Nuk Sip N’ Smile Spill Proof Cups 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Nuk Sip N’ Smile Spill Proof Cups 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Gerber® Graduates® Sip & Smile® Soft Spout Spill-Proof Cup. By NUK® for toddlers. 7+ Months. Extra soft spout gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. For easy transition from bottles. Leak proof valve. Easy grip handles. BPA free. Spill-proof. 1 Cup.

Main features

  • Liquid flow is activated by child sipping
  • Designed with the help of child development experts to be easy for small hands to hold
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue with star design, pink with sun design, green with turtle design

Verified reviews


Other better cups out there

We tried the Gerber spill proof cups first with out child and they didn’t work at all. He had a very hard time getting anything out of them (and I tried myself and couldn’t get anything out of them). They leaked out of the sides and warped when you put them in the dishwasher.We won’t be using them again. I didn’t hate them, but there are better cups out there.

Stella Bishopville, SC

random color selection didn’t work for us

I was aware that “colors may vary”. But I ordered this sippy cup and another, and they both came in pink, which was a bit much. We shipped both back, so I can’t comment on attributes other than color.It would be nice if one could choose color/design. Otherwise be prepared for a lot of pink.

Maggie Altair, TX

Perfect 1st sippy cup

These cups are great! The only problem… I bought one on Amazon… and they sent me a pink one. So, I’m saving that for when we have a baby girl! I went to the store and picked out a blue one myself…

Noemi Youngsville, NC

Tipical spill-proof sippy cups didn’t work for us

My LO couldn’t figure out how to use this and other traditional, spill-proof sippy cups (we tried at least 3 different brands). We used an occasional bottle from 0-6 months (not sure if that had anything to do with it), but now that we are ready to introduce water to her diet she was using the bottles and traditional sippy cups for teethers instead of drinking from them (Yes, I even tried taking out the valve…). I found the Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup, 9 Ounces and the First Years Take and Toss cups work much better for us. I’m sure this is a great cup as we love our other Gerber products (especially the spoons!), but unfortunately didn’t work for us.

Marla Berlin, GA


This is an excellent no spill sippy cup. My daughter had no problem going straight from Dr. Brown’s bottles to this sippy.

Paulette Kelly, WY


So far, my son, 6 months old, enjoys it. It serves its purpose and it doesn’t leak. I’m just annoyed on Amazon that they sent me the wrong color, but I can leave with that. :))

Bobbie Wishek, ND

Difficult to work with

This product, while cute, isn’t the best cup out there in my opinion. It’s very hard to use because of the removable “cork” sipper that sits inside the top. The edges leak if it’s not screwed on in exactly the correct way and the child can’t finish all of the liquid in the cup due to a deep set top, where all the remaining liquid ends up sitting when the cup is turned to a drinking postion.

Rosetta Sterling, CO

best sippy cup tried, used for over 2 years

Love this sippy cup, and so has my son – for over two years now! The spout is softer, which is great, it DOESN’T LEAK, which is the best, and easy to see when the liquid has run out. I’ve tried countless sippy cups over the past few years, and, this is by far the winner. My son has always liked this one the best, and the same for us. We have about 5 of them. One of them we keep filled with water in his bed at night, and, we’ve never had a leak. I’ve read that a few people complain about cleaning them, or keeping them clean, but, it’s really simple – I make sure to wash his (even the one that only has water in it) at least once a week in the dishwasher. If you get one of those snap lid baskets they sell for kids stuff in the dishwasher, that’s the best. I take apart the cup, put the white filter thing and top in the basket, then the cup in the dishwasher like any other cup, and it gets completely clean. Here’s the other key – like any other sippy cup or bottle, don’t put it back together after cleaning until it is 100% dry – that prevents any mold/bacteria from building.

Chelsey Waverly, FL

First sippy that our son would use

We originally got a Nuby No Spill Sipper ([…]) because of the reviews, but our son would just chew, and not suck. He likes to “chug” on this after his lunch and dinner, so I’ll give 5 stars just because he likes it and uses it.

Frankie House, NM

Doesnt leak and I got appropriate color for my boy

this product is satisfactory, it doesnt leak at all.I got the one that is blue with a purple and blue lid so its fine boy colors. Dont think I would have cared if i got girl colors, but I know that people hate that sort of thing.As far as the product, its niceBeen banged and thrown a few times on the floor and its still doing the job rightI hand wash everything and its holding upbest features:doesnt leaksturdywell madecuteMy baby can grab the handles very nicely on his own and he is 6 months. we are working on hand coordination and this helps him put the cup to his mouth without my help. some of the other handles I looked at looked like they were too close to the bottle, but this one is just what i was looking for.

Beverly Bolt, WV

I have tried 4 kinds and this is the only my baby could use.

I now have three of these ones and 3 others ones of a different brand that gather dust. I tried Dr. Browns, Advent and Sassy and she just couldn’t work them, they just leaked on her or nothing came out. These ones are very good for struggling babies. And BPA free.

Florine South Woodstock, VT

Good inbetween bottle/sippie

We purchased these as a 1/2 way bottle between a sippy and his bottle. They do the trick quite nicely. We had originally tried a brand with the handled affixed to the bottle but lining up the nozzle with the handles became difficult. We like this brand and style but immediately went with the larger size.Cleanup is very easy and when he is ready you can take out the diaphragm and turn these into a full sippy cup.

Polly Burke, NY

Only sippy cup that workd for us

Having a 2 1/2 year old we have been through the sippy cups. We’ve used these for a very long time and have probably bought 10 of them. I love them! Easy to wash too.

Lolita Skipwith, VA

My favorite sippy yet!

These are so easy to use! My 15month old has used them for a couple months now and does great with them. I’ve tried several different cups and these are the easiest and the most leak-resistant I’ve found.

Nora North Grafton, MA

Good sippy cup, but for older babies

I bought two of these sippy cups and one arrived exactly as pictured (the lime green and blue combo), while the other was purple and blue with the same circus animal / letters motif. Both were attractive and quite gender neutral. They are easy to assemble and clean. They don’t seem to leak much.My only qualm with this sippy cup is that my 6 month old baby doesn’t seem to like it much. I think he finds it a little difficult to drink out of, since he is only just transitioning from breast and bottle feeding to sippy cups. I don’t know, maybe other babies figure it out easier, but he certainly seems hesitant.

Bianca Olivia, MN

Favorite of 15-month-old

We have been using these cups with our 15 month old since she was 6 months old. They are easy for her to hold and just the right amount of suction needed to make the milk/water come out. What I love most is there are only three parts – cup, top and small white piece that goes into the top. Some other cups have 5+ pieces we have to wash and keep track of. It is extremely durable and the only cup we haven’t had any spilling issues with. Definitely our favorite by far!

Lilia Queenstown, MD