NUK Gerber Fun Grips Cup, 10 Ounce, 2 Pack , Colors May Vary, 4-Count

NUK Gerber Fun Grips Cup, 10 Ounce, 2 Pack , Colors May Vary, 4-Count

Graduates spill-proof cups are easy to pick-up and set-down and the special valve makes for easy sipping. Colors may vary for this item, Item comes in Blue/Orange and Purple/Orange,Pink/Yellow and Blue/Yellow.

Main features

  • Pack of two 2-count packages of graduates spill proof fun grips cups (4 total cups)
  • Easy-grip hourglass shape designed to prevent tipping
  • All graduates cups have interchangeable lids and valves
  • Fashionable color combinations for girl or boy
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


They don’t leak, usually!

I have yet to find the holy grail of sippy cups, but these are very good. They really do contain the liquid well. Not 100 percent leak-proof but I am convinced there is no cup that can do that. They hold a lot of drink and overall I am very happy with them. Very easy to clean, too, which is a big plus.

Angelia Bennettsville, SC

After many sippy cups, this is the one I ordered a ton of

I tried virtually all of the non-spill sippy cups out there, from cheap to expensive. I ended up buying about 10 more of these, and tossing the rest, because:They don’t spill. Even when my toddler bangs them on his tray table/shakes them upside down, they generally do not let out the liquid (the ones with softer spouts, that are more like bottles, would spill all over if banged/pushed on).They are easy(er) to clean. I still have to take out the valve from the lid, but it’s only one plastic piece, not many.The lids and valves for the 2 sizes are interchangeable, so I don’t have to keep track of anything.My son can hold them no problem.I like the bright colors. My son likes to pick which one he wants.My only slight suggestions:Make the measurement (oz) label a bit easier to read.

Merle Coshocton, OH

Best cheap cup on the market!

Nothing beats these simple yet highly resilient cups. I have a daycare and buy packs of these every few months. They are definitely the workhorse of the sippy cup world. I like that my grocery store also carries replacement valves for these cups. I’ve had a few valves go moldy that needed replacing after about a year of daily use.

Francine Erskine, MN

I love these Sippy Cups

Only 3 Pieces to Clean! Good Capacity without being too heavy. Easy to hold. Easy to drink. Even babies can get the hang of it. Great for toddlers to have water with them everywhere without spilling. Seals well. Dishwasher safe. My favorite sippy cup! -Mom of 4

Adriana Frenchtown, MT

NUK Sippy cups

We ordered 4 of these cups and they are all in great shape. They hold up nicely to the torture that all of our little guys put them through. They are beautiful, bright colors and easy to grip. The only downside is that the valve comes out periodically when they are dropped on the floor. i would purchase them again, so it isn’t that big of a deal to us. But, thought it should be mentioned. Holds a nice amount of drink so that you aren’t having to refill every five seconds. These cups are not insulated, though.

Octavia Stanwood, WA

Get some of these!

I’d recommend these over any others on the market (that I’ve tried). They actually don’t leak. Seriously – all others we’ve had have leaked at some point, or the inside piece falls out into the cup and it’s game over. Downsides: unless you’re putting it in the dishwasher, it’s harder to clean (but hey, the dishwasher is my best friend) and it sometimes doesn’t fit in cupholders. But what kiddo actually puts it in the cupholder anyway? 🙂 So overall – highly recommend!

Katherine Solo, MO

dont spill, but baby didnt like to work for his milk

the insert under the cup lid ensure that there is no spillage, but my son got frustrated with the liquid not coming out unless he sucks hard enough. the good thing is that you can take the insert out easily and then i flows out with no work….but then you gotta monitor them so they dont throw the cup down and spill liquid .

Pamela Saint George, ME

Love these cups. Great for toddler!

For my second child I have stuck with the NUK gerber cups. Mainly since they all share the same valve system. It is so nice being able to buy bigger and different styles of cups and still use the same valve. I got these when my son turned about 1.5 years old. He started biting through the ones that had the vinyl spouts, so we got these with the harder plastic. They are perfect and a great size for traveling and him holding them.

Addie Harmony, RI

We love these cups

We have been using these cups for a while now with our daughter. We like that they don’t leak even if she drops them. You can also remove the valve to make them free flowing cups as the kids grow older. They clean easily in the dish washer on the top rack. Overall good purchase.

Candice Orleans, CA

Great deal

I love these sippy cups because they really are no spill. My boys love these because they can easily hold them.

Harriet Fort Dick, CA

Best cup we’ve found

Like many parents we have tried tons of cups and this one is our favorite. It has 3 easily washable parts, holds a good amount of liquid, and does not leak. The only drawback, and it is a petty one, is that the base is too large to accomodate the cup holder in the car/carseat. You will not be disappointed with this cup.

Freda Lyons Falls, NY