NUK Rose and Blue Silicone 2 Pack BPA Free Pacifier, Size 1, Colors May Vary

NUK Rose and Blue Silicone 2 Pack BPA Free Pacifier, Size 1, Colors May Vary

These Billy-Bob pacifiers are safe and hillarious at the same time! Your baby will love them and so will you. Sure to be a head turner that all the other parents will envy.

Main features

  • Nuk pacifiers are based on the shape of a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding and are therefore optimally adapted to the baby’s oral cavity
  • The Nuk air system releases air and allows the nipple to remain soft and keep its shape
  • The orthodontic design gently exercises tongue, palate and jaw and encourages the correct development of your child’s teeth
  • BPA free
  • Colors vary, you will receive pink and white or blue and white

Verified reviews


The only pacifier my son will take.

I’m giving these 4 stars because they have served us well but I do have a couple of problems with them. Sometimes they do leave red marks on my son’s face which doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. Second, these are the only ones I can find for Nuk that don’t have the pull on them. I hate the pull. My son is contantly pulling them out of him mouth, it’s like a game to him. We are still on 0-6 even though he is 9 months. The bigger size made him gag. All in all, I like this product & out of all of the pacifiers we have tried he seems to like these the best so I guess that’s all I can ask for. I just wish they didn’t leave red marks & I had more of a variety to choose from.

Lesley Vandalia, OH

One of the best binkies I’ve bought!

A word on NUK pacifier sizes, since it doesn’t say anywhere in the product description:1-Newborn to 6 months2-6 to 18 months3-18+That being said, I have 4 month old twins, so I’ve bought a LOT of pacifiers. They all somehow seem to go missing (Pacifier Gnomes, I believe) but that’s neither here nor there for this review.I bought these because I had been given some NUK brand pacifiers as baby shower gifts before, and my kids far prefer them to any other types (and I’ve tried pretty much all of them). Their shape makes them easy for my kids to hold in their mouth, as opposed to the Avent ones I bought which didn’t have to have a certain side up, but they fell out all the time.I especially like these since they don’t have the little handle on them, so when my tummy sleepers roll their heads from side to side they don’t fall out as easily. They’re also super cute, which my kids don’t really care about but I like 🙂

Hazel Harrisonburg, LA

Great Nuk

I love this nuk because little hands that aren’t coordinated enough yet, can’t accidentally remove the nuk and toss it. My daughter’s favorite brand of nuks.

Susanna Crystal, ND

here’s how to get the color you want

I wrote ****pink please**** thank you 🙂 in the gift note section. When you go to check out it asks if you want to write a gift note or gift wrap the item. Just click that and type your message. I received two packs of pink paci’s.

Elise Rozel, KS

Digs into baby’s cheeks

My baby does like this pacifier though I haven’t given her any other kind. However, the sides dig into her cheeks and leave red marks (like red parentheses around her mouth). The curvature is difficult to see from online images. I’m going to look for other pacifiers that have a flatter base and hope that she’ll take those instead.

Florence Cortez, FL

Baby Loves Them

I love these pacifiers. I have a baby girl and was given these (blue/white and white/blue) as a shower gift. These are a pretty shade of blue and I don’t think they look out of place on a girl- though I must admit I love the color blue to begin with. Since she was a newborn she has loved this pacifier the most; It stays in her mouth better than others we have. I also like that it doesn’t have a ring like the other NUK’s.The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because like the other reviewer, this leaves marks on my baby’s face. Sometimes, not always, she has red parenthesis-type marks next to her mouth. She doesn’t seem to seem to notice or mind the marks. Overall, I love these!

Sylvia Dinuba, CA