NUK Fill & Freeze Pops

NUK Fill & Freeze Pops

Looking for a quick and easy way to make nutritious homemade food for your baby? NUK USA has partnered with world-famous child nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel, to offer a line of solutions to help you make and store homemade baby food. Use the Fill & Freeze Pops to freeze your homemade teething pops and treats. Healthy and nutritious is now quick and easy, too!

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Ideal for soothing gums during teething
  • Fun way to serve healthy, nutritious purees to your little one
  • Drip catching design helps prevent spills and messes
  • Freezer and dishwasher-safe for busy moms

Verified reviews


Not as good as they look

I bought these molds because of my wonderful experience with other Annabel Karmel products. Unfortunately I am very disappointed with it. The size of each pop is just perfect for my eighteen month old and the handle is just right for my little one to hold on to. My problem is with the base, which unnecessarily comes apart into four separate molds, but breaks really easily. Mine broke the first time I tried to pull a pop out. I regret not having considered other people’s reviews seriously, since many people had already experienced this issue. I just thought it had been bad luck, but by own experience I can say, it’s just a poor design and it’s not worth the money. I’m very disappointed and I would recommend other people to look into other brands before considering this one.

Sheena Ramey, PA

Great for little hands.

My 5 month old loves these popsicles. I make them out of formula and he is able to hold on to the handle and suck on the popsicle in his mouth. They have become a valuable asset in the hot summer to cool him down and feel great on his sore gums.The only downside is that the molds are basically impossible to get back together after breaking them apart. I have just left them apart and made a few popsicles at a time. I don’t really like makeing all four and having them sit for a long time in the freezer anyway.

Kristie Avondale Estates, GA


I use breast milk in it for teething. I have to run water over it when frozen to get the pop out. Each pop holds a little less than an ounce. My son loves this product and so do I!

Imogene Eddyville, IL


They are the perfect size for my kids. I juice my own fruits and veggies and use this tray to give them a nice healthy treat =)

Jerri Thida, AR

the best available!

I have tried and researched a number of baby popsicle molds, and this is by far my favorite. These molds are easy to use and clean, and they are the perfect size for little hands. You can pull one popsicle out of the freezer at a time, which is a huge plus. This is such a fun way to introduce new foods and flavor combinations–try avocado and pear or banana, nectarine, and raspberry. Yum!

Tammie Manvel, ND

perfect size for small hands!

i tried larger ice pops, but they were too big for my son. i tried making frozen treats with candy molds and lollipop sticks, but paper sticks got all gross in his hands and plastic sticks the pureed fruit fell right off of. these are the perfect size for him to hold! my only complaint is that although they snap together, since you keep them in the freezer the plastic is brittle and when we dropped them out of the freezer the pieces that are used to snap the pops to each other broke. each individual pop does not stand upright on it’s own and needs the other 3 (or at least 2) to make it stand in the upright position. not too much of an issue though as i just prop it against something while it freezes.

Ann Crossnore, NC

Cute and easy

Have only used these for “breastmilk-cicles” for my teething baby and it was great. Easy to fill, seals when liquid is in there (no spillage) and pops out easily. They unsnap from each other so you can take one at a time but they won’t stand upright that way just FYI as the lid is rounded. Ill definitely use these for frozen fruit purees later.

Jacklyn Buckingham, PA

Pretty good for the price

My baby loves these! We fill them with pureed fruit and plain greek yogurt. Our daughter is 8 months old and really wants to try to feed herself. She can easily do that with these- the handle is a nice, thick loop which is super easy for her little hands to hold and control. The portion size is perfect- they hold about two tablespoons, which is enough to satisfy her desire for a popsicle without brain freeze setting in. The other nice thing about the small portion is that they freeze relatively quickly- they’re solid in about two hours.There is a bit of a well at the base of the handle. When our daughter has gotten down to that last little bit I scrape out the well with a fork. This creates a few small chunks of popsicle that I put on her high chair tray. She enjoys practicing her pincer grip on these little icy bits and they are small enough to not be a choking hazard when she gets them into her mouth.The only downside to these molds are the tabs that lock them together. The tabs started breaking after the third use. The tabs also configure the pop molds into a square, which can be a bit of a space hog in the freezer. The molds can’t stand up independently; they only stand when linked together. I’ve gotten around the breaking tabs by standing each mold in a little juice glass or ramekin while I fill it. I put a crumpled paper towel in one of the door pockets of the freezer. Once a mold has been filled I set it into the folds of the paper towel, which is sufficient to hold it upright while it freezes. The tab issue is annoying, but since they are not on the part of the mold that you give to the baby and for the price of the product, I can live with it. Fortunately, the part that the baby gets is a much sturdier plastic.

Brittney Fayette, NY

Poor Quality Product

For a toddler, popsicles from the store are all far too large. I purchased this freeze pop set so I could make appropriately-sized popsicles out of healtier ingredients in small batches. One of our favorite recipes is blended banana, strawberry and yogurt.The four popsicle mold pices snap apart, which I find strange and unnecessary since the individual pieces are unable to stand on their own. Little edge pieces break off and the edges themselves crack. The blue plastic mold (not handle) is brittle even when not cold. After little bits breaking off and it cracking every time I tried to put it back together after washing, I finally gave up and stopped using it. I made sure to run cold water over the mold before releasing the ice pop, but the mold still cracked.The handles are wonderful, though! They are easy for little hands to grip, and there is no risk of gagging or poking out eyes with this one.I replaced it with a three dollar six-piece popsicle mold from the grocery store that is similar, but with slightly less grippable handles.

Mallory Villa Grove, CO

These are okay.

They are baby friendly, as in they are easy to hold. The four different compartments come apart fairly easily so they really don’t take up a lot of space in the freezer. They are easy to clean. The only issue I have with them is that when ready to use, it’s hard to get the Popsicle out of the case. Otherwise, my son loves them.

Sara Glace, WV

easy to store and fill

these can be a bit of a pain to get the popsicle out, but otherwise they’re very convenient. I use these for my teething almost 1 year old. They do help contain the mess and you know what’s in them. Being dishwasher safe is also a plus. Comes with a link to a website with recipes.

Hester Wickett, TX

it is good for making home made frozen pureed food for my …

it is good for making home made frozen pureed food for my baby as Popsicle. I found out my baby didn’t like Popsicle. I save this for when she is older.

Carole Powellsville, NC

Perfect size!

These are just the right size for small mouths and toddler tummies! They have an interlocking tray so if one Popsicle is eaten, one quarter of the tray can snap off so the remaining three Popsicles can stay in the freezer. It saves a little bit of room in the freezer but with growing and hungry kids, every little square inch of fridge real estate matters! We like to mash up bananas, mangoes, berries and other fruits to make healthy treats! They are a hit!

Benita Latta, SC

Easy grip for toddlers

I use this to make popsicle for my toddler with juice. The best part about it is that the grips are perfect for little toddlers to hold with their entire hand. The ice pops are also not too overwhelming in size either (about an 1 inch and 1/2). The tray and materials all seem durable enough to last many years.

Meghan Antes Fort, PA


Good concept but a little hard to remove frozen pops. Works if you run them in hot water for a minute. I cracked the plastic the first time I used it when trying to get one of the pops out

Jodi Mount Clare, WV

so cool

I bought these because I wanted to make my son his own healthy popsicles. These are perfect for little hands and mouths.

Sharron Danville, AR

Great for Little ones!

These are great! Perfect size for little hands! Clean easily in the dishwasher. I like how easily they hook together and come apart when you’re ready to eat one. I just froze some flavored Kefir milk and it was perfect when my child was sick.

Lynette Omro, WI

great for toodler

I agree with the other reviewers that they don’t stick together well but I don’t care. I just put in the door of the freezer individually making them stand up around other things in the door. They are a great size for my son to hold.

Diane Huntsville, KY

Great for teething babies

I love these for my 5 and a half month old. She’s teething so I put breastmilk in the chambers and it gives her a really healthy teether. It’s easy to hold onto and serves its purpose well, and is worth the price they are asking here. It lost a star because, while the break apart design is great, it truly does *break* apart. I won’t be able to put it back together, but that’s okay, it still works great and we love it!

Vilma Bayfield, CO

8 month old loves to eat popsicles!

My 8 month old baby is loving her homemade popsicles! These are the perfect size for her. We have been having fun trying out different popsicle recipes. So far I have made watermelon, strawberry yogurt, raspberry and she loves them all. I only wish I had more.

Gilda Hillsboro, AL

These rock

You can’t get them to hit the floor in a manner that the edible portion touches the floor. They are weighted in a manner to prevent this from happening. For a teething little one you can make milk pops, juice pops, fruit pops and so on . . . . They are smaller and portioned in a size correct for a toddler. You don’t end up with dripping melted stuff all over. I like the they are a hit and I give them often as presents and other family members have ordered them for themselves.

Corrine Eldred, IL

Awesome for toddlers!

Love these! I bought these this past spring for my son who was 1 at the time. We are in December now and still using them. They are so great for little toddler hands. I usually put yogurt in ours for nice summer treat or now as a treat after dinner. They are super easy to use and to get out. I just run a little cold water over mine before trying to pull out the popsicles and have had no issues! I am very pleased with mine and would purchase again if need too. I think these are must have for parents with toddlers. A great way for me to give cold treats to my son and healthier too since I get to pick what goes in them.

Rhea Monclova, OH

Good, but not great

These are fantastic for younger children. They are small in size and hold in most of the juice. My only thing is that the plastic container that holds the pops together constantly cracks, so the 4 can’t connect. That makes it hard to stand them in the freezer, because you have to prrop them against things.

Stella Overton, NV


Love these so much! Great wide loop handle for ease of holding for chubby inexperienced hands. The shape and size are exactly what I needed and my baby starts dancing in his highchair whenever he sees me pull one of these out. I love that the tray snaps apart so I can wash and refill each individual pod instead of having to wait until the whole tray is done. I freeze blended fruits, yogurt, breastmilk, and the baby food purees he won’t eat and they become a great treat and even help soothe teething gums. a must have for a summer teething baby!

Lenore Nassau, DE

Very easy to use, perfect size for little hands

My 7 month old daughter is easily able to grab onto the chunky handles of these freeze pops. The amount of popsicle the child gets in each pop is the perfect amount and the plastic unit that holds the popsicles is very handy.

Margot Gilboa, WV

Mediocre product…

This is one of those products that not really great but not 100% bad either. I like the portion size as it’s perfect for my 6 month old (about 1-2oz) and it’s really easy for him to hold however, I hate how hard it is to get the popsicle out. The handles click onto the base for a nice secure fit but then when it’s time to remove them its a battle and everytime I have it’s a 50/50 chance that one of the popsicles gets ruined in the process. There is the option of removing the popsicle from the other ones because they all clip together but then they don’t stand up well if one is removed. I also don’t like how theres a pocket inside the handle so there is always part of the popsicle that my son can’t get to. And finally I really wish I would have tried the mess popsicles out there instead of these because they are really unrealistic for a teething baby as they just fall apart.

Pearlie Majuro, MH

Don’t Drop Them

These are great for making "boobsicles" for my daughter. I haven’t made anything else, but I have friends who have made smoothie type pops. However, my husband opened the freezer door and the tray fell out. They cracked and most of it shattered into pieces. The molds still work, but the pieces that snap them together so they sit upright don’t work. The price is reasonable enough that I don’t feel too bad, but just a piece of advice. I may order another set to have around during the summer.

April Hazlehurst, MS

Fun way to feed baby. Great for teething too!

I love these things. Perfect little size for baby and all dishwasher safe. Great for teething or just experiencing fun new ways to try food. Today I blended fresh peaches and breastmilk and froze them in these. Huge hit!! Definitely recommend.

Josephine Fredericksburg, VA

NUK Fill & Freeze Pops

We already had one set of these freeze pops and they are great. I think our twins are too young to understand the concept of sucking the ice (we use it to freeze ice for their teething problem) since they intend to throw the ice pop on the floor only to have the ice splinter and make a mess on the floor. They are great though for freezing juice too.

Marcie Nazareth, MI

Great snack/teether for little ones hands

I purchased this because my 1 year old loves frozen fruit, so I thought this would be a great option. I make fruit and yogurt pops and give to him as a snack and he loves it. Also great for teething for those sore gums. While the container, which is comprised of 4 individual holders that are connected did break, it wasn’t such a big deal. Actually, I kind of prefer it broken because now I don’t have to have all 4 together to put in the freezer and it takes up less space.

Kaitlin Hyattsville, MD