NUK Trendline Silicone Spout Learner Cup, Blue/Orange Dots, 5-Ounce

NUK Trendline Silicone Spout Learner Cup, Blue/Orange Dots, 5-Ounce

The Learner Cup (Silicone) has a spill proof spout designed to be gentle on gums and to get baby used to drinking from spout. The easy grip handles ergonomically shaped with anti-slip soft grips make it easy for baby to hold.

Main features

  • Easy grip handles ergonomically shaped with anti-slip soft grips make it easy for baby to hold
  • Extra wide neck for easier filling and cleaning
  • Spill proof spout designed to be gentle on gums
  • BPA free

Verified reviews



This is the only sippy cup my 7month-old is completely comfortable with. I removed the base with the handles, and she can easily pick it up herself with both hands and put the spout right in her mouth. It’s light weight and short, so she can angle it correctly to deliver the content to the spout and to her mouth, even if there is not much liquid in the cup. And – very important – she doesn’t choke. I was looking for the right product for awhile, tried different cups including very pricy ones, but this one is by far the best. We take it everywhere filled with water – almost no dripping so far (only once when she threw it on the ground very hard a couple of drops of water came out). And since she eats solids now but still has to complete the meal with some formula or water, 5 oz size works great for us. Also, this is the only cup she took when she was teething. I am not sure what is so different about this cup compared to other similar products but it definitely works. Simple, functional, effective. Looks cute too.

Annette Bowman, SC

My baby loved it but I hated to buy over and over again

This was the only sippy cup my 1 year old would accept. She loved it. I, on the other hand, hated this cup. Since the nipple is still soft like in a bottle, she would chew thru it in days and then it would leak like crazy. We literally went thru 3-4 in 1 month until she finaly decided to accept the hard sippy cups.

Cornelia Addison, NY

My son and I love this cup

It is so easy for my 14 months old to hold. Actually he was holding it fine since he was 10 months old. I also love the fact that it doesn’t have a valve. The spill-proof is built in.

Margarita Davin, WV

Very hard to get liquid out

I get that this is intended not to spill, but you have to work REALLY hard to get water or any liquid out of this. I had to suck so hard to get anything out I wasn’t surprised my daughter couldn’t. It is a “learner” cup because it has a silicone nipple on it instead of a spout like a normal sippy cup, but it’s tough to get anything out. I’m considering poking holes in it so it flows easier…otherwise we just won’t be able to use this. Not a sippy cup, really. Disappointed.

Leola Harcourt, IA

perfect transition from bottle to sippy

This product worked great for us to transition our daughter from a bottle to a sippy. It has a nice stable base, easy to use handles, and a nice silicone nipple

Isabella Isleton, CA

Favorite for my picky baby

My breastfed son refused bottles and a couple other early-sippy cups. I began trying this cup when he was about 5 months. He didn’t hate it (like everything else I’d tried) and drank from it easily within a few times. We’ve been using it for the past 5 months now. He can hold the handles easily and it barely leaks, even when he shakes it. All the pieces pull apart and clean easily (I handwash all the parts). The cap is convenient for travel too. We love this cup!

Lois Shirley, IN

Easy for baby

After reading many reviews we settled on this one. We are glad we chose this one because it looks great and is easy for baby to hold. Thanks fellow reviewers.

Erma Gary, WV

love, love, love this cup

I love this cup and I am planning on ordering more. This is BY FAR the best “sippy cup” we have. Other cups claim they are leak proof and they are, but to a point. This cup has yet to leak and my son tosses it around, we toss it in the diaper bag and gets treated pretty roughly at times and I am amazed at how durable and leak proof it really is. This cup may be a little more expensive than others, but it is worth the little bit of extra money.

Shelley Crozier, VA

My breastfed baby collapsed the spout

My child is breastfed — she’s still using a size one bottle nipple and she can down a bottle in less than a minute an ounce. The first time I gave her this cup she drank out of it just fine, but she sucked so hard that the nipple collapsed. There are two small slits in the top and apparently that wasn’t enough for my child.

Malinda Manchester, OK

Not what it looks like on the photos

Be aware when you buy this item you may not get the color or pattern you choose. I ordered a blue one and I go this one… heart!! Great … I have a boy… really wanted the bleu one. And why isn’t it the same pattern as in the photo? Why bother choosing one if this varies so much?

Phoebe Stockholm, ME

sippy cup

Great for transition and good handles. I like the design! Easy to use and no leaking.I really like it vs other cups.

Terry Andrews, IN

Daughter isn’t crazy about it

My daughter will only drink 3 or 4 oz out of this, but it’s better than other ones I’ve used, since she’ll hardly drink out of them at all. It doesn’t leak and the liquid seems to come out easy enough.

Rhea Brasher Falls, NY

the only bottle my baby would take

I know different babies have weird preferences, but this is the only one my four-month old would take when I went back to work. Our pediatrician said it was fine even though it says for 6 months and older. He’s seven months old now and still loves these bottles. My nanny tried a regular nipple again once his routine was established and he still wouldn’t take it. But we never had a problem pretty much from the day we introduced these! We bought the replacement spouts to put on the regular Nuk bottles we had since they’re all interchangeable.

Socorro Ellenwood, GA

The cup is great – but the spouts don’t last

If I had written this review when I bought the cup 6 months ago, I would have given it 5 stars. Now, my baby is 14 months old. We try and give her a regular cup as much as we can. Sometimes, though, we need to give her a drink in a cup that won’t spill – and these are perfect for that. The problem now is that she has teeth and she bites on the end of the spout. We do our best to discourage this, but it only takes a second and POOF – she’s bitten a huge hole in the end. (Check out the pictures of this listing – someone posted an image of EXACTLY what happens when the child bites off the end.) I’ve started to get worried about giving her the cup, as I found her chewing on a piece of silicone she got off of the end. It wasn’t enough that she would have choked, but still not good for her. Thus, I’ve had to buy replacement nipples ALL THE TIME. I bought 5 of these cups in different styles and I am about to go buy replacement spout #6 & #7. Bottom line: this is a great cup for a transition from the bottle. But, once your baby has teeth, you’ll be buying replacement spouts until the cows come home or you switch to a cup with a hard spout.

Kelsey Pompeii, MI

great transition from bottle to sippy cup

We used these for several months as our daughter transitioned away from bottles and to sippy cups with a hard top. They really helped her make that transition smoothly. Knew it was time to go to the hard cup when she was chewing on the spout and broke some of the silicone off though so watch for that.

Julia Fairfield Bay, AR

Awesome trainer!

I have bought every sippy cup available at Walmart in an attempt to find something to transition my almost 8 month old off bottles before her sister arrives in a couple months. This one is awesome! She actually figured out how to get liquid out on the first try, is able to hold it herself which is more than she can do with a bottle, and it doesn’t spill when she shakes it around! I can’t speak to the durability since I’ve only had it a few days, but so far I’m very pleased! It’s easy to clean and put back together too. Will definitely be buying more than one!

Kristin Leon, IA


My 4 month old LOVES this! The bright colors attract his attention. He can shake the bottle using the handles and entertain himself with the noise! Learning to use a sippie cup will be easy with this since it doesnt have a hard spout! It comes all the way apart so it is easy to clean!

Carmela Mount Gay, WV

Good training cup

I like that’s it’s small so it fits well in my little ones hands. She is a small gal (barely on the charts for height or weight) and she can easily grasp this. We now use it without the handles so it’s even more like a real cup but still not as messy so we can have it with us on the go.

Rosie Tigerville, SC

Baby refused bottle but loves these cups

Baby refused the bottle starting at 3 months of age, no matter what was in it. A few months later we found this cup and she has been using it ever since. We use it for breast milk, water, formula, dried goat’s milk, regular whole milk, and even strained chicken soup. She loves holding the handles and controlling the flow herself. We bought the 10oz learner cup for bigger nighttime feedings, for which you can use the exact same nipples as the 5oz.I recommend buying 2 days worth so if you don’t have time or energy to wash them one day, you can do it every 2 days. I throw the cups in the dishwasher and then give them an extra rinse when they’re done (to make sure no dishwasher detergent is on them).The inchbug labels fit perfectly around them.Also, NUK has great customer service. Called when we accidentally fried the nipples (LOL!) because water was low in the pot.

Natasha Yatesville, GA

toddler sippy cup

our son loves this nuk learner cup. easy to hold and transition from bottle. Also, it is easy to clean.

Linda Enfield Center, NH


I love nuk products…baby is able to drink out of this cup by himself?..great beginners cup. I have 3 of these cups,

Annmarie Fort Fairfield, ME

as I expected

I love the cup. It is just great for my daughter and for my carpet as well. No leaks and no mess anywhere

Haley Cypress, FL

Best Sippy

This is the best sippy cup I’ve found. Easy for baby to suck from, perfect size and it can be removed from the grip as baby matures. I also like that it has a lid.

Vera Jonestown, PA

Cute as Sippy Cups go

My son thinks this is a total toy, still taking time to adjust to the sippy cup but I like the handles and the colors on the bottle

Rhonda Saint Vrain, NM

Love this sippy cup!

My baby has been using this since about 6 mo. old. The handles are great, but can be taken off when the time is right. My baby throws this cup on the ground all the time, I’ve been waiting for it to break, but nope! Doesn’t leak either. Love it!

Kari Big Timber, MT

Absolutely love it

The first and the only sippy cup my back-then 9 month son loves and uses. We took out the leaking proof thing though.The removable handle makes it portable and doesn’t make mess even he throws it on the ground without the anti-leaking thing.Now my son can already drinking from a straw. Thanks to this product.

Abigail Fisty, KY

hard to open and clean

The lid is hard to open with the handles still attached to the cup (if that makes sense). I dunno, not my favorite sippy cup out there.

Corine Gordonsville, VA

Good quality

While my infant child is still learning to drink on own, this is a very good product that doesn’t leak, has great handles for the little one, and is super easy to clean.

Elsa Kenney, IL


This is my son’s favorite sippy cup. he loves the handles, so easy for him to hold! I love the colors.

Diana Oakville, WA

great product

This cup is my daughter’s favorite. It’s easy to use, and withstands multiple tosses on the ground. And it’s cute! And if you get in a pinch, and lose the top, they can use the Nuke bottle nipples too.

Kristina Lake Arthur, NM