NUK Latex Colored BPA Free Replacement Spout, Colors May Vary

NUK Latex Colored BPA Free Replacement Spout, Colors May Vary

Soft spout latex replacement spill proof spout for NUK learner cups.

Main features

  • Especially soft for easy transition to drinking from a cup
  • Promotes drinking development
  • Spill free for out and about
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: red, blue or green

Verified reviews


These are AWFUL!

They warp, turn all sorts of odd shades and leak like crazy, save your money!

Christy Maysville, MO

Perfect fit

I bought the Nuk Learner cup, then purchased 3 of these because I can use them on the Nuk bottles. I love that I can use the bottles and just replace the bottle nipple with the sippy nipple. My one year old son is adjusting well.

Kristina Marlton, NJ


I love these spouts, I used them for my first daughter and was trying to find replacements for the cups for my second daughter that just started using sippy cups. I am glad I found them on Amazon!

Aline Yellowstone National Park, WY

Worst ever!!!

We have a few of the NUK sippy cups. I like the silicone tops. These ones suck in when the baby drinks. I have to open the lid to get the air out and start over. Once it sucks in it makes a mess and the baby can’t drink. Don’t waste your money!!!!!

Opal Irvine, PA

Nuk latex nipples

These nipples aren’t as durable as I thought it would be. The nipple doesn’t seal very well and the whole where the fluid comes out gets clogged often.

Tamra Cataumet, MA

Great Transition

First of all, to those giving this item a poor rating because they only got one spout or the wrong color, I say READ THE TITLE OF THE ITEM! It says right within the title “Single Pack” and “Colors May Vary”.And moving on…I got thees for a transition for my 4month old daughter. These sippy cup spouts fit into the regular Nuk wide-mouthed bottles. So without having to buy a whole new cup, I was able to get her used to the idea of a sippy cup early on, and make sure she still gets her 7-8oz. Most learning sippy cups only go up to 5oz. I found with my first child, that the earlier you start, the easier it is for transitions to new things. So this made it very easy for her to switch, since she was already used to holding the Nuk regular bottle on her own, the shape didn’t change for her hands at all, only what she was eating from.

Megan Marstons Mills, MA

Very thin, it get wasted very soon

As a mother of triplets I have used a lot of silicon and latex spouts from different brands, and I just dont like this one… its very thin and my kids just pulled it off their cups very easy… and also it got black stains very soon, even when the proper care. I had to buy the silicon ones to replace this ones. Also, the spout tends to stick together, so my kids sometimes couldnt drink from these…

Miranda Mossville, IL