NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 6-18 Months

NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 6-18 Months

NUK Juicy Puller Pacifiers are suitable for babies 6-18 months old and come in assorted bright vivid colors with a silicone nipple. This orthodontic pacifier set is perfect for your little one and comes in a pack of 2 with a classic puller design. NUK now features an improved nipple and based on research, this improved nipple calms and soothes baby better than our original nipple. It has a scooped nipple cavity for maximum tongue movement, integrated channels for less palate pressure and still features our great heart shaped shield that prevents irritation and fits well under baby’s nose for easier breathing. All NUK pacifiers are BPA Free. These pacifiers are made in the USA. The NUK family of brands designs safe and fun products that encourage your baby’s development. NUK is committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler and has worked for over 50 years to design high quality, innovative products that are scientifically proven to support safe and healthy development. Visit for all your baby and toddler needs.

Main features

  • Juicy Pacifiers with classic puller and bright vivid colors with no design
  • Features our improved nipple that soothes and calms baby better than our original nipple and an asymmetrical shape that helps promote healthy oral development by naturally fitting into your baby’s palate
  • Scoop nipple cavity allows maximum tongue movement, which gently exercises your baby’s tongue, palate and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumb-sucking
  • Heart shaped shield fits perfectly under baby’s nose for easy breathing and less irritation
  • BPA free with silicone orthodontic nipple and made in the USA

Verified reviews


Why can’t we choose our own colors?

This is the only paci my baby will take. I ordered this paci and knew that I didn’t have a choice with the colors. I was hoping for gender neutral colors. Anyway, I have a boy and received a 2 pack of red and hot pink pacifiers. Ugh, I don’t understand why we can’t pick our own colors. Frustrating!

Melisa Lake Pleasant, MA

Just like the ones from the hospital!

But cuter colors and not free. In any case, these are straightforward pacifiers that do the job and doe it well. BPA free. Love it!

Jennie Wilberforce, OH

Love NUK but not in blue and green

My daughter loves the NUK pacifiers but I was very unhappy recieving two packages of blue and green pacifiers when I thought I was getting pink and yellow!

Nellie Seal Harbor, ME

Love the color selection

These pacifiers are cute, BPA free, and affordable. I bought various sizes and even though you have no control over which colors you get, I am pleased with them all. I love this brand.

Luella Palmyra, VA

Great pacifiers

As much as I wish we didn’t use pacifiers, these work great with my daughter! We’ve bought a number of sets from Amazon. They always arrive quickly and well packaged. They have held up well through being in the top rack of the dishwasher and daily use by my almost one-year-old.

Vera Shreve, OH

Our baby loves these

I like that the tip is made in Germany. Our baby prefers this kind of pacifier to the Philips soother type – but maybe that’s just what he’s used to.

Consuelo Valencia, PA


I didn’t notice that the colors may vary. I thought I would be receiving green, blue, and orange pacifiers for my SON. Instead, he got purple and pink pacifiers. Lucky him! Yes, he uses them, and yes, he’s been called a girl by strangers when they see it! I don’t want to get into stereotypes, etc., really, but if you want a specific color, don’t order this.

Kenya Salt Lake City, UT



Connie Mormon Lake, AZ

I’m torn….

I’m torn because…PROS:- These are the only pacifiers my son will take!- They have the “orthodontist recommended” shape, which is good.- They come in different sizes for your child’s growth.- They come in fun colors & cute patterns.- I like the large plastic loop on the end, so I can easily connect it to a pacifier strap and not lose it.CONS:- The nipple easily, and often, fills with saliva, water, etc. Therefore… you have to clean these often, but it’s tricky, because you need to clean the inside of the nipple. Therefore, you need to purposefully squeeze the nipple to fill it up with soapy water, then squeeze it under the water several times to rinse it out. Then you need to continue squeezing it and leave it to dry upright, so that all the water drains out. It’s a big pain in the @$$ and it gets really gross inside the nipple because the baby sucks up anything that gets inside of it.

Clarice Burke, NY

My 6 month girl love it.

Use this to soothing my girl before her bedtime, she liked that. Have no problem to wash it by hand, didn’t see the water inside the silicone.

Jacqueline Bushwood, MD