Nuk Trendline 2 Count Dots Cup, Blue/Green, 5 Ounce

Nuk Trendline 2 Count Dots Cup, Blue/Green, 5 Ounce

TrendLine merges trendy designs with superior NUK functionality and gives mom the ability to coordinate matching bottles, pacifiers and Learner cups. Dots designs feature a fun and swirly bubble print

Main features

  • All NUK bottles feature NUK orthodontic nipple that supports healthy oral development
  • Natural shape nipple mimic’s mom’s nipple shape to allow easy back and forth between bottle and breast feeding
  • Features the NUK Air System which helps to reduce colic and promote better digestion for little tummies

Verified reviews


Great sippy cups

These sippy cups are wonderful. They are easy to clean and easy for the baby to hold and drink from. They are nice for a ‘learner’ who is going to drop the cup (intentionally or not); they don’t leak and the only way the baby can get the liquid is to suck on the spout (but they aren’t as hard to suck on as, for example, the Playtex sippy cups). The handles are removable so these can become regular cups (albeit with the spout still on). Great buy.

Vanessa Hiram, ME

Excellent sippy cups!

I have one year old twins and have tried probably a dozen different sippy cups, these are the best! They do NOT leak and they are easy to hold in their little hands!

Leta Madeline, CA

Best Sippy Cups

These are the best, highest quality sippy cups on the market. We never have a problem with leaking and they are easy to use for the adult to fill and clean and for the child to use.

Haley Blanding, UT

great for transitioning

These made a smooth transition from the bottle to the sippy cup. My son is now using a harder sippy cup but we used these for a few months and they were great for learning how to pick up and hold the cup himself. Easy to clean. Not too expensive. We really liked these overall. The handles also work with Nuk’s larger (10 oz.) cup that doesn’t come with handles.

Betsy Loretto, MN

Great cups

My son wouldn’t take the hard spout cups. He didn’t seem to be able to get the juice out of them when the anti spill valve was in them. He loves these cups, however and will drink both juice and milk from them. The handles are removable which is nice. I don’t even attach them any longer since he seems to play with the cup more with them on.

Brittany Lund, NV