NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump

NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump

View larger NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump NUK has a full line of breast pumps for you to choose the best option for speed and efficiency. The NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump is designed for daily, frequent use at home or at work. It is scientifically designed to deliver similar performance as the leading pump at a much lower price. The pump has 32 custom settings to help you achieve maximum milk flow plus time-saving efficiency. The pump also features easy to hold breast funnels with long tubing and a built-in handle on the motor unit for portability. A digital display with push button controls clearly exhibits your selected settings, plus features a memory button to save your preferred settings if you need to stop pumping for a few minutes. The pump is AC powered, and is easy to assemble & clean. What’s in the Box NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump with easy-grab handle & photo holder, 2 Breast Shields with Valves & Membranes, 2 Silicone Cushions, 2 5-oz Breast Milk Containers with Silicone Nipples Size 1 (slow flow), 2 Collars, Caps and Seal Disks for Storage, and Voltage Adapter. The pump, milk storage container, nipple, and massaging breast cushion are made without BPA. Warranty Information The NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump is backed by a one-year limited warranty from date of purchase against defective material and workmanship. Keep the original dated sales receipt for proof of purchase. View larger Custom Settings for Maximum Milk Flow The pump features 32 settings for adjusting both suction strength and speed level. This allows you to easily make adjustments during both let-down and expression phases to maximize your milk flow and pumping efficiency, while also enhancing your personal comfort level. These multi-phase settings also mimic natural breastfeeding, which can help you express easier since it feels closer to your baby nursing at your breast. A digital display with push button controls clearly exhibits your selected settings, even if you are pumping in a dark room during nighttime. View larger Increases Milk Production over Time Double pumping (compared to single pumping) offers timesaving benefits by allowing you to express both breasts simultaneously. In addition, independent scientific research indicates that double pumping increases your level of prolactin, the milk-producing hormone. Over time, double pumping can therefore lead to increased milk production if you double pump regularly. Massaging Breast Cushion for Let-Down The pump is designed with a soft breast cushion with lightly textured, massaging rings for comfort. The shape of the cushion molds perfectly to the shape of your breast to help stimulate let-down and efficient flow of milk while pumping. Memory Button Saves Your Preferred Settings The convenient touch-button memory feature remembers your preferred combination of suction and speed settings, which lets you pick up again right where you left off if you need to temporarily stop pumping. View larger Few Parts are Easy to Clean and Assemble Easy to clean (hand wash or dishwasher) and assemble due to few parts. To start pumping, just ensure the breast pump shield with valve is properly connected to the motor unit, and then just screw on a milk collection container. Lightweight and Portable Size for On-the-Go The pump unit weighs less than one pound, perfect for pumping either at home or away from home. The two breast funnels are connected to the motor by long tubing, so the pump can be placed comfortably on a table during use. The pump unit even comes with a photo holder to display a photo of your baby, which can help you relax and make expressing easier when away from home or baby.

Main features

  • Select your speed and suction levels independently, to maximize both milk output and comfort
  • Unique one-touch memory button remembers your preferred settings
  • Includes soft breast cushions with lightly textured, massaging rings for comfort
  • Few parts are easy to clean (hand wash or dishwasher) and assemble
  • Lightweight and portable – pump only weighs one pound

Verified reviews


Just fine, but probably best to stick with Ameda or Medela

I’ve used three different brands of pumps – Ameda, Medela, and Nuk. And it isn’t that Nuk is bad, but it I liked Ameda best and then Medela. This one doesn’t’ seem as strong as the other two, and it is louder. That said, I think those are both more expensive, so if you want an electric pump that is cheaper, this might be the way to go. I did not use it extensively because I had access to my go-to Ameda. But it certainly works just fine. If you are going to pump both breasts at the same time, I strongly suggest getting one of those bras that will hold them on there for you so you don’t have to sit there and hold them both onto the breast. That way you can read or move around more easily.

Charlene Falmouth, MA

Good pump!

This electric breast pump is very compact, simple to put together and get started, easy to clean and works fairly well. This is my first electric breast pump so for me it is GREAT! Much much better than a manual breast pump of course. I cannot compare it to other electric pumps as I have not used one.This unit IS fairly noisy, however. I imagine that the more expensive brands are quieter than this. The noise does not bother me, as I do not work outside of my home so this will just be used at home, but it is quite loud. Other reviewers have mentioned a tote bag coming with the pump; mine did NOT include a tote bag (and the box does not mention one).Overall this is a good pump and will save me lots of time!

Essie Edinburg, IL

No Medela but Has Its Good Points

Out of the box is the pump unit (pretty compact), a cooler bag with ice pack, 4 containers with lids, 2 orthodontic silicone slow flow nipples, 2 bottle hoods, 2 silicone cushions, voltage adapter and 2 breast shields with valves and membranes. Also included is a fairly large tote bag with which to carry everything.The pump unit has a nice handle on it as well as a slot where you can slide a picture of baby (for that extra incentive when he is not around).The weight of the Nuk is a bit heavier than other non hospital grade pumps and it is NOISEY compared to others I am familiar with like theThe First Years Breastflow miPump Double Electric Breast Pumpand there is an odd chime that plays that adds to the noise. I haven’t figured out if I can turn the chime off yet but it is easy enough to just plug in the earphones and listen to the Ipod to drown all noise out.This model features 32 different suction and speed settings which is nice especially for a mom new to breastfeeding. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of real guide to the settings however so it is pretty much a “try as you go and adjust situation”. Also, it would be nice to have independent dual controls for each side. Dual suction cups certainly save time but each breast does NOT give out the same amount of milk at one time. It would be great to set one breast for max and the other for med, etc. This kind of thing is what makes me think men design these machines. Something to keep in mind, the suction of the dual pumps didn’t seem even no matter the setting. Not sure if that was due to the specific machine being reviewed or if this is the norm for this model in general.Specific bottle use was not really decided on before the arrival of the NUK but because of the convenience of the bottles attaching to the pump, NUK bottles are the way to go. A decision to change later on might be made but for now it is all about convenience. Especially since the NUK bottles have the orthopedic nipples that simulate breastfeeding. Baby will be fed from the bottles quite a bit while mama works.The tote bag fits everything nicely and would make a nice carry all after its use as a pump carrier.Taking apart to clean is fairly simple. The cleaning itself is as easy as any breast pump (none are really cleaning friendly!). The parts that are clear are a little challenging to see in the sudsy water but that is why God gave us fingers to feel I guess LOL.If you can’t afford a Medela then this is a good alternative, although I think I would have some kind of backup for it. It might prove to be too noisy for use at your work so that is something you might want to consider. It is difficult to spend a lot of money on a breast pump knowing it is basically a one person machine so I would recommend this NUK if you don’t want to spend hundreds.

Thelma Worley, ID

A pretty nice, cheaper alternative!

The NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump is a sturdy worker, able to fill in nicely as an affordable stand in for the big two – Ameda and Medela. While true that the quality of Ameda or Medela is far superior to the NUK Double Breast Pump you are also paying at least $50 less for an electric pump.The NUK is fairly loud but has pretty good suction and comfort and really, that’s the core of any good pump! The NUK pump comes with a carrying bag, ice pack, 4 containers, a couple of cushions, nipples, and breast shields. I feel like you could probably get a few more bottles to round out the collection and help with switching out the full bottles with the empty ones if you are pumping at work.The NUK isn’t nearly as nice as a Medela or an Ameda pump but for a cheaper spare, the NUK is a perfect fit.Recommended!

Tamera Westview, KY

Not quiet, not loud, needs more accesorries…

We are new to this and have not tried any other pump so can’t compare to other products.About the pump unit:It’s not loud. Can use while watching TV for example.It’s not quiet either. If you are in an office with your door shut, the person on the other side will hear the pump unit.Controls are fine and easy to use.The photo holder is just a slot to put a photo…So let’s say you are at work for a normal 8 hours. You are supposed to express 6-8 times a day so that’s about 3 times while you are at work.If you only use bottles (2 are provided), you will need 6 bottles just for when you are at work. (You can’t mix warm and cold milk, etc).The person feeding the baby at home will have these bottles the next day, so you probably need 6 more bottles. (you can probably get away with fewer bottles but you get the idea).Alternately, you can pour from the bottle to a storage bag right after pumping. So then you can get away with only 2 bottles at work and 1 for the person feeding the baby. But now you have to wash the bottles at work (along with all the pieces that contact the milk) between sessions. Or you could buy “Spare Breast Shields with Valves and Membranes” and “Silicone Cushions” if you don’t want to wash things at work (I’m not sure if its a bad idea to wait to clean or not).Either way, you are going to have to buy some more things.I don’t like that the manual doesn’t tell you exactly which bottles are compatible. I don’t see NUK disposable holders (the bags seem to also be liners for disposable bottle holders). Arrgh we are new to this and while nothing is expensive by itself, there are a lot of things…It also surprised us that more than half of the box is empty space.

Josefa Vanderpool, TX

So far so good!

I have been using this NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump for about 2 weeks now and so far so good.The clear part on the tip of the breast pump is pretty comfortable, I must say.Overall, the technology of the suction cups is outstanding. I like that you can change the speed and the suction to fit your needs.I love this machine and I would recommend this NUK Breast pump to all moms. I support breast feeding and this is a great gadget to have as a new mom!

Robert Crown Point, IN

Nowhere near the Medela

My wife has tried this as an alternative to her Medela pump in style – so she could keep one at work and one at home. It’s just not the same, is her verdict – and not as good. However, it is quite a bit cheaper, so that may factor for some people who can’t get one covered by insurance.Pros:- Small size – it’s compact and easy to transport, with a handle. It’s much more compact than others, even with the gigantor tote bag.- The NUK bottles (which we don’t use) attach directly to the pump, which is a nice feature.Cons:- Louder than the Medela by a significant amount. It’s annoying when at work, and just plain loud at home.- It’s not as effective. The Medela produces more milk, more consistently, than the Nuk does. That’s the primary focus for her- get pumped and get on with things – and this doesn’t do as well.Overall, you can save some cash with this, but it’s probably not worth saving the small amount of $50-60.

Jacqueline Sulphur, OK

Solid pump, not as good as Medela or Ameda

This is a perfectly nice pump, which works well for my wife. Though we’ve seen others through friends, and the Medela and Ameda are better.

Esmeralda Palomar Mountain, CA