NUK Silicone Orthodontic Nipples, Slow Flow, Size 1, 2 Pack

NUK Silicone Orthodontic Nipples, Slow Flow, Size 1, 2 Pack

NUK Silicone Orthodontic Nipples, Slow Flow, Size 1, 2 Pack

Main features

  • Shaped like a mother’s nipple
  • Fits most traditional sized reusable nursers
  • Nuk air system reduces amount of air baby swallows during feeding

Verified reviews


not at all helpful

was v disappointed. not ideal for my baby at all. switched back to our old nipple within days. not worth $3 i paid for three days of bad feedings.

Dawn Cortland, IN

Couldn’t be happier!

Our daughter started eating 8 ounces at every feeding starting at 4 weeks of age, clearly she could not be exclusively breastfed because of that. I began pumping and giving her bottles using the Doctor Brown’s bottles. The bottles are great, the nipples were horrible. She had extreme nipple confusion and would choke and drool more then actually eat. Finally we decided to switch nipples, came across these and haven’t had to try or use anything else! No more confusion, no more drooly mess, and way less gas. She also has acid reflux and we have noticed that with the slow flow it seems that she is burping easier and not so uncomfortible after feedings. They may not be for every baby but for ours these worked great!

Nona Gold Bar, WA

Unusual Fit

We bought these nipples because they fit in the collar rings we already had. I figured since my son uses orthodontic pacifiers, this would be a great choice in terms of bottle feeding. I was wrong. They’re pretty thick and firm and the nipple sticks so far out of the collar that it’s actually just unusual. My son kept trying to get his lips around the nipple base, but since it goes so far out, he would end up gagging on it. It didn’t work very well for us at all. Also… the hole where the milk comes out of is at the top of the nipple vs. the middle.

Tori Baltimore, MD

Best designed nipple in the market. Fits on Medela bottles and Evenflow glass bottles

I give this nipple 5 star rating because of its unique design. Less air is sucked by baby when drinking through this nipple. The slow flow nipple also allows less milk to release, which is great for my 2 month old because she had issues of swallowing too much milk from other brand nipples and then the milk would sometimes go to esophagus creating her to sneeze a lot and breath hard. Another thing I like about this nipple is that it fits well on Medela pump bottles and Evenflow glass bottles.

Edna Orderville, UT

Great slow flow nipples

My little guy had some trouble with breastfeeding at first, so we had to supplement him with formula and pumped milk from a bottle. We started with Playtex Ventaire bottles with slow flow nipples, but I found that if he started to nod off, the Playtex nipple would continue to drip into his mouth, which caused him to wake himself up with a mouthful of milk/formula, and it would occasionally cause him to choke.I did some research and decided to try the Nuk Orthodontic Nipple because I read that its construction made a baby work a little harder to get the contents out of the bottle. Because the hole in the nipple is aimed at the roof of the baby’s mouth instead of the back of the throat, it definitely takes more effort to use these nipples over the traditional style. I really like that these do not constantly drip; he does have to work to get the contents of the bottle flowing.These nipples also have a vent hole to help reduce the amount of air the baby swallows. From what I can tell, the vent works quite well. My baby burps and spits up a lot anyway, as many babies do, but since we switched to these nipples, he seems to spit up less, which is great.The only problem I have had with these nipples has been that of the 10 I have bought, three of them did not flow at all (the hole did not go all the way through the silicone). They’re not too expensive, so I don’t mind buying extras, but I feel that they should work. I’ve contacted Nuk but have not yet heard back. If all of the nipples had worked perfectly, I would definitely give a 5 star rating.

Hilda Tonalea, AZ

Best nipples

I love these nipples. They are most like a woman’s nipple so it makes the transition from breast to bottle very easy. My baby had no problem switching between breast and bottle feedings when I went back to work. She has never had any nipple confusion. I use these with the Dr. Brown’s bottles and they fit great. I would highly recommend these nipples.

Roslyn Blackwater, MO

Fits on standard bottles, works well enough

I found these ‘pretty good but not great’. I like that it fits on my old bottles (I had the natural flow but I wanted to switch to slow flow) so i save money. At the same time, it doesn’t look like it really resembles a breast becacuse the nipple and surrounding area is so small. I guess it can’t be helped because of the standard bottle thing (as opposed to the wide bottle), but just FYI if you wanted it to really mimic the size and shape of a breast (you should get a wide bottle with a matching nipple and skip this).

Karla Bloomfield, IN

Great for my newborn!

Love these, use them for my two week old… he doesnt choke like on other ‘slow flow’ nipples.They have held up well so far, i clean and boil them after each use.

Vivian Chester, OH

Baby loves them

Our 2 month old baby loves these. And by “loves” I mean, when feeding the baby he rarely spills or chokes like he did with other nipples.

Jody Timberlake, NC

Great for Breast-Fed Babies

These are the perfect nipples for breast-fed babies. Slow-flow lessens the chance of nipple confusion by making the baby “work” for the milk. The quality is good and I loved having it delivered right to my door when the baby was too young to take frequent outings.

Vickie Hooper, NE

Baby is happy with these and so is mom!

I bought these nipples only because they’re advertised as allowing to interchange between a bottle and breastfeeding. They’ve really come through. I was afraid of nipple confusion for the baby as I sometimes supplement, but there have been no issues. My baby is 2 months old and easily eats from both the breast and the bottle when mom is not around. Definitely recommend! And for my 2 months old breastfed baby the slow flow is just perfect.

Deann Seven Valleys, PA

Worth a shot

My first daughter (breastfed needing to switch to bottle for pumped milk) adjusted easily to the bottle with this nipple. I just had another baby that is making the transition, and she seems to like MAM nipples better. I would recommend these still, though. I do like the shape of the nipple and worked very well for my first daughter.

Monique Yorktown, VA

Latex version better for our little one

Our breastfed baby rejected the silicone Nuk stage 1 nipple, but really liked the latex Nuk stage 1 nipple, which had a slower flow and softer (more breast-like) texture and consistency than the silicone version. The latex version would be ideal for breastfed infants with a strong suck.

Carole Drain, OR