Nuk Pack of 4 Trendline Orthodontic Pacifier Bundle Pack, Camoflauge Girl, 6-18 Months

Nuk Pack of 4 Trendline Orthodontic Pacifier Bundle Pack, Camoflauge Girl, 6-18 Months

Now you see him, now you don’t. There is no hiding from this trend! NUK® Camo Orthodontic Pacifiers will help your little one stand out and help promote healthy oral development too. Camo Orthodontic Pacifiers gently exercise your baby’s tongue, palate and jaw and promote proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumbsucking. The grooves in the pacifier shield allow air to circulate, preventing skin irritation. All NUK® orthodontic pacifiers help to soothe and comfort your baby so you can sleep.

Main features

  • Orthodontic nipple helps promote healthy oral development
  • Gently exercises your baby’s tongue, palate and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumbsucking.
  • Helps to soothe and comfort your baby so Mom can sleep
  • NUK® Pacifiers are the #1 selling pacifier brand in the US and used by thousands of US birthing hospitals every year
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


great pacifiers, but not the pattern i ordered

Great pacifiers, but what I received was not what I had ordered. It was suppose to be ‘tye dye’ and I got one with butterflies and dots.

Luella Saint Charles, IL

Cute, no use for them though.

I like the materials that were used to make these pacifiers and felt comfortable giving them to our little one. Unfortunately little one didn’t take pacifiers so I cannot speak of their durability. Very cute though!

Inez Oxford, MA

Love these.

My baby who was 5 weeks old when we starting using them loves these pacifiers. We tried the mam, smoothie, playtex, and these and these were his favorite ones. I just clean them in my steamer basket of my bottle warmer every few days and haven’t had any problems.

Benita Jigger, LA

Received the wrong pattern

While I love Nuk pacifiers, and would normally rate this 5 stars, I received the wrong pattern. I received something completely different, dark pink, orange and green butterflies, which is actually pretty ugly in person. I would usually rate this for the seller and not the product, but this came directly from Amazon. Wasn’t worth returning, so we kept them, and we’ll use them for around the house.Now, to rate the Nuk pacifiers themselves…like I said they get 5 stars! We’re on our 3rd child now, ages range from 14 years, 6 years, to 2 weeks and we have always ended up with Nuk. Each of our babies have just preferred them over any others we’ve tried! They don’t seem to mess up your bite or teeth, since my 14 year old and 6 year old both have beautiful teeth. But that might just be good genes! =)

Taylor Barker, NY

My Boy Loves These, I Love Them Because They Are Easy To Spot

My boy has tried several different brands of pacifiers. He likes NUK the best. I love these pacifiers because even though they are in a camouflage pattern they are easy to spot when my kiddo drops them since they are white with bright splashes of color. When it recently came time to order some more pacifiers I bought these again.

Della Pool, WV

On sizing, Months vs Age

I have ordered many Nuks in the past years for my kids. They’re the best pacifiers in my opinion, because I find they stay in the mouth easiest. However, I’ve ordered the wrong size before, so I thought I would clear it up. Nuk sometimes uses size, sometimes uses age, I did some research and found out the hard way how size and age are related in their sizing, and I thought I would pass it on.Size 1 = 0-6 monthsSize 2 = 6 – 18 monthsSize 3 = 18+ monthsThe nipple (or teat as they say in the UK) on the size 3 is huge. Your child may not necessarily like what is “prescribed” for their age. Ours will only take a particular size, and his age had nothing to do with it.

Sherri Blue Hill, ME

Love these!

Nuk bottles and pacifiers are the ONLY brand my daughter likes. Easy to clean, I highly recommend trying them. Of course, the designs are cute.

Hattie Scott, OH

Pretty and practical

You can’t have too many of these. If your baby likes the Nuk shape, these are a great buy. We have them stashed in strategic places around the house and at grandma’s, too.

Diann Monterey, MA

Baby loves so I don’t care if water gets in nipple

we have been using size 1 (0-6 mo) since she was 4 months and she is still using same size now 13 months. Size 2 she spits out, probably because it’s significantly larger. We used to use gum drop but I would have to literally hold it in her mouth since it is rounded and doesn’t conform to the mouth. When you wash and get water in nipple, turn nipple up and squeeze and water will come out the handle part. Not a big deal. If it helps my daughter sleep then I don’t mind doing that.

Roseann Davidsville, PA

good paci

Great pacis, they hold up well and don’t get sticky with use. I do not like that soapy water gets in it, but I just put it underwater with clean water and suck that up and then squeeze on the "nipple" part to shoot it back out. These are my kid’s preferred paci; she’ll spit out the Avents or the Soothies.

Autumn Brockton, MA