NUK Learner Cup BPA Free Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors May Vary

NUK Learner Cup BPA Free Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors May Vary

NUK’s Learner Cups will help you transition baby from breast or bottle to cup with ease. The parts are interchangeable to make it easy to mix and match and expand as your baby grows.

Main features

  • Easy grip handles ergonomically shaped with anti-slip soft grips make it easy for baby to hold
  • Extra wide neck for easier filling and cleaning
  • Spill proof spout designed to be gentle on gums
  • BPA free product
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: red, blue or green

Verified reviews


Great Learner C

This is a great learner cup. The silicone spout works the best for my baby because it’s more pliable. It also doesn’t leak like others can.Product update: Like many other reviewers, the silicone spout has now torn which now allows the cup to leak. Nuk does not sell replacement spouts (so useless!!). Now that my baby has learned to suck from a sippy cup I’ll have to move on to cups with sturdier spouts.Nuk: please start to sell replacement spouts for a decent price (not at a price that’s identical to replacing the entire cup)– Thanks!

Therese Rowlett, TX

Nothing special, and small

This sippy is ok — it doesn’t leak and has easy-to-clean components. The cup is small. Also, although the description does warn “colors may vary,” I didn’t realize that the decorations were very gender specific. As a result, I ended up with a pink and red flowered sippy for my son. I could have just gone to Target and picked out the color if I had known that was the case; I had assumed “assorted colors” meant red, blue, green, etc.Overally, I just don’t think this is super special or woth the relatively high pricetag. I think it as good as anything else on the market.

Rowena Chippewa Lake, OH

Made in Germany!

This is a great first sippy cup. As previous reviewers had mentioned, it was really easy for my son to figure out and start using immediately. It doesn’t leak and is easy for him to handle.Also, not a small thing, is the fact that it’s made in Germany. Especially with baby items it is so difficult to find thing that are not made in China. You’d think that all the product recalls and lead scares, etc. would have changed this but, no. We tend to prefer to buy MORE stuff for our kids than more QUALITY stuff. Without going too much onto a tangent, I just wanted to mention that I appreciate that it’s not made in China, that’s all.If they would sell replacement nipples (haven’t looked yet- but previous reviewer said they don’t) then it would truly be perfect.

Patty Budd Lake, NJ

The cup is great – but the spouts don’t last

If I had written this review when I bought the cup 6 months ago, I would have given it 5 stars. Now, my baby is 14 months old. We try and give her a regular cup as much as we can. Sometimes, though, we need to give her a drink in a cup that won’t spill – and these are perfect for that. The problem now is that she has teeth and she bites on the end of the spout. We do our best to discourage this, but it only takes a second and POOF – she’s bitten a huge hole in the end. (Check out the pictures of this listing – someone posted an image of EXACTLY what happens when the child bites off the end.) I’ve started to get worried about giving her the cup, as I found her chewing on a piece of silicone she got off of the end. It wasn’t enough that she would have choked, but still not good for her. Thus, I’ve had to buy replacement nipples ALL THE TIME. I bought 5 of these cups in different styles and I am about to go buy replacement spout #6 & #7. Bottom line: this is a great cup for a transition from the bottle. But, once your baby has teeth, you’ll be buying replacement spouts until the cows come home or you switch to a cup with a hard spout.

Alyce Brownville, NE

The only sippy my baby would take, who refused all bottles

My daughter refused all bottles after turning 3 months, so we went straight from nursing to sippy cups and I tried several brands, and this one was the only one she would take. She didn’t mind the silicone nipple and drank from it after two tries. The handles are great as she would hold the sippy herself at 12 months and it must be easy to suck from because she finishes 5oz in a few minutes. I only wish there were a larger version of the cup with handles before going to the active cup with no handles and a useless clip. I have never had a problem with this cup leaking unless she throws it on the hardwood floor and it lands on the nipple (then a little milk will leak out, but once the nipple is not bent, then no milk comes out). Comes with a cap inside for shaking/mixing formula, or for storage without nipple. Also comes with a sturdy lid. I love this sippy except that it is expensive and it is hard to find in stores with the silicone nipple, except for Walmart.

Loretta Currituck, NC

not practical for 7 month old

Did not like. It was really hard to get any liquid out, even if i took out the valve. Waist of money.

Maryellen Elmhurst, IL

Like it

This cup has a good design and easy to clean. My daughter did not care for drinking out of it too much. She would chew the spout but that was about it.We have now moved to sippy cups with straws.It is probably a good product for others.

Josefina Ninde, VA

Wish they would send a gender-neutral color

I ordered this earlier this week from Amazon despite complaints from the other reviewers about receiving the product in very gender-specific colors. I guess I thought I’d get lucky. Unfortunately, it came in a pretty pink with flowers (I ordered it for my son). I’m afraid I’ll have to return it and simply pick it up from the nearest Babies r Us.The product itself seems quite nice. Since my son hasn’t used it yet, it’s too early to say.

Chelsea Troy Grove, IL

Love these!

We started my son on these a little bit before his 1st birthday… our goal was to have him off of bottles after her turned one. He didn’t take to them very well at first but the week after his birthday we went cold turkey with the bottles and switched to these entirely. He had one feeding where he threw a fit and then he was over it and never made a peep again. We were using the Avent bottles and the transition to these was pretty easy. The only thing to watch for was once he was 15 months old or so he figured out that he could push his thumb into the top of the nipple and spray his milk everywhere – NOT fun to clean up. He also started chewing on the nipple which caused them to crack and leak everywhere. After both of those things, we quickly switched to a hard-top sippy cup. These are great for making the transition from bottles to cups but if your son is anything like mine, they won’t last more than a few months before you switch to something different. We had three different designs and that seemed to get us through and last exactly how long we needed them to. P.S. There are some much cuter designs available at your local Target – and you can pick out which one you get!

Rhonda Yancey, TX

Nice little cup, but tends to leak!

Being from Germany I was thrilled to find some “German products” in the States. NUK is a very good brand. I have used NUK for my son 8 years ago and now tried out this cup for my 8ms old daughter.The cup itself is great, handles snap on the bottom and can be left off, if no longer needed. The soft spout is really what sold me on this, since my daughter refuses to drink out of a cup with a hard spout or any other brand cup. The spout really is much softer than any other ones we tried, BUT – it often leaks. You have to be careful not to screw the top on too tight or too lose.. I have also noticed that the spout gets suck inwards and also causes the leak. Not sure if others have issues with it.. Thought it might be just my cup, so I went and bought a differnt color, but.. same issue..Overall, since this is the only cup she will drink out of and the design is well made, I give it a 4…

Eve Sebago, ME

Doesn’t leak, but doesn’t let much liquid out either

I got this based on the good reviews. I like everything about this cup ASIDE from the slow flow- it takes QUITE a bit of suction to get the liquid out, even for me. My baby is used to faster flow than this on her bottles, and I think she finds it frustrating to have to suck so hard to get so little liquid out, and therefore isn’t interested in it. This is the first sippy cup I’ve seen that doesn’t leak if it’s shaken, but I think that’s because it’s hardly letting anything out to begin with. The size, handles, and soft spout are great for babies learning to use a sippy cup, but I wish they made different spouts so you had the option of different flow levels.

Michaela Cameron, MO

Love this sippy!

I started my baby on this sippy when he was 6 months. He is now 11 months and still loves it. He took to it very easily due to the soft spout, and although he has had 8 teeth since he was 8 months old, he has not damaged the spout. The handles are very well placed and nicely sized, which seems like a no brainer, but two other cups I’ve tried were not as good. This sippy does not leak, even if you shake it vigorously, so there is no fear of adding milk or formula to it while transitioning from a bottle. It comes apart easily to wash the parts and I like that there is no internal valve that is difficult to clean. Great sippy!

Ella Diamond Point, NY

Best sippy cup ever

I’m very glad I met this one, is just great. My baby is 8 months and I wanted to introduce him to the sippi cup, before getting this one I got around six (6) yes that many, my baby didn’t like the prior ones or they leaked It was a nightmare until this one, I Does NOT leak, It met all the needs and He is happy learning from this one He drinks his juice happily from this sippy cup, I also love the handles are removable, It means easier to clean!, I’ll keep getting more of these. Finally found the one.

Glenda Briscoe, TX

Too difficult to get liquid out

I don’t know if we have a faulty cup, by my 7-mo old cannot suck any liquid out of this. I finally tried it myself, and I could barely get a drop out either. No wonder my son gets so frustrated with this thing. I am still on the search for a good sippy cup…

Noreen Oregon, MO

Good cup, poor color options

Was a little disappointed when I thought I ordered a blue cup for my little boy and received a red/pink one with flowers on it. Cup works fine. He is still learning. Wish I could have picked the color I wanted though.

Katie National Park, NJ

Great 1st sippy cup

I LOVE this cup! My 7 month old daughter gets so excited to hold and drink from her cup all by herself. We purchased the first one two days ago as a trial since we had bought several of the Gerber ones, which were highly annoying. We had to remove the value inside the Gerber cup so baby could get something out of it, but then it leaked everywhere (not a good starter cup–saving for when baby is older). This NUK cup DOES NOT LEAK (yay!!!), doesn’t have an annoying value inside, and is easy for baby to hold. Transitioning from the bottle (Dr. Brown’s) was so easy. After three days of using only once per day, we eliminated the bottle today! I’m so happy I tried this on a whim. My only negative comment is that they’re hard to find in stores. Babies R Us does not carry (so disappointing) & select Target stores carry them.

Staci Naoma, WV

Baby’s suction does the job

This is a nice starter sippy cup. I bought it because it comes with the handles which attach to the bottom and the lid on top. Some reviewers have mentioned that it’s hard to get the liquid out. It’s true, for an adult it’s hard, but a baby’s suction is different. The action of their gums helps create the airflow to get the water out. When I tried it, I hardly got a drop, but my 7 month old son is able to drink from it just fine. No problems with leaking yet.The colors do vary, so don’t set your hopes too high for any particular design.Good sippy for the price.

Mai Grantsburg, IN

OK cup. Just use caution!

This cup helps with transitioning a child from a bottle to a sippy cup, it has to be used just right,for the child to get liquids out of the cup. It has detachable handles and a travel top and is dishwasher safe.But once your child has teeth and can chew, they WILL chew the spout right off. My child did! Use EXTRA caution! Also the color is chosen for you.

Doris Round Top, TX

NUK sippy cup

I have several of these cups in different designs and love them. They really don’t drip at all and my son has no issues drinking from it. He does occasionally bite down on it which tears the opening a bit so I check the nipples periodically to make sure they’re still safe, and have bought and replaced a few nipples already, you can find them on Amazon too. I like that the handles come off so he can continue to use it has he grows. He dropped one while on a walk and it got a deep scratch in it which stinks, but I just found a strap to secure his cup to the stroller and we don’t have that problem anymore. Its also dishwasher safe which is nice. The cup is a good cup that does what its supposed to without dripping everywhere.

Laverne Spurgeon, IN

Great starter cup

This is a great cup to transition from bottle to sippy cup. The silicone nipple is similar to a bottle nipple, although the flow rate is a bit slow. We had to modify the nipple by adding a few cross-cuts to get the flow rate up to be comparable to the fast nipple our son was using with the bottle. The inverted handles (attached at the top instead of the bottom) make it hard to put the cup in the diaper bag bottle holder. And this cup is only good before baby gets a set of matched upper and lower teeth since the nipple is soft and can be bit off (so now that my son has some top teeth we only use this cup right before bed when he’s tired and needs an easy to drink from cup, not for walking around with). Also, not getting to choose your color meant that my son has a red & pink cup with flowers on it…

Bernice Normal, IL

Great sippy cup for little ones without many teeth

We bought this sippy cup for our daughter when she was 7 months old. She had no teeth then and now at 12 months old just has two teeth and it’s a great cup. My daughter doesn’t drop this cup nearly as much as the other Nuk cup she has. I like that you can buy replacement sippers for this one. I also love that it doesn’t leak but that it also flows quite well and my daughter took to it pretty easily. I definitely recommend this cup as a first sippy cup!

Eliza Mozier, IL

Soft spout, but has rubber smell

I love this learner cup because of its small size, handles and very soft spout, but the problem I have with it is the rubber smell coming from inside the bottle and the spout. No matter how many times I wash it, it is still there. My baby loves holding the cup, although she does not know yet how drink from it, but I am sure she will learn soon.

Courtney Friendship, TN

Perfect for my son

I bought four of these cups when my son was about 8 months old to help him transition from a bottle to a sippy cup because he would not drink from the firmer spouts of the regular sippy cups. He had no problem with these, as the spout is soft like a bottle nipple. They have worked great for us (we’ve been using them daily for months now).

Janna Cheltenham, MD

Our Favorite!

This is the second sippy cup I’ve tried for my 6 month old (the first one is a Nuby and she had a hard time with the spout). It is lightweight and easy to hold. The spout is longer than most that I’ve seen so it is a good transition from a bottle. It’s also soft for little gums. I love that the handles spin around from the bottom of the cup so they are always in line with the spout.I’ve used this cup for several weeks now and have never had a leak. I’ve carried it around in my diaper bag and it’s been dropped repeatedly from the high chair (yeah.. we’ve started that game) with no problems.She does usually end up with water all over her front when she bites on the spout, but that’s going to happen with any cup when they are just learning.

Avis Bland, MO

Great transition!

My 6 month old transitioned to this sippy cup from a bottle without a hitch. Granted he will eat from pretty much anything, he was much more successful with this sippy cup than he was from others (other brands his drink would come too quickly and it would spill all down his chin.) I really needed to find a good sippy cup for him because he would collapse EVERY bottle nipple I gave him (tried Playtex, Dr. Browns, Nuk, First Year’s, etc) so I really needed to find something he could actually eat out of. I love that the pieces are all interchangable because now I can turn my old Nuk bottles into sippy cups!

Glenda Trebloc, MS

The best for beginners!

These are the only cups our son would use for months. Before this cup we tried tons of sippy cups and he hated all of them. By the time he was 12 months I thought he would be using a bottle until he was past 2. Then one day at 12.5 months he really took to this particular cup. We trashed all the bottles, and went out and bought several more of these, and never used a bottle ever again! Now he will use any cups/straw tops but for months when he first started these where his favorite. We still use the 12oz NUK active cups for milk at home and he still loves them at 21 months now! I highly recommend these cups to anyone whose LO is having a hard time giving up the bottle because these are soft silicon tops so it is the closest sippy cup to a bottle you can find. They are also similar to the Nuby silicon top cups but these are smoother. The NUK straw cups are great too.

Monica New Stuyahok, AK

love the product hate the color

I dont understand why we are not able to choose are own colors. I gave it a chance since the pic of the cup is blue. I have a baby boy and received a hot pink cup with flowers all over it! Very disappointed!

Monique Erath, LA

First sippy cup and still our favorite

This is the first sippy cup I bought my daughter when she was 5 months old and they are still our favorite. The spout is soft for sensitive gums and we have never had a problem with it leaking. The grip handles work great when babies are first learning to hold the cup and removable when they are older and no longer need it. Unlike some of the other reviews, we have never had a problem with the spout tearing and we have had these cups for almost a year.

Vilma Alma, AL

Love it!

I first got this cup about 3 years ago, when I was transitioning my son from bottle to cup. It worked great and he loved it, but I sadly returned it when all the BPA concerns started to crop up. Fast forward 3 years and this BPA-free version is now available — hooray! I got it for my daughter and she took to it like duck to water. It doesn’t leak, the handles are separate so you don’t have to worry about lining the spout with the handles, and it’s super easy to clean. Love it.

Carolina Olive Hill, KY

best sippy cup

My son just started learning how to use a sippy cup. I bought several sippy cups before , by far, this is the one that he likes and fits perfectly in his tiny hands. The spout is made from sillicone so it’s gentle to his gum. It’s also easy to clean and disassemble.

Rosemary Locust Fork, AL