NUK Expandable Dishwasher Basket

NUK Expandable Dishwasher Basket

The new NUK® Dishwasher Basket offers 30% more space than other dishwasher baskets. It features a flexible design that expands or contracts to meet your needs. It’s very versatile with dedicated space for bottles, nipples and straws and has maximum water flow-through for better cleaning.

Main features

  • 30% more space than other dishwasher baskets
  • Flexibility to expand or contract in size
  • Very versatile with dedicated space for bottles, nipples and straws
  • Maximum water flow-through for better cleaning
  • BPA free

Verified reviews



when i saw this product i thought it could be a life saver but when it came and we used it, it was a total disappointment. it is very small. it does not close properly. its expands but no use.. it a company should make durable, basket in which you can also put bottles as well as the nipples and other parts. it is only for nuk nipples. but bottom part of the basket is useless too. i hated munchkin less…

Wilda Arthur, NE

I like this basket

i like the basket because it is expandable. But I find it hard to fit inside the dishwasher rack. I also find it a little hard to open and close the expandable parts. It is also a little easy to mess up the alignment of the lid to make it where it does not close securely. But I do like the basket. The problems I mentioned are probably from my miss handling of the product and that is why I gave it 4 stars. It holds things good and once in the dishwasher rack it is tight and stays secure. Thing definitely wont be falling out and to the bottom of the dishwasher during the wash

Cecile Rico, CO

Perfect size for everything!

Most of these baskets don’t fit the larger nipples or any breast pump accessories. This one fits it all and the expandable sides allow additional space. By far my best purchase when it comes to baby accessories.

Martina Porterville, MS

Great for holding misc. things but not the nipples at top. Lid does not close w/ them in it.

Fits in my dishwasher good but I HATE this basket. The nipples do not fit at the top at all. I cannot close the top with nipples in it the correct way. I now only use this to hold spoons and the top parts of bottles. I ended up buying another brand basket and it works a lot better. Would not buy again.

Jessie Union, OR

Flimsy, and surprisingly poorly designed for Nuk bottles

We use Nuk’s bottles in this house. Until recently, though, i used theMunchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basketto run the bottle caps, collars, and nipples through the dishwasher. They fit pretty badly, so when i saw that Nuk had their own version out, i bought it.That was a mistake.This thing is made of soft, flimsy plastic. The expanding rack sections slip out of their tracks more easily than they slide out. The whole thing bends and twists instead of having any stability whatsoever. The top section for nipples doesn’t have a hinged base, but rather a loose piece of plastic, so you have to do slight gymnastics to load it and close it without everything falling out of alignment.And strangest of all, nuk bottle components don’t fit very well. The slots on the lid are too close together for the relatively large nipple bases. You can fit one cap and two collars in each of the expanding sections, and even with those sections extended out as far as they can go, there’s space for 2.5 more caps in between. So, fully loading this, you can have:12 nipples, kinda overlapping and crammed together (6 if you want them all to have elbow room)4 caps8 collarsThat math just doesn’t work.About the only GOOD part of this is that the bottom section is short enough that caps can’t flip over and end the dishwasher cycle full of gritty dirty water.I’ve switched back to the munchkin dishwasher basket, because at least i can load it without swearing.

Kristy Two Harbors, MN