NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 0-6 Months

NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 0-6 Months

NUK Juicy Puller Pacifiers are suitable for babies 0-6 months old and come in assorted bright pastel colors with a silicone nipple. This orthodontic pacifier set is perfect for your little one and comes in a pack of 2 with a classic puller design. NUK now features an improved nipple and based on research, this improved nipple calms and soothes baby better than our original nipple. It has a scooped nipple cavity for maximum tongue movement, integrated channels for less palate pressure and still features our great heart shaped shield that prevents irritation and fits well under baby’s nose for easier breathing. All NUK pacifiers are BPA Free. These pacifiers are made in the USA. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Juicy Pacifiers with classic puller and bright pastel colors with no design
  • Features our improved nipple that soothes and calms baby better than our original nipple and an asymmetrical shape that helps promote healthy oral development by naturally fitting into your baby’s palate
  • Scoop nipple cavity allows maximum tongue movement, which gently exercises your baby’s tongue, palate and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumb-sucking
  • Heart shaped shield fits perfectly under baby’s nose for easy breathing and less irritation
  • BPA free with silicone orthodontic nipple and made in the USA

Verified reviews


“Colors May Vary?”

So, we love these pacis, they are the only ones that my son will take. But as far as ordering them from Amazon goes… Colors may vary? Really? At least give me the option of ‘boy’ or ‘girl.’ I wouldn’t care what colors I got, as long as I could be assured that I wouldn’t be getting a pack of pink and purple for my boy! Please fix this obnoxious oversight, Amazon!

Kris Marblehead, MA

A Misleading Fit

This pacifier does not have a good shape for breastfeeding as indicated. My son will not use it and I was dissapointed when I received them.

Gena Bula, TX

Seems to like them

And after only giving my first born the one piece ones, and having him never really get into the whole pacifier thing, I did myself a favor and gave my second one these. I throw them all away periodically and just replace them- you can’t get them clean. Make sure there isn’t a ‘ring’ of hair and dirt where the nipple meets the plastic- if you just pull it back a little with your finger you’ll see what can accumulate in a few days. And if you would never let your child suck on the same unsterilized pacifier for two days in a row, i doff my hat to you.

Brandie Englewood, KS

Who cares what color, the dog ate the others

Baby only wanted hospital Nuk. We bought other Nuks, but baby only wanted hospital Nuk. Then dog ate hospital Nuk. And all other Nuks. Who cares what color they are when baby will be happy with it either way? Baby actually uses these!!!

Stefanie Dunbar, KY

Nuk Classic Silicone- Great pacifier!

These are great paccifiers. My daughter was breast-fed and they are the only ones she perfers. The nipple is sturdy, easy to clean and easy to use ANY binky clip with. So you shouldn’t have as much problems as one reviewer says about keeping it clean. My daughter has two bottom teeth now and chews on it constantly. It’s held up VERY well and there aren’t even bite marks on it. Nuk has been around for many years, so they know what they are doing when it comes to pacis and bottles. If you get something that dosent seem sturdy. SEND IT BACK. Dont chalk it up to a bad design or unsafe. I would definantly recomend these pacifiers!

Myrtle Grover, PA

Went through a lot of these things

They wash up easily, are cheap enough that I don’t care if they got lost, and they were a great fit for our daughter’s mouth while she used them (up to about 1). Solid paci.

Judy Fifty Lakes, MN

Baby loves these

Out of all the different pacifiers we tried, theses are babys’ favorites. Don’t waste your money on others.

Geneva Delmar, IA

very beautiful

This Pacifier is fashion,very beautiful,I feel my duaghter like it very much,I feelI love it , should buy it,

Tracie Mount Carmel, SC

LOVE these pacifiers!

I purchased these pacifiers because they’re what my sister uses in the NICU where she works. I exclusively breastfed and wanted an orthodontic pacifier that wouldn’t cause nipple confusion. My daughter never liked the Latex nipple, but is still crazy over the silicone NUKs. We never had nipple confusion using these pacifiers, and she was a very content baby and slept through the night by 2 months, I think in part because these pacifiers soothed her so well. These are the only pacifiers she likes and they are way cuter than those huge Soothies. Whenver I have a friend who says her baby doesn’t like pacifiers, I give them a NUK and their baby takes right to it. So far no complaints about nipple confusion. My daughter is now almost 7 months old and now I’m trying to figure out the best way to wean her from them. But I’m so glad we had them when she was tiny.

Angela La Barge, WY

Love NUK!

These were my daughters favorite nuks…so I had to buy them for my girlfriend who is due with her first baby. Not quite sure why she preferred them over the others…but she did!

Kathleen Houghton, SD

irritates baby’s lips

the circle around the pacifier is so big and so hard that makes red circle around baby’s mouth, she hates it and cries even more. the shape of the part that goes into mouth is actually really nice and small

Gayle Red Lake Falls, MN

Best Pacifier in the market

I like this pacifier a lot because of its unique design. Less air is sucked by the baby which creates less gas issues. I also have tried Soothies pacifier, which allows more air to go through baby’s mouth when sucking. Soothies pacifier also falls down a lot from baby’s mouth. Overall, I give this pacifier 5 star rating because of its unique design that fits perfectly to baby’s mouth.

Lottie Fort Spring, WV

Cannot be steam cleaned 🙁

I like this pacifier, but when I sterilized it in one of the steam bags, water got into the nipple and it is impossible to get back out. I contacted their customer service and they were less than helpful. They simply said to squeeze all the water out of the vent hole. That still doesn’t eliminate the water that get in there!

Alyson Lyndonville, NY

To each his own…my baby prefers these more as chew toys over pacifiers

My baby loves the handle on these and treats them more like toys to pull in and out of her mouth than as a pacifier. Each baby is different so you’ll have to see what works for your child. Definitely fun for her to play with, just wish she liked them for their purpose.

Francesca Lebanon, PA

wrong description on the size

my son is 2 months old and i wanted to try these on him. i ordered size 1 thinking it’s the smallest size already. they send me 6-18 months instead. so there’s really no size 1 or 2 or 3… my son won’t be using it for another 4 months, so i returned it

Bobby Elk Horn, IA

The only pacifier our baby liked

We tried 3 types of pacifier and this was the only one my baby would keep in her mouth for extended periods of time. Most of them dropped out in 5 minutes, but she can keep an iron grip on this all night, helping her to sleep peacefully.

Melissa Saint Charles, ID

These are some of my preferred pacifiers.

My first son liked this brand of pacifier a lot so I bought these for my second son after he rejected the ones the hospital gave us. He still isn’t a fan, but occasionally he’ll suck on one if we encourage it enough. I think it’s tough with pacifiers because it’s baby’s preference, but these seem to be breastfeeding friendly from what I’ve read and we haven’t had any issues with them lasting long term.

Kimberley Kimbolton, OH

Best for my baby

My baby loves these pacifiers, they are the only brand she really took to. You don’t know which colors you will get until they arrive but I have only seen two different color choices in my local stores so any change is good, and she doesn’t really need to co-ordinate pacifiers with her outfits.

Kelley Pratt, WV

Long lasting, and they stay in the mouth.

After leaving the hospital, we were given several non-NUK pacifiers. Our kid wasn’t sleeping more than a few hours because the pacifier just wasn’t designed to stay in his mouth (this was a brand name pacifier). The hospital said it was the best.We tried NUK after a month, and haven’t looked back since. These things stay in their mouth better, and our son simply likes them better. And, they come in different sizes for their development.After over a year, we’ve had a few get chewed up because of teething. I thought this was pretty good overall.

Jenifer Wannaska, MN

nice, but not perfect

I didn’t like how water gets into the nipple. Otherwise a good binkie. Holds up well in sanitizer color stays true after washing. We received pink ones, so color choice is random.

Elsa Moneta, VA

Great paci

We love the pacifiers, hate that we couldn’t pick the colors- not even "boy" or "girl"- so, my son has neon pink and green pacifiers in his mouth. SIGH-

Claudine Casmalia, CA

Great pacifiers

These are the only pacifiers that my daughter likes. They’re curved, so they stay in the mouth well. The pacifiers that are straight just fall right out.

Roxie Garden Prairie, IL

still great

Not much to say about these. They are my favorite type of pacis – I’ve used them for all four kids, and they look a heck of a lot like what my mom gave me! We boil ours every once-in-a-while to get at any germs inside of them.

Marion Elkhorn City, KY

Just what I wanted

Not a lot to say here… these NUKs are the only ones my daughter liked, so I had to buy a handful to have around the house. She discovered her thumb a few weeks later, so I don’t use them anymore, but they were great while she liked them!!

Eileen Hana, HI

NUK Vs Avent Soothie plus Pros and cons of NUK

My son loves NUK at all times. He is 4.5 months now. we try to avoid the paci during day. In the night we let him have one.NUK fits his mouth perfectly. He does spit it out once in a while but mostly he holds it in..Soothie – well he doesn’t recognize soothie as a pacifier. For some reason, he doesn’t suck on it most of the days. Even when he is cranky, he will not suck on soothie for long. Probably the shape of it doesn’t appeal to him. I cannot talk about how habit forming it is, as my son is just 4.5 months old.NUK Pros:My son loves it, he is able to hold it in his mouth for long periodsOrthodontic, so I worry less about my sons teeth allignmentNUK cons:Water enters the nub when I wash the paci. I squeeze and shake to get it out.Sometimes when he sucks it for too long, the shape of the exterior of the paci leaves an impression around his lips.In amazon, pink color and green color are paired, boy colors are not exclusive.

Opal Wilder, TN

Does the job nicely

I have had no problems with these NUK pacifiers. My daughter took right to them and has used them for quite some time now. I love the colors that they came in. We ended up with a pink and a purple. My only complaint is that sometimes when you rinse them, water gets caught in the silicone.

Kathryn Lowell, FL

Baby loves them but they leak

These pacifiers fit my infants face very well and stay in better than the similarly-shaped Born Frees, but they get water/spit in the nipple sometimes. I’m not too germophobic so it hasn’t been that much of a problem, but I could see how someone else might have a real issue with this.

Chelsea Holton, KS

My baby prefers the Soothie

Could work for some, but my baby will not put these in her mouth. She does like the Soothie brand.

Lena Strattanville, PA

Good pacifier but read the fine print.

My son loves these pacifiers and I love that you can boil them to sterilize them, but I didn’t realize that the fine print says they can send you any color — which means we got the pink and purple ones– so we don’t use them much. So, if you care what color they are, buy elsewhere

Antonia Sanborn, ND

Great NUKs

My son loves these NUKs. He has used them since he was a week old. I liked the solid colors of the nuks, how ever the ones we got were pink and purple so we gave them to our friends as a shower gift since they are having a girl.

Caryn Hubbard, OH