NUK Pacifier Storage Nest

NUK Pacifier Storage Nest

Need a better way to store pacifiers and keep dirty and clean ones separate? The Pacifier Nest conveniently store up to 4 pacifiers. It features two compartments – one for clean and one for dirty –and has an adjustable strap that attaches anywhere for easy access including a stroller. It is a hygienic, convenient and a smart choice for busy moms on the go!

Main features

  • Stores up to 4 pacifiers
  • 2 compartments for separate clean and dirty storage
  • Adjustable strap attaches anywhere for easy access including a stroller
  • Hygienic, convenient, smart

Verified reviews


in theory…

In theory it’s a great product. However this doesn’t really hold more than two pacifiers on each side and this product never gets used in our household.

Lilly Kennebunkport, ME

A Tupperware container for spices would do better

My biggest gripe with this is the open sides. I constantly had pacifier nipples coming out so the clean would get dirty. Probably ok if you put something on there to block the holes but as far as practicality it is useless for traveling.

Kristie Saint Patrick, MO

Bigger than expected

I ordered two of these for each diaper bag and they take up a lot of room. Definitely not something I’d keep in my bag and have put it away for later use but bought paci pods instead to use b/c you can slip them in a pocket and have them on hand easily.

Shelley Old Town, ME

Works great, light weight.

It served it’s purpose of storing pacifiers with no complaints. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because you have to strategically place the pacifiers in to make sure they don’t stick out of the top. Not a big deal once you figure out how to put them in.

Elma La Salle, TX

Nice for travel too

I use this to put pacifiers in on the counter that way we can keep up with them better. Haven’t tried it with any other than nuk brand but surely it would fit other brands. It took me a month to realize it said dirty on one end and clean on the other lol easy to clean too!

Laura Pleasant Valley, VA