NUK Transitional Teether, 6 Months Plus

NUK Transitional Teether, 6 Months Plus

Take me out to the ballgame! If you are raising the next sports star, NUK® Sports Pacifiers are right for you. Get ready to play ball in football, basketball, baseball or soccer designs. Sports orthodontic pacifiers help promote healthy oral development by gently exercising the tongue, palate and jaw. The natural shaped nipple promotes teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumbsucking. The grooves in the pacifier shield allow air to circulate, preventing skin irritation. All NUK® orthodontic pacifiers help to soothe and comfort your baby so Mom can sleep.

Main features

  • Orthodontic nipple helps promote healthy oral development
  • Gently exercises your baby’s tongue, palate and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumbsucking.
  • Helps to soothe and comfort your baby so Mom can sleep
  • NUK® Pacifiers are the #1 selling pacifier brand in the US and used by thousands of US birthing hospitals every year
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


6 month old loves it!

My baby girl isn’t big on pacifiers, but she loves this one more as a teether. It’s big enough that she can easily hold and turn it.

Tamara Gilbert, WV

My four month old loved it

He thought it was a pacifier at first but soon realized he could chew on it. He has no teeth yet but loves going to town on this thing!

Kay Mullens, WV

Great for Baby who fits other pacifiers into Mouth !

My daughter at 11 months old put her whole Nuk pacifer (yes the 6-18 month one) all the way into her mouth …could not see it anymore. I got it out immediately and luckily she did it right in front of me and not in her crib at night or anything. After shopping around and yes trying to fit this pacifier in my own mouth to check it (I couldn’t) I bought 3 of these leaving only one on the shelf just in case some other Mom needed one for the same type of thing. It is great for teething but mostly for me it was either this larger than normal shield pacifier or no pacifier at all.

Zelda Timmonsville, SC

Easy to clean

I’m all over cleaning all the baby toys and bottles and pacifiers by hand. But the other pacifiers get weird because the soap and water gets inside the bulb. My son is transitioning right now and starting to teeth. This paci makes perfect sense, super easy to clean, big and easy to grab for his tiny clumsy hands, and great for helping to break in new teeth. He loves it, and I love it.

Tracey Victor, CA

My baby preferred just chewing on her pacifier

I bought this teether because of all the good reviews. My baby wouldn’t use it. She spit it out, put her normal pacifier back in, and continued to chew on that one.

Kenya Papaaloa, HI