NUK Make it Easy Starter Set

NUK Make it Easy Starter Set

Looking for a quick and easy way to make nutritious homemade food for your baby? NUK USA has partnered with world-famous child nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel, to offer a line of solutions to help you make and store homemade baby food. This starter set comes with a healthy recipe cookbook to give you inspiring ideas for creating your own baby food along with a Mash & Serve Bowl and stackable cubes that are microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe. Healthy and nutritious is now quick and easy, too!

Main features

  • Includes a healthy recipe cookbook to give you inspiring ideas for creating healthy, homemade baby food
  • Includes a Mash & Serve bowl so you can mash fruits and steamed veggies easily at home or on-the-go
  • Includes Stackable Cubes for easy storing

Verified reviews


Very helpful

The book is very helpful. I just wish she included a few recipies from around the world. The starter set was ok. The bowl with the smasher is awesome, but the containers are so-so. I am surprised however at how much butter her recipies call for.

Vivian Hillsboro, AL

nice set

I like the cookbook and have made many of the recipes for my baby. She loves them all! I also like the masher and bowl but only for soft foods. I use it for avocado, banana, etc. The containers work ok but I wish the lids snaped on a little tighter.

Annie Levels, WV

It’s Okay

All you need is the bowl and masher the containers are okay. My baby Alexander used the container as toys. Save the money and just buy the blue bowl and masher.Mrs. Healy

Lorna Byron, GA

Just get the bowl or book separately

Amazon was out of the bowl which is what I wanted the most. I use it to mash up bananas , sweet potatoes and avocados. Its pretty easy. The book is nice and gave me some good ideas. I probably would have otherwise purchased another book so this was a good surprise. I actually got 6 of the storage cubes. They are just not necessary.

Cheri Grantsville, MD

Love the bowl and masher! Could do without the rest.

The bowl and masher have been indispensable to me; however, the book isn’t all that great and the lids on the containers do not shut well.

Casey Los Indios, TX

its ok

i love the baby bowl and food masher the book is ok i have used a couple of recipes from it…although i dont know about the food storage the lids dont snap on to the container they seem to stay open theyre not very good

Ofelia Middle River, MD

Good storage containers and masher

I’ve been using them mashing and storing baby food. The lids do work and I’m not sure why one reviewer mentioned they don’t. I was able to stack them tight in the freezer. Not the best storage container but they serve their purposes.

Shelly De Borgia, MT


A great starter kit for babies that are beginning to eat purees ! I love the little masher bowl and the containers that come with it. there are 6 containers that all have covers and the book is really great and informative. great price, great everything i love it.

Lindsey Brocton, NY


the mash and serve bowl is easy to carry out.its useful for making baby food. i like the book also.

Rene Debord, KY

Good but not the best

Love the book and the masher but the containers are just ok. The masher’s holes are a little difficult to clean which worries us. We put it through the dishwasher but it still doesn’t get everything out even after rinsing and soaking it immediately after we use it.The containers are just ok. I really only use the blue and purple ones (the larger ones) for my 7 month old. The green ones are a little small for her. She’s a pretty good water and 2 oz isn’t a lot for her. The tops don’t stay on very well which isn’t good for transporting it back and forth to daycare or in a diaper bag. There are other containers we’ve bought for a little bit more that are much more reliable and worth the little bit extra money.

Bettie Enders, NE

Like it

I bought this for the book only. the containers are rather cheap but again i wanted the book. Good deal…

Tara Dulce, NM

my favorite book with accessories -great gift!!

This is my favorite baby food book. I took several out from the library and in the end I bought this one to keep. I have seen people complaining about every single baby food book, simply because the first purees are "nothing new" "just the basics anybody can come up with"…. things like that. But I think that there isn’t much more to food when we are talking about making the first 5-6 purees for a baby…. of course they are the usual: carrots, peas, squash…. because that is what they eat…. I like this book because it has great ideas for later, when they can eat a few more fun things, because it gives you ideas for interesting mixes of the basics, and mostly, I LOVE this book because it tells you a bit about what each food has to offer nutritionally. Even flipping through the pages of the basic purees is interesting because one gets a good understanding of what they are giving the baby and that way the parent can try to balance the nutrition better, and be more informed about foods in general.I bought now this little set for a friend that has a baby 2 months younger than my boy, and they are going to start with purees next month. I like the individual little containers, but I cannot know if they close tightly or if the masher works fine (I suppose it does… can’t be worse than using a fork like I do for avocados and bananas, but probably we shouldn’t expect to make purees like the blender!) I like the set for the price.

Charmaine West Newbury, MA

Masher is good but not the containers

I love the masher and the bowl. It’s so convenient to mash bananas, potatoes etc. It can easily fit into a 7in x 7 11/16 in (17.7 cm x 17.7cm x 19.5 cm) ziplock bag. The bowl is good to serve liquids like soup.I am disappointed with the containers specially the big size ones. The lid is flimsy and doesn’t secure very well. To be on a safer side, I put scotch tape to secure it. Also, the larger ones can’t even hold a full puréed apple hence I have to purchase atleast 6oz containers to keep my infants food. I wish I had just purchased the masher and saved some dollars.

Karyn Spencerville, OH


So easy to cool for my baby with it

Florence Linwood, NE