NUK Large Learner Cup, 10 Ounce

NUK Large Learner Cup, 10 Ounce

Help your baby transition to a sippy cup in style with the 10oz Learner Cup, which is designed for babies who need a larger learner cup before switching to sippy cups. The spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout. The removable anti-slip, easy-grip handles fit comfortably into your little ones hands and once removed, fits most cup holders! Every learner cup spout includes an air vent that helps reduce swallowing air.

Main features

  • For babies who need a larger learner cup but aren’t ready for a sippy cup
  • Easy grip, anti-slip handles are easy for baby to hold and removable as baby ages
  • Spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout
  • Air vent helps reduce swallowing air
  • Flows easily when sipped

Verified reviews


Colors were messed up…

Looked like it was defective or had been exposed to something hot – the colors were "melty" looking. Too much hassle to return it.

Susanne Princeville, HI

Great size, flimsy top

Our daughter loves these sippy cups. She feels like such a big girl being able to feed herself (she’s 6 months). We have this 10oz one and a 5oz. Both Nuk. The lids are all interchangeable, so you can put them on any Nuk product. It’s also a great size. Most bottles are only 8oz. The thing I hate about this tho are the handles. They’re not secured on the bottle, but instead is a flimsy ring that just sits below the nipple that can come right off. When I was trying to get the lid off this morning the milk went everywhere bc it’s hard to twist it off w/out the handles coming off and toppling over. If the handles were secured, or snapped on like the 5oz one, I’d give it 5 stars, but now I’m crying over spilled milk.

Susanna Troxelville, PA


We have tried other Nuk’s, Playtex, Tommie Tippie, and while the tommie tippie ones did work (all my son has to do is bite the end and liquid comes out) he really didnt like them and mostly just made chew toyes out of them. Now that he is 8 months old I really want to push the sippy cup on him because after his first birthday bottles are done. I did however find them cheaper at the Army Comminsary (also no tax) so I recommend that you shop around a little before buying them here (though they are cheaper here to but not by much).All in all great sippy cup and so worth the money.

Winifred Mc Leansboro, IL

Fast flow spout?

My 10 month old loves this sippy and I like the detachable handles. However, when using the handles, make sure you get that lid nice and tight. I thought I had it tight enough and it still leaked out from under the handles. Without the handles, that has not been an issue. We also have had no spilling issues! :)While I do love this cup, I don’t think it flows fast enough for my daughter. She uses a size 2 nipple on Tommee Tippee and Avent bottles but manages to collapse the nipple on this sippy. If they sell them in a faster flow, then I have not found them. Maybe it has to do with keeping it spill proof?

Vera New Holland, SD


These are the perfect cups to transition from bottles to sippy cups. The nipple is just like the nipple on the bottle and they are really easy to hold. My son loves these. Plus I send them to daycare every day and they don’t leak all over the place like all the other sippy cups do.

Marisol Gonvick, MN

I’m happy with these

Great size and easy to hold even without the handles. My daughter loves these spouts, but she chews through them in no time. I just ordered my second set of replacements. No leaks as long as the spout is intact and washes great in the dishwasher

Lois Flanagan, IL


My daughter has a very hard time coming off the bottle and she picked this up in minutes! Love it and really love that it had the ounces measured on the side because alot of sippy cups don’t. It is 100% leak proof which is awesome but the liquid comes out slow when drinking so it takes her longer than with a bottle. I just wish they made faster flow nipples for this. The packaging says 6 months+ but I also bought the hello kitty bottle active cup and it says 12+ and they are exactly the same as far as the nipple and bottle goes.

John Hickman, TN


Same as the smaller 5 ounce versions but twice as big. Also with handles. My little one was breastfed. However my production has crashed and I’m feeding her mostly formula. She hates regular bottles though. For some reason or another, the soft spout cups from NUK are acceptable for her. I’m just happy she drinks from them. I have two 5 ounce cups and two 10 ounce cups.

Tori Edgerton, MO

Bought two!

My son loved this one so much, I bought two! Super easy to grip, doesn’t drip and easy to take apart and clean.

Madeline Waskom, TX

Handles make the bottle hard to close

I have the smaller version of this bottle (with the handles at the bottom), and my baby loves it. This bottle would be the natural next step for her – but the handles screw on under the bottle top – and 9 times out of 10, it prevents the top from screwing on well. It results in spills and lots of messes.I’m sticking with the smaller version and just filling it more often.

Elnora Spofford, NH

good cup

My son really likes this. He can hold onto this well and he has no trouble getting fluid out of it. It does leak a bit if it gets turned over without the stopper in it.

Francisca Redstar, WV

Bottle transition

We got these to transition off the bottle at 12 months and they are very durable! I highly recommend if you are looking to transition off bottles

Cheryl Pelham, GA

Great for my lazy toddler

I got the ones without the handle first, but my kid is apparently super lazy and couldn’t be bothered to hold them up. These make it much easier for him. Nothing like being an enabler, huh?

Ashleigh Windber, PA

Baby loves it — and I love the measurement markers!

I received this cup today and already I’m willing to give it five stars. Here’s why: it’s not leaking [a Nuby sippy cup I ordered started leaking immediately], it’s cute, my eight month old son happily drank from it three times today [the Nuby cup seemed to have a bit too fast a flow for him. He drinks water from it, but always seems to pull it away from his mouth quickly, as if he’s panicked about the amount that’s in his mouth] and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it has fluid ounces marked on the side! We’re still at a stage where we need to know how many fluid ounces are in the cup and the other sippy cups we have don’t have markers. When I used those, I’d have to measure the fluid out in the bottle, then dump it into the cup. A waste of time. LOVE that this has markers. I am definitely going to order a few more.

Geri Buhl, AL

Nuk Fan

Nuk is such a great brand for bottles, sippy cups, and pacifiers. Been a fan of Nuk since my son was a newborn. Love the handles on this sippy cup. We use this for water and juice which my son loves.

Graciela Warren, IL

loved this bottle

It was a great bottle for the 2 weeks I used it. But my daughter had graduated to safe sippy 2 for straw learning yay lol

Polly Perry, KS

Love this sippy cup!

This sippy cup is the best! We love the NUK sippy cup, but found the 5 oz max was too small as my little girl got older. This cup is perfect. I have never had a problem with leaking and it is great for beginners. It is a well made cup, worth the price.

Cynthia Noxon, MT

Great cup!

I bought this cup to transition my son from Dr. Browns bottles, which was getting to be a hassle to clean. I like that this cup has the markings to measure the formula, as many cups do not. This cup has not caused any tummy aches, it has never leaked, it is very easy to clean, and my son prefers it over three other sippy cups that we have tried.

Estelle Avonmore, PA

baby loves her Nuk

I love the design of the "nipple" and the designs that NUK carries. Baby loves the handles and "nipple"; I also love that this holds a larger liquid capacity.

Celia Hitchcock, SD

Great Sippy Cup

This is a great product, no leak! The design is cute.My son his nearly 6 months and drink from this Sippy Cup with no problem. The size is perfect for him to drink milk or even soup.

Selina Martinsburg, MO

Very good cup

But I decided to give my son the straw cup instead (as ped suggested) although he really loved this bottle.

Etta Locke, NY

great cup

I love that the handle is removable, and the spout can also be converted to Nuk’s straw cup accessory. Washes well and didn’t cloud over after washing. the frog on the side is super cute.

Tasha Harwick, PA

Recommend this

After going through just about all the brands of sippy cups, this is the one we found to be best. The nipples are what makes the difference. Our toddler boys don’t get frustrated with them as they do on many whose main goal is not to drip. They are easy to drink through but don’t make a mess– exactly what sippy cups should do! I recommend this brand in both sizes it comes in- the nipples are the same and can be interchanged.

Ernestine Whitlash, MT

Well worth the Cost

This is a great bottle. We started with the five ounce version which we were also fans of. Easy to clean. No complaints.

Maritza Stratton, CO

Great transition cup but they squeak!

These cups are working well to transition my one year old from bottle to sippy cup. Easy to clean, no leaks so far. The only thing I don’t like is that they squeak loudly when my toddler is drinking from them. Minor annoyance.

Ruby Warwick, GA

NUK Large Learner Cup, 10 ounce

We used this for my grandsons’ formula and it worked out really well. I ended up buying several of these bottles since we were feeding twins and they go through formula like crazy. We are still using a couple of these whenever they need a bottle to take a nap.

Elise Remus, MI

Great transition sippies!

My 12 – 13 mo old son son just likes to bite on the hard plastic sippy cups so this is a great transition cup. Very durable and I love the size and handles on these. And love the frog design too 😉

Sophia Silver Grove, KY

awesome transition cup

Love these cups. Very little leakage, great, easy transition from bottles, handles detach for storage or easier fit into bags, lids stay on! These have survived multiple tosses and drops, great cups!

Laverne Western, NE


the price looks right but my son didn’t really like it, brought two different learner cup to see which one he will like and definitely went for the other brand.

Sheree Enfield, NC

Best Cup We Own!

I was having a hard time finding the right sippy cup for my exclusively breastfed son. At 12 months, I decided to purchase a few of the highest rated sippies from Amazon and see how it went. This one is by far the best one we own! It did take my son a few days to figure out that he had to tip the cup to drink because he’s never had a bottle, so this was new to him. The spout is soft and easy for him to get liquid (water or milk) out of without getting choked. It has never leaked! I love that it can hold 10 ounces and that it’s clearly labeled so that I can see how much he’s drank. I would recommend this cup to any Mom!

Elda Callaway, MD