NUK Infant/Baby Tooth and Gum Cleanser Toothpaste

NUK Infant/Baby Tooth and Gum Cleanser Toothpaste

Good oral hygiene is important right from the start for your baby! The Infant Tooth & Gum Cleanser is fluoride-free and safe to swallow. Use it with a NUK® Infant Finger Toothbrush to gently massage your little one’s gums and teeth while keeping them clean!

Main features

  • Helps clean baby’s teeth and massage gums
  • Soft bristles gentle on sensitive gums and teeth
  • No fluoride – safe to swallow
  • Includes 1 finger brush and 1 cleanser 1.4oz

Verified reviews


its toothpaste

I felt like reviewing stuff today, it is toothpaste, it does what it says it does. No issues, overall not a bad by if you have a baby or need a cheap gift.

Elba Fredericktown, OH

Didn’t really work for us

I can see how this is very convenient when you first start brushing your baby’s teeth because there is a lot more control over movement when you’re cleaning with your finger instead of a brush. It would have worked best for us around 4-5 months when our baby popped her first teeth but wasn’t biting very much. At that point, it would’ve been a lot better than manually wiping her two teeth with a washcloth.However we bought this when our baby had around eight teeth and at that stage, this didn’t really work for us. For one, if our baby clamped down, this would come off in her mouth and sometimes fall to the bathroom floor, requiring extra sanitization. For another, our baby would bite down hard on this because of the rubbery texture. This got very painful very fast – it got to the point where my husband and I were flipping coins to see which one of us would brush baby’s teeth on any given night.I recognize that these issues have nothing really do with the quality of the product per se but I just want to let other parents with overly bite-happy babies like ours know what to expect. We’re now using actual baby toothbrushes as our baby got used to them faster than we expected and in fact now tries to hold them to brush her teeth on her own.

Lillian Franklin, MO

Dairy in toothpaste!

My son has a severe dairy allergy and there is dairy in this toothpaste! Even if your child doesn’t have a dairy allergy children should not have cows milk until they are a year old.

Virgie Medway, ME

The best beginner toothpaste. Period.

First of all, when I read the ingredients on the package I went “yuck”. But the more I looked at them, I realized that it wasn’t actually bad at all – it was actually excellent! The main tooth decay ingredient is Xylitol. Check out the wiki page on this to get a better feel for how good this sugar alcohol is. It has all kinds of studies indicating that it can help tooth decay significantly and has no known toxicity issues. The sugar alcohol is derived from trees and seems very safe.This is important. My kids are not old enough to realize that they can’t swallow the toothpaste and I still need to keep their teeth clean …As a side note, they use Xylitol in chewing gum. In fact it is in many of the more expensive chewing gum brands that promote healthy teeth.This is the only beginner toothpaste we use in our house. Check out the wiki page on Xylitol and I can say pretty confidently that you will use this as your only toothpaste with kids that may swallow their toothpaste.Other than the Xylitol, the rest of the ingredients are pretty innocuous and are claimed to be all natural. So there you are.Thanks!!

Emilie Wapanucka, OK

아직 안써봤지만

모양이 귀엽자나요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ나 이렇게 리뷰남겨도 되는지 몰러아직도 11 워드남았네띄어쓰기를 늘 려 볼 까 나3워 드 1

Kellie Eola, TX

i love it

I love nuk products and this is no exception! It smells great and leaves my baby’s skin soft after bath time!

Ivy Eagletown, OK

My 7 month old daughter is infatuated with this!

My daughter is 7 months old now and she gets so excited seeing me pull out the finger brush. She LOVES to chew on it more then any other teether we own. She likes the flavor of the tooth paste a lot. I actually have to stop and take my finger away or she would never let me go! It sticks really well to my finger, I’m never worried that it will come off in her mouth, I have to literally peel it off my finger. I just rinse it under the tap and it stays clean. I’ve put it in the dishwasher before and it came out fine. I think it’s a great introduction to brushing and hopefully she will like our upgrade to the banana brush next!

Tameka Maxwell, NM

My baby loooves this stuff.

Around 3 weeks old, my son got Thrush in his mouth. YUCK. In addition to medicine from the doctor to get rid of it, we purchased this stuff hoping it would get rid of the stinky breath that Thrush gives babies. Worked like a charm! It gets rid of that “stomach acid” smell on their breath too after they spit up a bunch, which is so great because that is the only baby smell that makes mommy’s tummy turn. I also found this to be the most useful tool for a distraction for my son right when he gets out of the bath. Now he LOOVES the bath process. He kicks, splashes, has so much fun, but as soon as he gets out, even when I bring the space heater into the bathroom to warm the room, he SCREAMS at the top of his lungs, dreading the drying off process I suppose. I lay him on a folded towel on top of my bathroom counter, and wrap him in another towel as soon as he gets out, and as he commences into screaming, I just pop this little thing in his mouth with that yummy paste on it, and like magic, no more tears. His eyes are smiling, he’s drooling and making cooing noises, and I can then calmly clean out his ears, dry off his little self, and it just makes the whole world much better before bedtime every night. Great stuff!

Kate Hemlock, MI

I have not yet it.

I have not yet it. I hope it easy to use, appears to be a very good way, I hope you can fall in love with the baby teeth.

Tamika Brentwood, MD

Great except for one big issue…

Toothpaste tastes fruity and the finger brush works, but if your child sucks too hard on your finger, then I could see this being sucked right down his/her throat. It is small, slippery, and hard to hold onto at times. I would advise to only use this for babies without teeth yet and only need a gum cleaning 1) because they hopefully aren’t strong enough to suck it down their throat and 2)If your child bites down, YIKES! no protection provided for that pain, and now you have a hole in your brush.

Martina Newton, WI

Skip the gum cleanser, just use the toothpaste

I used the little gum cleanser once, never again! My baby clamped down on my finger excitedly and it was very painful. So I just squeeze a little dab of the toothpaste on a banana training toothbrush and use that. My son loves it! I brush his three teeth and his gums first, then I let him take over. He enjoys rolling the toothbrush around in his mouth and chomping on the bristles. This has become part of his bedtime routine, and he actually enjoys the whole process now.

Melissa Poughkeepsie, AR

LO loves the toothbrush

My son LOVES the toothbrush! However, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the toothpaste ingredients so we haven’t used it.

Sophia Paris, KY

Mostly good

My 3mo old loves the toothbrush! I also got him the banana toothbrush, but he likes this one better because Mommy does the work! I make him hold his banana toothbrush himself. I like that he gets practice with his banana toothbrush, but I get it done with this one!He seems to like the taste of the toothpaste. I think it smells good, but am afraid to try it. The finger brush makes it real easy to clean his whole mouth.If there was an improvement to make, I would say that a case for finger brush would be great. I use a ziploc bag and throw it away, but a sanitary case would be awesome.

Louise Valmeyer, IL

Good luck sticking yur finger in a baby’s mouth

I think my kid started walking early just to get away from me with this ‘brush’ on my finger…There was no way to make him open his mouth for this, jaw was clamped tight. When during one semi-successful attempt of brushing it against his gum, he tasted th gel – it was the end of it. Didn’t like the taste at all.Ironically, he doesn’t mind brushing teeth with his little toothbrush – but does it himself! go figure…

Cassandra San Felipe, TX

Great baby toothbrush

Highly recommend this.FANTASTIC BABY BRUSHThis is an excellent baby brush – we bought this for the brush alone – toothpaste will be a nice extra when we start using it (just water and the brush with an infant for now – and baby loves it). He actually smiles and opens wide. This is contrast to using a wet cloth to wipe his gums and teeth which made him cry. It must feel like a baby gum massage or something.The brush is like a large, soft thimble with a mini brush (very soft) on the finger pad. You put it over your index finger and rub it on baby’s teeth and gums. From what we read (including from the American Dental Association), you should start some kind of brushing this as soon as baby starts teething, but toothpaste seems optional for infants.TOOTHPASTEWe’re not using the toothpaste yet, so I hesitate to comment on it – other that you can see from most of the other reviews that the toothpaste is a big winner too.

Vicky Somonauk, IL

easy cleaning

Bought this for my 10 month old baby. The toothbrush has soft bristles that wont hurt the baby’s gums but will get the job done for the teeth. My baby loved the taste of the toothpaste so that made the job easy as well. My only complaint if at all is that the body of the cleanser could have been a little tougher…my baby likes to bite my finger sometimes and since the cleanser is so soft, she can hurt me. Other than that, happy with the purchase!

Doreen Hornsby, TN

infant tooth & gum care

Funny I never gave it much thought about cleaning the babies gums with toothpaste, until I saw this product. But it’s really an awesome idea. Then when the first teeth start coming in using the little finger brush (included), which is very soft, to get baby used to the idea of oral care. They’re never to young to learn, so why not start out as early as you can. The toothpaste tastes ok, too!!! Leave it to Nuk & Gerber to come up with this great product. I would recommend it to all my friends with new babies.

Phyllis Del Valle, TX


My 12 month old loves this toothpaste! She says "mmmm" and smacks her lips after I brush her teeth. She sometimes gets excited when she sees me holding her toothpaste and toothbrush, and she knows what’s coming. She starts smiling, sticks her finger in her mouth, and makes a brushing motion on her teeth with her finger, and says "aaahhhh". The tooth cleaner is easy to use, and it’s gentle. I have thin fingers and it fits me just fine. It’s easy to wash off afterward.

Jewell Ottsville, PA

Good for infant

Good for infant below 9 months old. Sweat banana favour and my son loves it. It’s so sweet to watch him smile when he taste the toothpaste.I supposed the toothpaste is safe for consumption.For toddler, you may like to try this;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B0009F3MGU&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Terri Star, NC

Great Product

I like this product. I bought this for my son so I can clean his gums with the soft rubbery toothbrush, which he loves. I started of first by using the toothbrush to clean his gums, and he liked it. After he started teething, it worked great also, it relieved his teething because it was easy to bite on, because you can just stick your finger into the toothbrush and let him bite on it. The toothpaste has a nice taste and is safe for babies. I love this product. I would recommended for other parents.

Noemi Millersburg, PA

baby likes

my 5 mth old loves the taste of this as well as the feel of the bristles. makes gum brushing easy. 🙂

Hillary Rockhouse, KY

Contains Dairy – Allergy should be clearly stated

My baby is allergic to dairy and this product contains a cow’s milk derivative. Had I known, I wouldn’t have purchased or opened this product. The packaging does NOT clearly state this either — my babysitter found it by reading the ingrediants.A warning to other parents with babies who have cow’s milk allergy or intolerance.

Mina Fall Creek, OR

Baby Toothpaste and Toothbrush

I have been using this since my baby sprouted his first teeth. I like the toothbrush very much — it is very soft for baby. However, if you have large fingers, it may be a bit tight. Fits nicely on my finger but my husband complains that he has to put it on his pinky finger to get it to fit.

Deena Auburn, IL

So far so good

My 9 month old just got his first teeth and we’ve been trying to get into the habit of using this brush after nighttime bottles. So far, it’s a hit! He prefers it over a washcloth and closes his mouth around it like it feels pretty good. Bought because of the great reviews here and it seems they are well-deserved.

Katharine Somerset, CO

My son loves it!

My 11 month old son LOVES this product. We brush his teeth with it every night and it is his favorite part of his bed time routine. Sadly we are about to have to switch to a regular tooth brush. He has 8 teeth and loves the taste of this toothpaste so much that he BITES down hard on the brush…. with our fingers inside it. OUCH. I wish it was made of something a little sturdier, lol. Regardless we have enjoyed teaching him how to take care of his teeth with this item and hope that he will continue to enjoy doing so!

Valeria Washingtonville, PA

Daughter Didn’t Like Toothpaste

We started brushing our baby’s teeth as soon as her first teeth popped out. We also used very gently on her gums and it soothed some of her teething. We used the little finger toothbrush the same way you are supposed to brush teeth, including the roof of the mouth and tongue. Unfortunately, our daughter did not like this toothpaste at all. We switched to Spry toothpaste and she loved it. We used the finger toothbrush until she had 6 or 7 teeth and was biting down on our fingers and then we started a regular toothbrush. Now we use Tom’s toothpaste and her teeth are gorgeous and white with no cavities or other issues.

Kristina Beaver, AR

My kid loves brushing her teeth now!!!

My 1-yr old finally has 2 teeth so I wanted to get in the habit of brushing every night. This cleaner had great reviews so i purchased it. My child LOVES the taste and is always pointing for me to put more of this on her toothbrush.

Consuelo Fort Hunter, NY

Good for infant below 9 months old

Good for infant below 9 months old. Sweat banana favour and my son loves it. It’s so sweet to watch him smile when he taste the toothpaste.I supposed the toothpaste is safe for consumption.For toddler, you may like to try this;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B0009F3MGU&linkCode;=as2&tag;=nealo10a-20

Dionne Granite City, IL


I like this product but be careful to use after three months and please be careful with the thimble like application it can potentionally be a choking hazard

Sue Salfordville, PA


Very soft little kid loves it. the toothpaste seems good to them. great product and price. So glad i got this.

Kerry Forest Hills, KY