NUK Replacement Silicone Spout, Clear

NUK Replacement Silicone Spout, Clear

The NUK® Replacement Soft Spout will fit all NUK® Learner Cups, Active Cups® and bottles to make it easy to mix and match and expand your feeding options as your baby grows. These spouts are specially designed to help you transition baby from bottle to cup with ease. The spill-proof spout will keep you happy and mess free! Fits NUK® Leaner Cup, Active Cup® and all NUK® bottles.

Main features

  • Expand feeding options as your baby grows
  • Especially soft – for easy transition from bottle to cup
  • Spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout
  • Air vent helps reduce swallowing air
  • Available in silicone and latex

Verified reviews


Finally a decent replacement spout for this cup

I read the reviews for the latex ones and they were awful. I searched everywhere for these and couldn’t find them until now. I’d rather pay a few dollars for this spout than replace the whole cup every few months. This is the best learner cup for our toddler, and the only one she’d use until she was 14 months old. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because it took us forever to find them, they were on back order, and they have to be replaced every few months. We replaced them after 4 months when one of the spout tips began to enlarge and liquid would pour out.

Jan Alpha, MI

Great sippy spout.

I got these to fit in the NUK bottles and it’s the only sippy spout my baby will take. Glad I found these!After using these for a few months the holes in the spout wore very quickly. Once my toddler discovered she can push her finger through they were done for. I had to throw them away. I will purchase more in the future for my next child but having to always purchase these they are very expensive. But they worked great to get my kids off the bottle quickly.

Mercedes Louisville, KS

Good fit

These replacement spouts are the perfect fit for the NUK soppy cup. My toddler just loves these cups. The spout is easy to drink out of.

Janelle Clemons, IA

price gauging at its worse?

my son and i love this spout! but he also loves biting on it causing it to tear and all sort of leakage happens. i’ve gotten 3 of these cups and he’s still good on the third one but i really don’t want to get another cup just to get the spout! makes no sense. i’ve tried googling to see other sellers and it’s all personal like ebay. i’m beginning to wonder if amazon has proprietary on this and is jacking up the price. i really hope nuk expands the retailers for this. i really don’t need more cups just the spout please

Ella Bonne Terre, MO

It’s only one too much

Gosh you try to be green and just replace the nipple instead of the whole cup and it’s totally not worth it. I see it does say one spout but still you can buy the whole cup for the same price. They should sell 2 spouts for this price!! If it splits again I will just buy a different type of cup. This cup was good in that it is allowing my son to transition from the bottle to the sippy cup. But I don’t want to have to buy a new one every 2 months.

Dayna Livermore, ME

Yes, BUT!

Like the other reviews said, you can get an entire cup for a couple dollars more. BUT the product DOES work as advertised and you ARE getting exactly what they order. On, you can find a 12oz can of soda for $300. It doesn’t mean that soda is bad!! It means the seller priced it high.Also, only ONE nipple comes in a pack. I’ve NEVER seen nipples in a 1pk, so it is my fault for assuming it was a 2pk. I’d have NEVER spent $5 on just one nipple when the cup was $6.99.

Kaitlyn Moscow, VT

Teething baby destroys it…

If your baby teethes very hard, this will not last. Sad, because he loves the nuk cups. He destroyed every single replacement spout i bout, so i gave up for now.

Valeria East Hebron, NH

replacement nipples

I love these because I dont have to buy a new bottle when my daughter transitions between nipples. Once your kid has teeth it is easy to bite a hole in. But, if they dont chew it up, it works great and is easy to clean.

Angelina Rock Falls, IL

NUK Replacement spouts

Great fits well and I love NUK!!! cups. My son is taking this cup and Tommie tippy cups. Everyday he has his Winnie the pooh cup.

Carey Victoria, KS

Nice but not the price

I like how they sell the Spout separate for those how used the bottle, however for the price it isn’t worth buying the Spout separate, when it cost the same as the complete Learners Set.I like the product not the price.

Queen Brutus, MI

The cup is great – but the spouts don’t last

We try and use a regular cup as much as possible with our 14 month old – but sometimes you just need to give them a drink in a cup that won’t spill. So, we keep these for those times when we are out and about. I own 5 of the Nuk Learner cups- and I’ve now had to replace the nipples on all of them. I’m about to go buy replacement nipple #6 and #7, as my daughter has bitten through the top, sometimes getting small pieces of the silicone in her mouth! Nothing she could choke on, but still not good for her. I wish they made these in a hard version that fit on the cup for once the child was ready to transition off the soft spout. Until then, I’ll keep buying replacement spouts – which is costing a fortune.

Elma Ridott, IL

Not durable!

These might be fine for a child that doesn’t have teeth yet, but sharp baby teeth can cut through these silicone spouts immediately. We have not had that problem with other cup spouts and straws. What a waste of money.

Carmella Jericho, NY

Fits the regular NUK bottle

I chose this because I already had a NUK bottle and didnt want to buy another baby product that my son wont use. The spout fits just like the regular nipple on the bottle.My son (6 mos) took right to it is now able to drink his bottle without any only will leak fluids when he flips it upside down and squeezes the spout against his tummy. otherwise no leaks. Good product, Great first sippy cup!

Serena Pacolet Mills, SC

Something Weird

There is an small hole in this spout .. it’s almost impossible suck water o any light beverage from it .. our boy wasn’t doing anything more than playing with it and we wonder why. then we try and was hard for us to extract something. I contact NUK to get more info about this issue with no answer yet.

Janna Oberlin, KS

Good but tears easily and then leaks!

Love her NUK cup but these nipples rip easily if baby has teeth and bites!

Carrie Buena Vista, CO

Nice soft spout for first cup

These spouts (and cups) have been perfect for my exclusively breastfed baby. She never took a bottle so it took some time for her to figure out how cups work but these have by far been the easiest for her to us. The silicone is soft but doesn’t leak, and the spouts are very easy to clean and replace should you need to.The flow is not fast, so I wonder if babies used to faster flowing cups or bottles might get a little frustrated with us, but it hasn’t been a problem for us.

Kasey Buena Park, CA

Yes and no

We like that we can use these in our bottles (we use Nuk) so easily transform bottles into sippys. but we have found that she collapses them pretty easily. We’re always having to unscrew/uncollapse and hand it back to her. She has a lot of teeth, but has not bitten through them.On the plus side, she can drink with them! so… yay!

Lucille Longbranch, WA

Works well

I wish these costed less but they work as advertised. I’ve had to replace two nipples in the past couple months, once because I lost one and the other time because a tiny chunk of silicone ripped off the top hole causing it to spill everywhere. I’m considering just tossing the next sippy cup that has a broken or lost nipple because of the cost to replace them, I could just buy a new sippy cup for like $3 more, and use the opportunity to choose a new color/design, or try a different spout type all together.

Madeleine Clinton, PA

Great for teething babies

I love these spouts. They do not leak when the bottle is dropped, on its side, or upside down. They are easy to clean. Lastly, my baby likes to use them as a teething ring, and even with all that gumming there is no visible damage to the spout.

Karla East Hardwick, VT

If your kiddie is a biter..

these have NO chance against their ravenous teeth! My daughter loved to chew on the soft silicone spouts after she finished drinking her formula. she’d chew it until there was a gaping hole in the middle of the spout. One time I tore off a small piece of silicone b/c I feared that she may bite it off and swallow it. So after 4 mangled spouts, I decided it may be cheaper to try a hard spout cup instead of replacing it! I went with the Playtex Insulator cupPlaytex Disney Playhouse 9 oz Insulator Cup, 2 Pack, Winnie The Poohwhich has been working out great so far. Please see my review on the Playtex Insulator Cup if interested.Now…the good points:-you can use these with all NUK products! I already had the 4 oz sippyNUK Learner Cup BPA Free Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors May Varywhich my daughter used to transition from bottle to sippy, but needed one that held more ounces. I only found one NUK sippy with the silicone spout (NUK BPA Free Active Cup With Clip 10 Oz – girl colors). I wanted more then one, so I just bought regular Nuk 10 oz bottles (NUK Orthodontic Silicone BPA Free Nipple Bottle, 10 Ounce, 3 Pack, Colors May Vary) then ordered additional silicone spouts. If I had started out with NUK bottles, then all I would’ve needed was to purchase the spouts to turn it into a sippy.-my daughter loves the Nuk Sippy. She had no problem transitioning from bottle to sippy with this spout.It IS a silicone spout, therefore not impervious to persistent chompers. Their soft spout is great on a teething baby’s sensitive gums, but its also their weak point. The bottom line? If your little one leaves the spouts alone, then this is a great product to have!

Emily Whitwell, TN

Just what I needed!

The hole in these spouts tend to expand, causing the liquid to go everywhere… Now I have a back-up for when my little one needs it.

Emma Bon Aqua, TN

No leaking, great transition

no leaks, good flow (as I tested), only problem is my LO like to chew on them for teething and little bit of silicone between the 2 drink slots comes off and makes a big hole and then you have major leaking and you need to get the piece of plastic if they haven’t eatten it yet.

Lorene Welcome, MD

GREAT… but..

the NUK learner cups and silicone spouts have been wonderful for my son. now that he’s started biting, the spouts only last a week or two. and at $5.29 this is a total rip off for one replacement spout.the NUK learner cups have been a fantastic first cup and the $3.29 price for replacement spouts was a lot more bearable than over five dollars each. we’re moving onto the next, less expensive stage now.

Consuelo Lester, AL

Much better than latex spout

Much better than the latex spout that originally came with our Nuk learner cup, my 6 month old will actually drink from this one. But $8 on a new spout every 2 months (manufacturer’s recommendation) is a little silly.

Gale Hartland, MN

Great trainer

I stared using these on my oldest daughter’s nuk bottles when she was 6mo,and it was so nice not having to spend a fortune on sippy cups. My little girls went straight to straws after these and have held up great with proper sterilization and storage and will be used on my second child when she’s ready

Gwen Vassalboro, ME

Great for transition

These is a great product it you are trying to get your child from bottle to sippy. I would use them again in a heart beat if I have more children.The ony fault I find in them is that they don’t last. The spout breaks easily. I would say all of the ones I purchased are no longer spill proof.

Lucile Kings Beach, CA

Works with problems?

I really don’t know how to rate this product. My kids ALWAYS chew through the spout. It does work perfect though as a transition to sippy cup. So on one hand it is a great transition spout on the other it doesn’t last at all!

Lorna Tekonsha, MI

Definite must have

I got these for the NUK sippy cup because I saw other reviewers recommend these. I definitely ended up needing them. While I love the sippy cup, my kid chews right through the spout and I have to replace them. Atleast I know its only a little while that he will be using it, so I don’t need another pack of these.

Joyce Bear Lake, MI

Love the replacement parts!!!

As a triplets mom, I loved that NUK bottles have these replacement spouts at sell, cause that means I can use the bottles for a longer period and I dont have to spend more money in buying new bottles. So Im happy with these replacement spouts, the give a longer life to my bottles.

Shawn Lampeter, PA

Most reviews are just price complaints

If you’re on here to get an honest review of this product you can’t because everyone giving it a bad review is complaining about the cost of the replacement spout when in fact there’s options right here on Amazon where you can buy them from other sellers as little as $2.89 each … I have.But in fact, the product itself is wonderful. This is a great, small, sleek design cup that your child will most likely love.

Kris Davenport, ND