Nuk Silicone Pacifier, Pink/Purple, Size 2, 8-Count

Nuk Silicone Pacifier, Pink/Purple, Size 2, 8-Count

NUK orthodontic pacifiers gently exercise the tongue, palate and jaw as well as promote proper teeth alignment. The natural shaped nipple allows for greater tongue movement and strengthening of jaw muscles that promotes speech development. The grooves in the pacifier shield allow air to circulate, preventing skin irritation. All NUK orthodontic pacifiers help to soothe and comfort your baby so mom can sleep. You can feel confident using NUK orthodontic

Main features

  • Natural shaped nipple allows for greater tongue movement that strengthen jaw muscles and promote healthy oral development
  • NUK pacifiers help babies avoid thumbsucking that help teeth come in straighter and support teeth alignment
  • Orthodontic nipple helps to soothe and comfort your baby so mom can sleep

Verified reviews



Tried different pacifiers with my son and he definitely likes these the best! They also work great for making binky pops for teething! Clean, fill with water, freeze!

Elnora Greenville, GA

My baby loved these

I couldn’t keep enough around as I kept losing them. I blame my toddler. Anyway, both of my babies liked this size. They look cute and distinctive enough to tell which ones you’ve washed which is great. This is on the smaller/medium size of pacifier.

Ann Talmage, NE

Great price for this pack

I always seem to lose binks. This pacifier is great for their little mouths and growing teeth. The variety is great and I am glad I found this pack online.

Ethel Lauderdale, MS

My 6 month old loves these

Cool designs and my son loves pulling them out of his mouth to look at the colors! I would recommend these to anyone! Way better than any other pacifier.

Audra Locust Valley, NY

Great value

Incredible price!!! If you aren’t picky about patterns, this is the best deal for these soothers, as they are way cheaper here than in stores.

Kirsten Monroe, WA

my son loves these pacifiers

We tried about 3 or 4 different brands of pacifiers and my son only really liked these and the soothie brand. I prefer these because they have the hoop on them that lets me attach them to the baby carriage. This 8 pack was the most affordable pack i found and all of the designs on the pacifiers are really cute (2 camo ones, 2 in solid colors, 2 with words/letters, and 2 with circles). Note that they are boy-themed.

Aurelia Aredale, IA

It took a while to get here..

I received the wrong color at first, but instead was offered to get a free color of my choice. The pacifiers are really good, but the silicone nipple fell off really easily of two of the pacifiers.

Selina Hondo, NM