NUK Orthodontic Trendline 3-Pack Baby Bottles, Blue/Teal Dots, 10-Ounce

NUK Orthodontic Trendline 3-Pack Baby Bottles, Blue/Teal Dots, 10-Ounce

NUK BPA Free bottles are designed to reduce colic, promote healthy oral development and simulate breast feeding. The NUK Air System vents the bottle, preventing vacuum build up. This allows the baby to drink continuously, swallowing liquid instead of air. The Silicone nipple is haped like mother’s breast during feeding. The feeding hole is positioned so milk mixes with saliva for good digestion.

Main features

  • Original orthodontic nipple
  • Reduces colic and promotes healthy oral development
  • Simulates and supports breastfeeding
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Great Bottles

Exactly what I was looking for-these bottles are good quality, and a good price. They are holding up well, and I expect them to last until my son is off bottles.

Estelle Lakeville, IN


I bought these for my daughter when she was four months old. She is six months old now and still doesn’t like to use them. They hold a lot, but the nipple flow is too fast and she chokes on the milk because of it. I notice she doesn’t eat much when I feed her from these bottles. The nipples are very soft, which is probably good as far as comfort, but it seems like they easily collapse in a lot of the time when she grabs hold of it or I touch it, and it causes milk to leak out. On a positive note, the top of the bottle, where the nipple screws on, is very easy to clean. Her other bottles have grooves that are almost impossible to get clean, so I really appreciate this. I also like that this bottle comes with a cap for each bottle and a piece of plastic that fits between the bottle and nipple to keep it from leaking if you have it in your diaper bag and it tips over (you take it out to feed the baby).

Bettye Strawn, TX

good product

I have been breast feeding, but had to go back to work anf my son had no trouble swiching back and forth from the bottle to me

Carolyn Wadestown, WV

I like them

I love these bottles but my baby doesn’t. He doesn’t like the nipples. But they hold so much! Ah well….

Tania Yona, GU


I cannot say how much I love Nuk bottles! Not only is the orthopaedic nipple a super easy transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding, I love that you can also you the sippy cup spout with all the bottles. We bought both the 5 and 10 oz bottles when my little guy was born. When it was time to swap him to a sippy cup, we just had to buy the replacement spouts (from amazon is the best place), and he picked it up like a pro. He was off a bottle and on sippy cups by 8 months.This is the bottle that I tell all of my new mom friends to get!

Joyce Kingwood, WV

Love these bottles.

My son has been using these bottles since he was a few days old (we attempted to breastfeed but he couldn’t latch and we had issues) and he’s now 4 mos old. We tried other bottles in the beginning as well but he couldn’t seem to latch on those either. He never had a problem with these bottles, I think they give him more to “hang on to” with the shape of the nipple. We have never had a single leak or problem with these bottles, easy to clean, and I think they’re cute and fun. He hasn’t been gassy on them either. We swear by these bottles!

Angeline Cotopaxi, CO

Great quality.

This is the only bottle my son loved from the very beginning.The shape of the nipple is great and he could drink the entire bottle quite fast. When he grew older we switched nipples to silicone spouts.Both bottle and spouts are outstanding quality. There is no leaking, colors are holding great during initial boiling and once a week dishwasher sanitizing. Also the spouts are last for months, although my son is not a big chewer, maybe that’s the case?The shape of the bottle is great for little hand too, easy for babies to feed themselves.Also we were heating up the milk in the bottle in the microwave several times a day and no problems (of course a lot of shaking to avoid hot spots).We went only 2 bottles for about 9 months, and they look almost like new with several everyday washings. But I knew it was a time to replace them.Highly recommended.

Sally Highlands, NJ