NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh 5 Ounces Learner Cup Silicone Spout, 6+ Months

NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh 5 Ounces Learner Cup Silicone Spout, 6+ Months

The NUK learner cup will help you transition baby from breast or bottle to cup with ease. The soft silicone spout is designed to be gentle on gums, easing the transition to cup. Easy grip handles make it easy for baby to hold. The parts are interchangeable with all NUK bottles making it easy to mix, match and expand as your baby grows. Comes in a color combination of yellow, orange, brown, white and red.

Main features

  • Disney winnie the pooh learner cup comes with a silicone spout
  • Spill proof
  • Easy grip handles are ergonomically shaped with anti-slip soft grips make it easy for baby to hold
  • Extra wide neck for easier filling and cleaning
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


i love this sippy cup more than my baby does

i’ve bought a lot of sippy cups hoping to find the perfect one. i love the design of this cup and was hoping my 8 month old would love it as much as i did. the handles are great and easy to hold for baby, it’s easy to wash with minimal parts (i hate washing those valves), and it’s totally spill proof so my baby can (and will) throw it around and i won’t have milk splattered all over my floor. it also has a top, which seems like it would be a given for sippy cups, but not so. anyway, my baby doesn’t like this cup as much as i do and i think it’s because the flow is too slow and takes too much effort. he’ll drink from it if he’s really thirsty but more often than not, he doesn’t want this cup. you can get replacement spouts but there is only one flow option. i wish they had different levels of flow, like most bottle nipples. i love the simple design and was hoping this was the one. i’ll try this cup a few more times but it will probably end up in the cupboard along with all the other rejected sippy cups.

Estelle Funkstown, MD

My son and I love this cup

It is so easy for my son to hold the cup by himself. I also love how there is no valve but instead the valve is built it. I ended up buying two different designs of this same cup.

Misty Albion, NE

Okay but tough for the little one to drink out of

I get this is a “learner” cup, but it’s very difficult to drink out of. My daughter–now 8 months–will try to sip on it a bit and then give up. After a few times of her doing that, I tried the cup and I certainly have difficulty getting any liquid out. It’s possible I’m doing something wrong but it seems unlikely. I’m giving it a 2-star for that reason. Otherwise, it’s a cute cup and at least in my experience it has held up to the “no leak” comments.

Dana Crystal City, MO


My almost 6.5 month old son took to this bottle like a pro. There’s something about it that makes the transition from breast and sometimes (rarely) bottle to this sippy cup so effortless for him. I swear I thought I’d have to go through a handful of them to finally find the right one. So lucky we got the right one on the first try. I’m going to order a second one as a back up sippy cup. Thanks to all the past reviews!

Jane Winfield, TN

Good if your baby doesn’t have teeth

We used 4 of these cups total. The first two we had early when our baby started using a sippy cup. I really liked them, my baby was able to drink out of it well, the lid was great for throwing it in the diaper bag on the go, and they lasted a few months. Once he got teeth he chewed a hole in the top…I ordered two more as replacements. My baby chewed right through the silicone and made a large hole, this happened within a couple of weeks of purchase. We had to throw them away. Great product as a starter cup but don’t use if your baby has teeth.

Brandi Rockville, VA

Very cute!

This is perfect for little ones learning to use their first cup…I love that its made in Germany and not china and that it is bpa and other plastic toxin free..

Jana Shepherdsville, KY

Baby says “No” to this cup

I bought a variety of handled sippy cups for babies for my son who has a hard time holding a bottle. This cup is nice, a great neutral design, and I like that it is a smaller 5oz size that he can hold well. Unfortunately, he gets frustrated at the flow of liquid. This cup takes a lot of sucking and he is not quite as physically strong as similar aged children. I tried using it to see how much liquid came out and found myself getting tired of sucking. It’s definitely leak proof because it is so hard to suck out the liquid!

Concetta Maunabo, PR

Perfect for transition from bottles

These sippy cups are perfect for infants/toddlers who are just making the transition from bottles to sippy cups. We tried at least 3 different kinds first (all ones that had been given to us as gifts) and found that they were either too long (and therefore difficult for our 12 month old to hold and drink from) or that the hole in the spout was too big and the drink would come out too fast causing her to choke, or liquid would leak from the spout when she threw it on the ground.So we did a little research and this one seemed like what we needed and it ended up being the answer to all of those problems. It’s small enough for her to hold and drink from, the hole in the spout is small so the liquid doesn’t come out too fast, but she’s still able to get enough out of each sip. Also, I really like how the base/handles is a separate piece because you can twist the cup within the base so that the spout is lined up directly in the middle of the handles. This was another problem we had with other cups – sometimes the handles are part of the lid, so once we would screw the lid one, the silicone spout would ultimately move and no longer be lined up properly with the handles. So I do really like having the handles and the lid as separate pieces.We initially just bought 2 of these so that we could see how we liked them, but we love them so are now ordering more.

Mia Elkton, MD

Cute and practical

My child’s daycare teacher told me NUK makes ‘the best’ sippy cups because the bottle is removable and the handles are easy for babies to grasp. This one is particularly cute. I may buy more. I love the Winnie the Pooh theme.

Anne Redwood Falls, MN

I don’s like it

The cup used only once, because if you must drink the water looked up, very inconvenient, I give my daughter bought a new suction cup.

Elnora Unionville, NY

Good starter cup

My son would not drink out of a hard spout sippy cup, but this soft one is much easier for him. It’s more like a bottle and now it’s the only thing he will drink from.

Tasha Christine, ND

Best transition item from the baby bottle

I used these to transition my LO from the bottle. He loves them. They are just the right size to put a large purse and don’t leak even when they lose the cap. The handles work well and snap off for washing – my little guy could hold these from age 9 months and drink himself.

Leona Leiter, WY


This cup is easy for babies just learning how to drink from a cup. It is easy to hold and manipulate. It was a good purchase.

Terra Chilcoot, CA

like the handles but not the spout

The handles on this sippy are easily the best thing about it. I think the spout is too hard and it makes him chew as opposed to drink. Therefore I’m afraid of dental implications and don’t use this as frequently as I would otherwise…

Pam Orrin, ND

Great starter cup for your baby

This cup is a great first cup for your baby. The silicone nipple is soft & was an easy transition. The handles are super easy for your baby to grasp. It also comes apart easily for cleaning.

Maria Natural Bridge, VA

My daughter’s favorite cup

We have this cup, a cup with a straw and a doidy cup. This is her favorite go to cup of all. Easy to hold, easy to drink from and hasn’t broken yet after 4 months of throwing it hard onto our tile floor.

Corrine Wellfleet, NE

best bottle

We have tried about seven different brands of bottle and found that NUK really fits little hands the best and the nipples don’t leak.

Johanna Deep Run, NC

Designed with Little Hands in Mind!

I love this sippy cup. My one year old son, who was exclusively breastfed for the first year of his life, took to it instantly. Several years ago when my daughter turned one and began the weaning process, I purchased way too many different kinds of sippy cup and never really found one that she and I both liked. I wish I had had this one back then. It’s the only sippy cup I’ve had to purchase for my son. Easy to clean, easy to put together, nicely made spout, well-designed handles, and cute to boot—it’s a winner!

Taylor New Preston Marble Dale, CT

Love this cup

We love this cup. I nursed my daughter and could not get her to take a bottle. I was at the end of my rope when someone suggested I try a soft spout sippy cup. I bought my first NUK Learner cup from a local “baby” store when my daughter was 6months old. She immediately took to it! So we have been buying them ever since. The spout is nice and soft and the handles are easy for her to grip. We only have two issues. First the spouts collapse if she sucks too hard. Second I have to order new spouts online since I can’t find them locally in any store.

Patricia Rudyard, MT

The BEST first sippy cup

This is the BEST first sippy cup, hands down. I wouldn’t change a thing. The best SECOND sippy cup is Nuby Natural Touch First Cup Step 1.

Florine Stevenson, AL


Im teaching my daughter to leave the baby bottle and when I started using these for juice and milk I loved it because she can go around the house with it and does not spill anything. The best part about it is that she loves it

Tracy Clayton, ID

Great Sippy

I love all the sippy’s from this brand. The soft top is easy for the baby to sip and a great transition from the bottle.

Mary Plain, WI

Maybe I just need to try again?

I was told to get a sippy cup for my 6 month old that resembled a bottle nipple. This seemed to fit the bill. He has trouble getting anything out of it. Since he is young, I plan to try again.

Angelia Blooming Glen, PA

Great for Breastfed Infants

I really like this cup. My son has been exclusively breastfeed since birth. I originally bought him a regular training cup with a hard plastic spout and since he has never used a bottle or cup he had no idea what to do with it. This cup has a soft spout so that when he puts it in his mouth he can chew on it and get some water. He is learning that the cup is for drinking and not just a toy this way. I also really like the handles, they spin so that he can hold it however is most comfortable for him.

Laurie Steen, MN

Easy to clean

I like this cup for my 8mo because there are not a million little parts to clean and the handles are removable so you can always adjust them to be in the correct position for the spout. I don’t like the cups where the handles are permanent and then I have to screw the top on multiple times so that the spout is not aligned with the handles preventing the baby from being able to hold it and drink. Hope that makes sense.

Antoinette Gilbert, WV

Best Sippy Cup for learning

Finally I have a sippy cup that my 7 month old will drink from! He would not take from any other one ( even ones with silicone spout such as this one) But this did the trick! Now hopefully he will transition to a hard spout one in the future. Very happy with this product. Buy this 1 first . Worth every penny.

Maritza Trujillo Alto, PR

Love it

I was already a fan of the NUK bottles, and with the trainning cup was no different!The best part is that my baby boy loves it too, and since the first day was able to hold its cup with the handdles.On top it is possible to disassemble every part and really have it preferctly cleanned, and to replace spout or whatever you may need!

Alejandra Bronson, TX

My son’s favorite

A great cup–soft silicone spout is a nice transition from a bottle to a sippy cup. We’ve had it for about 4 or 5 months and 6 teeth, and he hasn’t managed to bite through it yet. And there’s no actual valve, so fewer parts to clean. The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey, or I’d order a few more.

Cathy Dagmar, MT


My kid loooooves this sippy cup. We bought it for her at 6 months, and she mastered it at 7 months. She likes it so much that we have to be careful not to give it to her outside of mealtimes or she’ll drink too much water. Highly recommend.

Vilma Gem, KS

Works well, and hasn’t leaked!

My son is in the process of learning to use a sippy cup. The handles are really nice for this, he can hold onto it, and he’s able to use it without any problems. He’s thrown it on the floor several times, and I love that it hasn’t leaked yet! Will be ordering a few more of these!

Susanna Mound, MN