NUK Silicone Wildlife 2 Pack BPA Free Pacifier, Size 1, Colors May Vary

NUK Silicone Wildlife 2 Pack BPA Free Pacifier, Size 1, Colors May Vary

NUK classic silicone pacifier encourages healthy oral development while satisfying baby’s natural sucking desire.

Main features

  • Orthodontic nipple made of latex
  • Encourages healthy oral development
  • Bold traditional colors
  • BPA free
  • Colors vary, you will receive this item in following colors: pink, yellow or white

Verified reviews


Went througha lot of these

They wash up easily, are cheap enough that I don’t care if they got lost, and they were a great fit for our daughter’s mouth while she used them (up to about 1). Solid paci. Bought plain colored ones too….really no difference and daughter never cared what was on it anyway.

Freida Kingman, KS

This is the only one baby likes

This is the only pacifier our baby likes, we tried to upgrade her to Size 2 as she got older, but no, this is the only size and style she likes.Water sometimes gets stuck inside after cleaning it, but all you have to do is squeeze it out and then lay the pacifier out to dry. I also sanetize it in the dishwasher (sanetize cycle), and it comes out dry.To new moms, I recommend ordering 2 sets of 2 (4 total), that’s how many we had for the last 9 months and that was enough. It’s useful to have a spare. I also recommend getting a pacifier holder, we have 2 and 1 is typically in-use and 1 is being washed/dried.

Vonda Iola, TX

Satisfied customer

These are the only pacifiers that my son ever accepted. The only drawback is that, after a few times washing the pacifier, water tends to collect inside the silicone part that the baby sucks on. I ended up throwing them away after a few weeks and replacing them w/ new ones, out of concern that the water would end up in my child’s mouth and make him sick.

Alicia Lamar, PA


These are cute pacifiers, and my sons favorite. Easy to clean and works with pacifiers grips. It says “color may vary” so I was hoping for something more masculine colored – the white one is perfect, and the pink is perhaps less than masculine but he doesn’t seem to mind!

Gretchen Blue Gap, AZ

Great pacifiers

The first pacifiers I bought my baby were NUK, and since she liked them I have never used anything else. My sister the dentist said to make sure to always use orthodontic pacifiers, so that is all I buy. These have a cute design and can clip to any brand of pacifier string. I boil them at least once a week to keep them clean, and squeeze the nipple to remove any water that builds up inside. These are a good buy.

Trudy Hygiene, CO

good pacifiers

Nuk pacifiers are the best , my only problem is you cant choose the color with these item, I wanted a pink for my girl but i got the orange and white combination. Well my baby doesn’t mind anyway.Fast delivery from amazon.

Kitty Malta, OH

breastfeed baby likes these

Anything my breastfeed baby likes gets a thumbs up from me since she’s quite picky. She does prefer the soothies, but these are easier to have on the go since I can clip them to her clothing w/o fear of them dropping somewhere. I only thought to try these since Nuks are the only bottle she will take.

Leah Cameron, TX