NUK Learner Latex Spout BPA Free Cup, Single Pack, 5 Ounce, Colors May Vary

NUK Learner Latex Spout BPA Free Cup, Single Pack, 5 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Help your baby transition to a sippy cup in style with the NUK® Learner Cup! NUK® Learner Cups are designed to help transition your baby from breast or bottle to cup easier. The spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout. The removable anti-slip, easy-grip handles fit comfortably into your little ones hands and once removed, fits most cup holders! Every learner cup spout includes an air vent that helps reduce swallowing air.

Main features

  • Helps make the transition from bottle to cup easier
  • Spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout
  • Air vent helps reduce swallowing air
  • Easy-grip, anti-slip handles are easy for baby to hold and removable as baby ages
  • Flows easily when sipped

Verified reviews


The spouts warp!

I loved these at first…. But I’ve gone through ten spouts already, and they all have warped!!We have only been using them for about 3 months. I hand wash all of my baby stuff so this isn’t a heat issue it’s a quality issue it’s the latex. It’s so stressful when I’m trying to fix my son something to drink in a rush and it leaks milk all over him! Today they all go in the trash! I’m done with them. We are going to stick with nuby for now on. I own more than ten of these cups. -_- What a waste!

Angela Caledonia, OH

Scared my boy!

My son hated this cup from the word go! He has never drunk from it. Screams when he sees it. And if I try to force it in his mouth, he will spit it out and turn his head. He is 22 months and prefers the old fashioned hard plastic cups.

Melba Del Rey, CA

Pull to check if water LEAKS

We’ve got a red one for my then 7-month old. After several uses in less than 3 weeks, the cup is already leaking. Water leaks from the edge of the silicone spout even though we seal the cap real tight. I would recommend one to check on your cup by pulling the spout with a bit strength (that matches your baby’s) and see if water leaks before you decide to keep the cup.

Mara Pinehurst, GA

Color confusion and unusable nipples

On the Amazon site this product is shown in blue only but it says "colors may vary". We ordered 4 and some jokster packed us 3 blue and one pink one, which we promptly send back.Those blue nipples have a lot smaller openings than the other models of the same product (The yellow Winnie the Pooh, and the green variety which all have clear nipples) and are also much softer, which causes them to fold a bit when used. Both of our sons hate the nipples and cry when they get their milk in these.

Anne Loman, MN

The spout coloring started to fade…

Maybe I got a defective one…? The coloring of the spout on this started to fade as if the coloring was leaking out or being washed away. I only handwashed this for about a month. It started out blue and now it’s almost colorless… Not sure why this is happening but it concerns me that my 7 month old is putting her mouth on a part with coloring that fades…***Update***I reordered another NUK Learner Cup, this time with the silicone spout and I love that the spout is clear and color free!! No more strange discoloring =]

Abby Strandburg, SD

Great purchase

I have been trying to transition my 9 month old son to a sippy cup. The hard ones didn’t work as he still is sucking like his bottle nipples. I found this and it is great, the spout is soft so he is learning to suck on it but it isn’t too hard for his mouth.He holds onto it very well. I would recommend it for transitioning from a bottle.

Keri West Lafayette, IN

Absolutely LOVE these

This is the only sippie cup I could get my daughter to drink out of instead of a bottle. I have had no issues with them so far, and my daughter has no complaints!

Marcy Shock, WV

Started leaking. Now just a nice drum.

I know they said colors may vary, but it’d be nice to be able to choose a non-pink cup for the baby boy.Also, after a few weeks it started leaking all over so we’ve stopped using it with water inside and the Boy uses it as a drum.It makes him happy, so he gets too stars. But he is thirsty all thirsty all the time so it’d be nice if we could put water inside.

Daphne Malone, WA

Love it!

My son is just over a year old and has been using the Nuk bottles since he was 2 months old. The Nuk sippy was wonderful because it is the same size at the bottle and all he has to adjust to is the different nipple. So far, so good. He holds it well and doesn’t have a problem using the sippy nipple on the bottles.

Harriet Fortescue, NJ

Just perfect!

I tried several different types of sippy cups and my daughter would do just that.. sip. Which was sorta time consuming. I’d have her sip between every 2 bites of puree in order to try to get her entire ‘bottle’ drank from a sippy cup.I looked at several ‘transition cups’ once I decided that I was going to have to break down and go that route and the reason I chose Nuk was because we use Nuk bottles and a review said that everything was interchangeable.Got the cup today, used it and it’s wonderful! She drinks from it just like it’s a bottle. I just ordered several more of the replacement spouts so I can just retrofit her bottles. I think they should sell handles as well so you can put them on the bottles.. maybe they do.. will have to look.I love love love that I don’t have to have even more things in my kitchen cabinets. I can keep using the products I already have.. but with a different spout. Perfect. 🙂

Amparo Iron City, GA

Great sippy cup!!

We love these sippy cups! We started giving this sippy to our 4mo daughter and she learned really quick! They are interchangeable with the nuk wide bottles so it was easy for her to transtion! Easy to clean and if you already use the bottles, its easy to just grab a bottle and lid ring, since the sippy handles fit on the bottles too =] I definantly recomend this sippy!

Judi Nellysford, VA


I was disappointed by the "nipple", or spout, on this bottle. I used them successfully and happily with my other son. I ordered some for my new baby and we cannot use them. You have to suck and suck so hard to get any water out. I have tried it and it is really hard for me to even get much out. I tried to open the hole a little, but it has not helped. It may have just been a bad one, because I liked these bottles two years ago for my other son. I wont risk wasting my money by buying another one though. I like the Avent one, and it is working well.

Marva Lady Lake, FL

Not very sturdy/bad plastic

Some of these cups are great. We originally received a red/pink cup with a clear plastic spout, and that one was very sturdy, and my son loved it. So we ordered 2 more, but we received 2 green ones that had colored spouts that got very warped when washed in hot water and the holes closed. Also, the plastic spout was very flimsy and would often get pushed in/out and leak. Not very good quality. Sorry I purchased the other 2.

Jeannette Barclay, MD

Perfect Sippy for Infants

The NUK sippy cup is great for my eight-month old son! Its BPA-free, soft spout, easy to hold cup is a great trainer for the under one crowd! He took to it immediately! Plus, its not difficult to clean and dishwasher safe (top rack only of course). I wish we could pick the colors, but they actually sent me a blue sailboat one for my son anyway. The only drawback is if the baby pushes the spout on the floor you will have a flood of water – hence the cap! Use it!

Lacy Vinton, OH

Spout Collapses

Ehh, I didn’t care of this cup much, never did my son when he was transitioning. The Spout Collapses too easily and he didn’t seem to have an easy time getting the drink to come out.

Jo German Valley, IL

Good for refusing bottle baby.

I introduced this cup to my 5 months old son, who refused the bottle (he was ok with the bottle at the beginning, but than the break was too long and I couldn’t find the right nipple for him). He drinks water and milk with no problems. The nipple is soft and big enough for proper latch.The cup doesn’t leak when the nipple is screwed properly, otherwise it will leak through the ventilation hole.

Elsa Cohasset, MA

Great cup, bad spout

My 6 month old can easily grasp the cup, and seems to like it, but we had to get a new silicone spout. The latex one smelled horrible, and color bleached out in spots when I washed it.

Angela Quincy, WA

Love these!

We have these in all the colors available. I’ve been using them daily for about two months and have not had any issues so far. I steam sterilize and scrub them everyday and they’ve done a fantastic job of holding up to the wear and tear. My daughter absolutely adores these. Earlier on, I had wished that they held a little bit more liquid because she was quickly finishing these and wanting more, but now she eats more solids so this is a good size. I started these with her around 4 months and she’s loved them ever since. We will be moving up to a more traditional sippy cup soon, but these are so fabulous for those parents that want to have their child start to learn to self feed with the bottle. The handles are nice and rubbery so baby can chew on those too. The nipples are really good about not leaking when held upside down or tossed around. Just be sure you rinse the opening of the nipple well, things can build up in there if you’re not careful.Overall, I would recommend these to everyone. They’re awesome!

Nelda Lisbon, NH

Good cup design but the spout is terrible

My 9-month-old son wouldn’t take any sippy cup until we got this, and I credit it to opening the door for his accepting all other sippy cups. He now uses hard and soft spout cups with relative ease. I think it’s a great design, but the spout does warp in a very short time, even with hand washing. I thought by keeping it out of the dishwasher I could save it, but it didn’t make a difference. This prompted me to purchase some Avent soft spout sippy cups, and I like the spouts on those much better. No special care required.Can’t they make the same spout out of a different material? I would definitely buy more of these if they would.

Christine West Hickory, PA


This cup is good for transitioning from a traditional bottle to a sippy cup. Our son used it from about 6-12 months.

Helen Eccles, WV

Not so good after all

I really like this sippy cup, this is the second one I have bought for my son. It is easy for him to hold and drink from at 6 months. Disappointed with colour of the one I was sent though. The nipple is dark green and the pattern is butterflies. Not great when expecting blue boats for a boy but it’s just a cup at the end of the day and it was cheaper than in the supermarkets.Realised after writing the review above that the slits in the nipple make it difficult for my now 8 month old to get the drink out. Different slit / hole design than the same cup I bought from the supermarket.

Allene Windthorst, TX

The cup is good, the spout is terrible.

The latex spout is awful on this cup. It’s extremely difficult to get any liquid out of it. Luckily we also had some of the silicone spouts and those work just fine on this cup.

Krystal Jackson, OH

Cute but hard to suck liquid out

My 13 month old struggled to get any liquid out of this. I kept assuming he was drinking, but one day, realized that the liquid volume was the same. I tried drinking it out of it myself, when I realized how hard you need to suck. I kept it anyway, but won’t buy another one.

Madelyn Iliff, CO

too slow, couldn’t get anything out

This was the first sippy cup I tried with my daughter. She was sucking and sucking and then would get made and shake the bottle and keep trying over and over. The same amount of water was still in it. I even tried sucking it to see if that was the problem and I could barely get any liquid out! We will try a different sippy cup.

Serena Harrells, NC

For breast to bottle…

My son refused to give up breastfeeding. I had to wean him for several reasons and found he would hold out for HOURS, refusing many bottles after only two gulps. When he was five months old we tried this sippy cup and it worked wonders. I did snip the hole a little bigger for him and that seemed to be just to his liking. We introduced this bottle several times, along with spoon feeding thinned out cereal before he was finally weaned off breastmilk. The whole process took about 1.5-2 weeks. Oh, we hate the handles but that’s easy enough to remove and use without. Not as leakproof as the playtex sippy cups but good enough for supplemental fluids at the dinner table.

Candace Yankton, SD