Nuk Soft Pack of 8 Soft OrthoStar Pacifier, Blue/Green, Size 1

Nuk Soft Pack of 8 Soft OrthoStar Pacifier, Blue/Green, Size 1

NUK OrthoStar Soft pacifiers are made of 100% silicone and features a one piece construction. It is the winner of the 2012 Mom’s Choice Award for Pacifiers/Teethers. It comes in a variety of colors that will brighten up your baby’s day. NUK OrthoStar pacifiers have 5 distinct advantages for little mouths. The flexible heart shaped shield provides greater comfort, while the unique nipple shape mimics the mom during breastfeeding. To encourage healthy oral development, the scoop nipple cavity maximizes tongue movement to build strength, and a thinner neck lessens jaw pressure while integrated channels lessen palate pressure. You can rest easy knowing that all NUK Orchestra pacifiers are dentist endorsed.

Main features

  • Dentist endorsed
  • Unique orthodontic nipple helps promote healthy oral development
  • Natural shaped nipple allows for greater tongue movement that strengthens jaw muscles an
  • 0-6 Months

Verified reviews


Baby loves them.

Baby loves them! She falls asleep only with these. I keep losing them so I bought three packs to leave in all of the babies’ favorite spots.

Latasha Natchitoches, LA

Great idea but my son hates these

I bought these because I read online that the other regular pacifiers are unsafe and some scary stories about mould growth.. The price is great and these are really hard to find at BRU or Target but my son hates these.. Its good in a way coz he lost his dependence on pacifier to sleep…. Hmmm… maybe a great weaning pacifier 😉

Patti Orrum, NC

No more marks on babys face

My baby prefers Nuk pacis but most of them have a hard plastic shield that leaves marks on his face or a ring that he swats and ends up pulling it out. These are great, they don’t leave marks, they still have a hole for an attachment strap, and they don’t have an annoying design. As a plus, my baby chews on the outside just as happily when he can’t quite get the nipple back in his mouth. Hard to find in stores, glad I found them here.

Leann Roe, AR

Only pacifiers my son will use

I have tried EVERY brand. He took the avent soothies as an infant but then started spitting them out. I tried every brand on the store shelf and finally found this one. It’s true it does attract dust and hair because of the soft material but if you rinse it off frequently it’s fine.

Leah Treichlers, PA

The only ones we use

Perfect shape, and I love that they are one piece so that water/soap doesn’t get into the crevices between parts.

Francisca Panguitch, UT

love the shape and one piece design

GREAT QUALITY. the silicone is most excellent for keeping it clean and bc there are no parts or pieces we don’t have to worry about bacteria and water getting trapped places (like happens with other NUK pacifiers).

Sonya Pine Grove Mills, PA