NUK Orthodontic Nipples, 2 Count Slow Flow Narrow Latex, Size 1

NUK Orthodontic Nipples, 2 Count Slow Flow Narrow Latex, Size 1

The Orthodontic Nipple is the closest alternative to natural breastfeeding. It supports seamless switching from breast to bottle. Features and Benefits Fits NUK Orthodontic Bottles Orthodontic nipple promotes healthy teeth formation Available in Slow, Medium and Fast flow Reduces Colic Simulates and supports breastfeeding Hourglass shape allows the lips to close properly making it easier to breathe through the nose and avoid intake of air through the mouth Asymmetrical widening encourages to move their lower jaw forward which contributes to correct repositioning Ventilation hole regulates the intake of air and prevent the nipple from retracting Extra wide base mimics the shape of the natural breast Soft, clear silicone nipples  

Main features

  • Shaped like a mother’s nipple
  • Fits most traditional sized reusable nursers
  • Nuk air system reduces amount of air baby swallows during feeding

Verified reviews



the brand NUK is my favorite brand for nipples they dont let my lil girl jus chug down a bottle is a few gulps helps with less burping because there isnt as much air getting in to her tummy so she isnt fussy either

Kelsey Baker, MN

Ok product..if your kid likes them

Kids didn’t like this form factor. But it really comes down to the kids, my first kid liked them, the second one didn’t.

Shelby Sterling, VA

Newborn hated them.

My newborn daughter has been extremely picky with nipples and bottles. I thought I’d give these a try since she used the NUK pacifiers just fine. She hated these nipples and they didn’t fit the Gerbers Essentials 5 oz bottles. The air vent on the top of the nipple, low by the collar ring, leaked and would well up with formula. Overall, not a good experience for us. I’m returning 2 of the packages I bought, since I opened the other 2 packages. Your baby may like them and you may want to try them, but my baby couldn’t stand them.

Aisha Alva, OK

Great product. Just what I needed.

I bought the NUK latex nipples when I was trying to introduce bottle feeding to my already breastfed two month old. He loved it. He certainly preferred the latex NUK Orthodontic nipples to the silicone ones. The nipples enabled him to transition between breast and bottle feeding with ease and without “nipple confusion”. If you are a mom who is trying to get your baby to feed from the bottle as well as nurse from the breast, and to switch from one to the other with ease, then I would recommend the NUK Orthodontic nipples to you.

Audrey Bradford, AR

Breastfed baby did not like

After solely breastfeeding my baby for 3 months, my husband and I wanted to be able to go out and have him babysat. In order to do so we had to get him to take a bottle, after many tries and fails, we finally found a nipple he would take, and unfortunately this one wasn’t it. He just kept spitting it out and wanted nothing to do with it!

Helen Catalina, AZ

The baby likes them.

The baby seems to like these. He doesn’t collapse them as often as other nipples and doesn’t seem to suck in much air while feeding. I would buy them again.

Dolores Hardyville, VA

Perfect for Newborns

We had purchased Evenflo glass bottles that had a “slow” nipple for our newborn. Needless to say the slow was too fast, as half of the bottle ended up dripping down her chin- and she was not satisfied after eating. After reading reviews on the NUK size 1 latex nipples we decided to give them a try. We could not be happier- the nipples are slower and our baby is more satisfied- not only does she get more to eat, but the nipple makes her suck more. Also, the latex has a more natural feel to it and does not cause disruption to breastfeeding. Excellent product!

Darla Thornton, WV


I got these because of the good reviews but my breastfed baby didn’t really care for the nipple. He did not prefer it over the standard nipple and therefore doesn’t like to drink from a bottle. I also have Nuk pacifiers that the my little guy doesn’t care for. He can’t seem to keep it in his mouth for more than 2 minutes. I don’t the the Nuk nipples resemble real ones at all. I have ordered the Mam nipples which I think he’ll prefer.Also the latex nipples turned a lighter color and looked worn after one or two washes.

Winifred Vista, MO

Hallelujah!!! Nipples our son will take!

We were having a tough time getting our four month old to take a bottle. We tried tons of different bottles and nipples. We finally found these latex, as opposed to silicone nipples. Our little guy loves them and is finally taking a bottle with regularity. We’ve only had them a few weeks but they appear durable, and have the “air system,” for whatever that is worth.

Carly Hulen, KY

Slowest Flow Nipple

We purchased the evenflow glass bottles and originally planned to use the Nuk silicon nipples for our breastfed baby. He rejected the silicone Nuk nipples, and the evenflow stage 1 nipple that came with the bottles allowed him to take 2-3 oz much too quickly (in the course of a minute or two), and really weren’t slow flow at all. We began a search for a nipple that he would accept that wasn’t too fast flowing for his strong suck. This was the slowest flow of all that we tried, including playtex ventaire and the Nuk silicone. We did not compare to Dr. Brown. The texture and softer consistency of this nipple are more appealing to our baby, who still prefers the breast to bottle feeding.

Yesenia Gandeeville, WV