months, they still looked good, but we wanted fresh ones.

Mindy Wilmington, OH

Good spout, bad durability

I love this spout. For the first two weeks.It’s great – it doesn’t leak, and the baby acclimated to it perfectly.However, after about 2 weeks, it deteriorates quickly. They say you should replace it every 2 months. You probably really shouldn’t go for more than 30 days.I keep using these since my baby likes them, but it would be nice if they lasted longer.

Rosemarie Paupack, PA

great replacement wish they were cheaper

replacement spouts fit the Active Spout cups just fine, getting really tires of having to buy these over and over as the kid keeps chewing giant holes in them. due to this habit we do wish they were less costly!

Lilly Randall, MN

Great replacements.

I have bought these before and will buy them again. The fit perfectly, shipped quickly and the price was decent. Nuk makes some high quality products at a pretty good price. My son likes nuk over any other brand. Would recommend to anyone looking to replace old spouts on sippy cups. My only complaint is per piece it was cheaper to buy a three pack versus a four pack which is odd. I needed four replacements so I bought them anyway. Only a few cents difference per piece but seems backwards. Still will buy again.

Rebekah Buckhorn, NM

Great for turning Nuk bottles into sippy cups

We purchased a single Nuk sippy cup before I realized that this was really the same hardware as the bottles with a different spout. We purchased one more sippy cup, to get another set of the sippy cup arms, and a pack of these and now have 6 sippy cups. Makes things a lot easier when you are just looking for a clean sippy cup and already had a bunch of Nuk bottles!

Glenna Munnsville, NY

Love these

So glad there are replacement spouts for these sippy cups, so you don’t have to throw away the whole cup when they start leaking. Because they are a soft plastic, kids will chew on the spouts and they will eventually start to leak. However, these cups helped my son transition from bottles to sippy cups easily. He has DS and changes are hard for him. But, he loves these and with the replacement spouts, I’m happy too! He chews on them, but these new spouts don’t have any holes yet and It’s been a couple months.

Ines Wildie, KY

Make older cups like brand new

I bought these because my son chewed on the original spouts and they began leaking. I replaced the original ones with these and the cups are like brand new again.

Violet Carrolltown, PA

Replacement Spouts

If you have a NUK Bottle, you’ll need bunch of these replacement spouts so that you don’t have to keep buying new bottles.

Cornelia Drayden, MD


Hard to find in stores. Cheaper than store if you do find them. I have twin granddaughters , so It was nice to get 4, keep two at my house and send 2 home with them.

Chandra Rollins Fork, VA

GREAT Transitional Nipple

This spout is great for transitioning away from a traditional bottle nipple and works MUCH better for my baby than the FAST flow nipple, which mostly leaks everywhere and makes a big mess. This spout is easy for the baby to suck on and releases an adequate amount of milk during the drinking process. It doesn’t leak and fits PERFECTLY on the NUK bottles with the original rings and caps. A definite WIN!

Rosalind Redwater, TX