NUK Orthostar Soft Silicone Orthodontic Pacifiers 0-3 months- Blue/Green

NUK Orthostar Soft Silicone Orthodontic Pacifiers 0-3 months- Blue/Green


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It just didn’t work

My son has always hated pacifiers, but this one had to be the worst I’ve tried so far. Its not soft and rubbery. It’s actually pretty hard. My son did not tolerate it whatsoever like he did for other pacifiers. Plus he didn’t like the fact that it has a bent nipple. I was dumb to think he’d actually like it when a mother’s nipple as well as bottle nipples have a full form. Which my son preferred. Avent soothie was definitely better.

Mayra Brecksville, OH

I won’t buy any other kind ever again BUT they are only $5 for a 2 pack at Babies R Us….

these are our absolute favorite pacifiers. We have tried almost all brands and styles but these combine the best fetures of all.They are one solid piece and water doesn’t get trapped in the nipple when you wash them.There isn’t a ring for babies hand to get caught on and yank them out of his mouth.They have that flat-type – not like the big Soothie nipple which pops out of his mouth easily.So they stay in his mouth for much longer than Soothies or Gumdrops.Don’t have the ring or trap water like other Nuk pacifiers.Perfect. They are perfect.ONE THING THOUGH – they are cheaper at Babies R Us – which is kind of crazy because Babies R Us can be overpriced.They are only $5 for a 2 pack at Babies R Us….

Abbie Doctors Inlet, FL

It’s just OK

This is an okay pacifier. My son wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. It has a strange shape and I wasn’t too fond of the outside tab. It all depends on your baby I guess.

Molly Victory Mills, NY


These are the best. They do not leave marks on baby’s face and the rubber is good when baby is teething

Vicky Kings Park, NY

They have very strong plastic smell when just opened

I bought them about one week ago to replace my other NUK pacifier (they trap water like crazy). I like the one-piece design b/c you won’t get any dirt or water or lint or hair trapped. However, I don;t know what type of silicone they use, it stinks! Now they have been sitting on my desk for a couple of days and the smell seems to go away…a little…I like the orthodontic design, but just can’t bear that plastic smell.

Alisa Early, IA