NUK grins and giggles Training Toothbrush Set

NUK grins and giggles Training Toothbrush Set

Good oral hygiene is important right from the start for your baby! The Training Toothbrush Set is the perfect 2-brush set for those first little teeth. The Massaging Brush is designed to gently massage gums and palate during teething. It has a protective ring to prevent pushing the brush too far into the mouth and can also function as a toothbrush stand. The Cleaning Brush will gently clean baby’s first teeth.

Main features

  • Massaging brush gently massages gums and palate during teething
  • Cleaning brush gently cleans baby’s first teeth
  • Protective ring prevents pushing brush too far into baby’s mouth – fits both brushes and can function as a stand for brushes

Verified reviews



These were tearing up within a few days of getting them in the mail. They did not hold up to a toddlers biting well at all. Especially if your child has oral motor issues, go with something else. Even for the average teether, go with something else.

Dollie Tyner, IN

Good for younger children. Not durable enough for older children

We were a bit late to the learning-to-brush scene, and got our daughter these brushes around age 11 months. At that point, our daughter had about 8 teeth, but no molars. She loved the brushes, and chewed on them constantly. She would toddle around the house, waving them above her head and squealing. I think that they would also be a big hit with 6-9 month olds. My review (4 stars) is for that age set, because I think those are the babies they are designed for.For a 11-12 month old, I’d give them more like 3 stars. They aren’t particularly durable for an older child. They started showing serious signs of wear in about a week. The teether one held up better, because the head of that one is a solid piece of hard teething rubber. The more brush-like one is coated with a softer rubber, which didn’t hold up to my daughter’s tough love–it started peeling off very quickly. The handles of both are coated with the same soft rubber, and also showed teeth marks and peeling after a week or two.So in sum, these brushes get*4 stars for younger babies (6-9 mo). I took off one star because I think that they are probably not 100% durable for younger kids either.*3 stars for older babies (10 + mo) because my daughter managed to chew through the rubber in a surprisingly short time.

Diane Paradise, MT

Highly recommend!

Suggested by our SLP to work Little Pisher’s oral motor skills and push his gag reflex back, and they did the trick. He loved them from six-eight months, but is crawling now and has lost interest. What’s great is that the whole brush is soft, so he could chew on both ends–good sensory stuff!

Lula Bovina Center, NY

Hard rubber against sore little gums was not popular

I bought this to replace my baby’s toothbrush (the kind that slides over your finger) when she got teeth and started chewing on it (and my finger). Unfortunately these “brushes” are not soft at all and my daughter did not like having her teeth brushed with them. Not exactly sure what “brushing” was getting done, either, since there are no real bristles here. Would not buy again.

Vanessa Conley, GA

baby likes it.

My daughter uses for her 6 month-old son and he loves it. He only has two teeth and teething. It was very good deal.

Sharlene Lindside, WV

Loves To Chew On It

I bought this for my grandson and he loves chewing on it. It’s a great first toothbrush for kids. Makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas as well.

Jenny Crapo, MD

Great buy!

Got these training brushes for my eldest son and let him use them while he was teething. He loved it! He got used to the brush feeling in his hand early on and now, at 2 1/2 years old he still loves brushing his teeth and does it twice a day. The set lasted until we switched to a normal baby brush and was still in a fairly good condition when we finally retired it :)I ordered a second set of these for my 4 month old and I think we’ll stick to the same drill 🙂

Whitney Morrison, IA