NUK Milk Bag Storage Rack

NUK Milk Bag Storage Rack

The NUK® Milk Bag Storage Rack features a gravity fed system that ensures first in, first out storage to organize and track your milk bags. The slim, stackable design fits comfortably in most refrigerators and freezers and the easy-release dispenser makes it easy for you to grab a milk bag for feeding.

Main features

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  • Organized storage for up to 10 milk bags
  • Gravity fed system ensures “First in, First out” storage
  • Easy-release dispenser
  • Slim & stackable to fit most refrigerators or freezers

Verified reviews



Tough to assemble, kind of complicated to store, ended up returning. Flimsy plastic and I almost cut my finger on it.

Tammi Comfort, TX

imcomplete parts

Dear buyer,,please be aware and always check you item bcoz i had ordered 2qty ofthis and both box are incomplete… there is no top parts the thin red color. unfortunetely it cannot be return as im in UAE.for delivery is very quick…

Janette Dierks, AR

So far so good!

I’m still pretty new at storing milk, so I haven’t stored too many, but so far it seems to work ok. I like the newest to oldest / top to bottom system which gets you to extract the oldest one from the bottom… However, I’m not sure how well it will work once there’s a lot of bags stacked up (hence the 4 stars). I’m currently using it in the fridge, as I haven’t frozen the milk. I imagine frozen is easier to take out of the container. I might try the First Years one next, which stores them vertically.

Dayna Villa Grande, CA

Cheap and doesn’t hold

cheapest made rack in the history of all racks. It was difficult to even connect it because for some reason the customer has to assemble this tiny rack from 6 pieces it arrives in (?!) and the parts didn’t fit quite well. A very disappointing product for this brand.

Robin Glenville, PA

It’s a rack

Big fan.. But really, it’s a rack. Does what it says, looks just like the pic. So far so good, but I don’t know what can go wrong with a plastic rack.

Fran Pinecliffe, CO


Great for storing mothers milk in freezer. I bought 2 to hold my supply. Works with other brands so don’t feel limited to using NUK bags but Medela bags are too small and bulky to use in this rack. I currently use Lansinoh Breast-milk Storage Bags and they fit perfectly!

Young Scottown, OH

Great for organizing

These work perfectly for Lansinoh storage bags… They fit perfect. I am an over produser and Medela is not ideal for large amounts of milk storage. I used medla for my last baby and they were perfect and convienent (pump and store adapter etc) but they do not freeze flat… Lansioh does… 6oz frozen flat is slightly bulkier but i still fit the 12 bags (or more) in the rack and they slide out easily. Highlt recommended.

Freida West Sand Lake, NY

good product!|

i like this product a lot, its perfect to storage my breast milk and take easely the first milk i pump, to not have problem whit the date. its a little bit big for my frezzer, but its not such a bad thing. i reomendded this product

Leanne Pixley, CA

Alright product

I’m still not sure about the storage rack. It is slim fitting in the freezer (I got two to stack side by side). However, for those mom’s who are storing their breastmilk……this might not be ideal. I’m always running out of space and after 2-3 days of pumping….I’ve already filled both storage racks! Not sure if I will continue to use or not.

Caryn Wales, UT

Affordable storage solution

First I want to say I have been told that bags are not the best option for milk storage, which I found out after making this purchase. however if you do decided to use them anyway for whatever reason this is a really neat little way to keep them in order and from damaging the bags and potentially spilling that liquid gold!

Lola Westport, WA

Great product for compact and convenient storage

This is a great way to organize the milk in my freezer. I have two of them side-by-side and it’s much neater than what I was doing before with a snap-lid clear storage container. I especially like that the oldest bag can be removed easily from the bottom. It’s always clear to my nanny and husband where to get the next bag of milk. It works with my Lansinoh bags as well as Nuk bags. It took a few minutes to put them together – I just needed to be patient lining up the prongs and holes as required.

Mavis Arnoldsville, GA

Space saving

This is one of the better functioning breast milk storage containers I have seen. I love that it’s self organizing – meaning the oldest is always on the bottom and the newest is on top. It’s design fit’s in our fridge easily –

Myrna Stratford, CA

hard to assemble

I bought this right after having my baby. I tried to assemble it according to the directions and in my sleep deprived state I inserted a piece incorrectly and I had to have my husband work at it to remove and then assemble correctly. I am using the Lansinoh breast milk bag and they work fine.

Kaitlyn Bunnlevel, NC

good for milk storage

Works fine with nuk milk bags, though if you plan on having a large storage supply it may be to small.

Mildred Westbrook, CT