NUK Ultra Thin Breast Pads, Pack of 2, White, 120-Count

NUK Ultra Thin Breast Pads, Pack of 2, White, 120-Count

NUK® offers a complete system of nursing pads to meet the diverse needs of Moms like you. NUK® Ultra Thin Nursing Pads provide moderate protection that’s highly discrete so only you know it’s there. The extra-soft, breathable layers are comfortable and offer an extra barrier for leaks and stains while the slender design makes them easy to carry for frequent, anytime use.

Main features

  • Discreet, super thin pads
  • Extra soft with breathable layers
  • Provides moderate protection against leaks
  • Available in 60 & 120 ct

Verified reviews


Affordable, functional.

I am with Makers Bake: I don’t understand all the low ratings for this product. I almost never write reviews, but I felt compelled to help the rating of this product. I bought different kinds of nursing pads, reusable and disposable, and I love these. I think that I leak a fair amount–not crazily, but certainly not lightly. Considering how thin they are, they are very absorbent. They show through my clothes less than any of the other ones I’ve bought (I’ve learned that nothing is completely invisible, depending on what you are wearing). I leak out of them at night sometimes if I forget to change them out, which is why they make separate ones for night time. I personally use a thicker, reusable one at night. Also, they are so much cheaper than any of the other disposable ones I’ve come across. I don’t like or need any adhesive, as I prefer to reposition the pad when I reposition my breast after nursing. I also don’t like or need them to be individually wrapped, it’s just wasteful.

Kris Holicong, PA


Leaks! and easy to see your wearing them if your not wearing very loose fitting tops warning don’t wear grey with this or any color that darkens when wet! go with Lansinoh disposable nursing pads they are thin and don’t leak

Tabatha Kemblesville, PA


These are the worst breast pads out there. They are always bunching up and shifting around and never stay in place. They use only 1 small strip of adhesive on the back which never stays in place. Buy either the lanisoh or the medela brand which are MUCH MUCH better. They both use 2 strips of adhesive and a more absorbent yet thinner pad that is less bulky.

Jana Estherville, IA

Will not buy again! Worst pads ever used.

Very cheaply made. Compare to other brand, i could not even call these breast pads. Very thin, too thin. Not absorb at all. Leaks all over. They should call it breast paper….I ordered 2 boxes, used 2 of them. Had to go out and buy another brand.I have lots of breast milk, this is not good for me at all. I think it only lasted 20 mins before the milk leaks out.I always love nuk products. I do not understand why they made pads like this. It is not a good product.

Carlene West Chester, OH

Worst ever

Cheapest pads per unit, most expensive purchase per month! Why? These don’t hold much and they leak big time. When engorged I’m using 1-3 pairs per feeding session with these Nuk vs 1 pair every 3 feeding sessions with Lansinoh. You do the math, Lansinoh is cheaper and those don’t leak so no extra laundry!

Janna Bluefield, WV

These are terrible

Yes, these are super thin. However, what they also are is FLAT. No curvature, no shape at all. Breasts are not flat. The pads have 6 little indentations on them to make them more cone-shaped, however these fold lines are super obvious under clothing, in my opinion. I don’t leak a lot, so I really have no opinion on that aspect of their functionality. They do not have any adhesive, and given their poorly designed shape, these do walk around under bras moreso than other pads (my fav is the Lansinoh).

Jillian Eagle Rock, MO

not good enough

the only good thing about this product is soft other than that nothing it leaks the milk out and does not stay inside the bra.I do not recommend it.

Essie Hoyt, KS

love them

My wife wanted to buy them again because they are thin but that depend on how much milk comes out when you are not feeding the baby. Thinner means less absorption

Britney Rigby, ID

stops the leaks

My wife uses these under the bra as she is still nursing a 4 month old. The pad is thin enough that it is not really noticeable through to an outside shirt. She likes them so I give them 5 stars too.

Ora Rich Creek, VA

do not buy this

I have tried nursing pads from NUK, Lansinoh and Medela and I feel that this one has the worst quality of all. It is very thin (duh) resultign in many leaks, amd no adhesive so it doesn’t stay in place. The sides are also very rough so it is not very comfrotable in your skin. It creases so it is very visible on yoru clothing.It is the cheapest of all which was why I bought it. Invest your money in better ones from Lansinoh or Medela and skip this one!

Teri Parsons, KS

Do not use if you have a lot of milk

These have leaked several times and they are way to thin. They would be good for when a baby is older and drinking less.

Helen Stilwell, KS

Breast pads

I love using these breast pads, they are very thin and are not noticeable under the bra but yet they do the job and keep my breasts from leaking through my bra.

Leta Harrisonville, PA

Great pads

I bought these pads because I have to admit they were cheap for count of 120. And also I looked at reviews and they said they were thin which I wanted! If you leak milk on regular bases you might want something thicker it won’t do any good but for me they were prefect!!

Tanya Nanuet, NY


These pads are ok if you leak only a little bit. If you are a heavy leaker.. These are not for you! I will wear these during the day when I am able to nurse often, but I will not wear these at night or while I’m at work.

Katherine Laneview, VA

Leak like crazy, slide all the times.. no better than paper towels

Just wondering if the manufacturer could think about that pads is going to slide… the back side is slippery… what would it take to add a little bit of sticky thing like in a regular hygiene pad?I used paper towels with my first one, and they work well…

Dale Perkins, WV

Not worth the savings

These are cheaper than other disposable pads…for a reason. They are the only brand I’ve tried which leaked through. Also, there are no sticky tabs to help keep it in place in your bra. I won’t waste my money on these again.

Elisha Decatur, IN


These are good but its you leak a lot then they may not be best because you will have to change them!

Gayle Hurst, TX

My favorite of those I’ve tried

I bought these for my second as I found they worked best with my first. They are easy to bring with you – absorb quite a bit – and you can just toss them when you’re done. I bought a lot as I needed them with my first – second time around I have them left over after 6 months of nursing.

Jacquelyn Kensal, ND

They Migrate.

Ha. I know, it’s a little frustrating but these don’t have the little sticky on the back like the overnight pads do. I like them well enough but they migrate in my bra. The material is soft, non-irritating, and comfortable for long-term wear. They do show under clothes, though. They sort of bunch around the edges where they don’t quite curve to fit my shape. A flat pad on a rounded surface is going to bunch. I’m a seamstress. I keep thinking that they need darts. It would be pretty sweet if these things were just cup shaped. That would make a lot of sense, actually.

Alejandra East Lansing, MI

Poor quality

These are priced well but I was very disappointed in the quality of this product. It has no adhesive to help remain in position. Needless to say, I leaked out several times. Also, not very absorbent. Would highly recommend spending the extra money on a better brand.

Libby Grangeville, ID

Only pad I use

I am allergic to the polymers in the high absorption pads. I can only use these pads. They are very discreet because they are so thin but they do not hold much so I recommend using them after your milk gets regulated.

Stefanie Elba, NE

Great breast pads!

I’m a big fan of these breast pads. They’re thin and discrete and absorbent. They will not work for heavy leaking — they will overflow, so I don’t recommend using them until your milk supply has been established. (I’d recommend using Nuk’s overnight pads or something similar in the beginning.) Also, if your nipples are sore, use a thicker pad. But once your supply is established, they’re great. A change I’ve notice since I first started buying them is that the backside of the pad (which faces away from your breast) is now beige colored rather than white, which makes it less visible and is a great change. Overall, these are great and I’d definitely recommend them!

Chasity Mary Alice, KY

For light leakage

Good for light-moderate leakage. Pads aren’t contoured, so they wouldn’t fit well on small breasts. No adhesive so they tend to shift if you are active.

Zelma Willard, NM

Good value for those without a leak problem.

These are a great value, but they do soak through rather easily. If you leak a lot, I recommend getting a brand that’s heavier duty.

Allie Lawrence, MS

Do not buy!

I bought these because they are a cheaper brand but I soon regret it. They are not absorbent at all! My nipples get stuck to them and I have to peel them off. Its like ripping off a Band-Aid. I suggest Lanisoh or Medela nursing pads

Cristina Lakewood, WA


works well absorbs well for the price you cant beat anywhere i highly recommend this product if your nursing your baby

Aimee Lisman, AL

Thin and discreet

I ordered these having never used this brand before, and i really like the thin design that doesn’t show through tops like the Avent and Johnson&Johnson ones i used previously. Also, BIG bonus, they don’t stick to your nipples after feeding like the others do – that drove me crazy! I reccommend these breast pads!

Jodi Aurora, MN

love em

discreet, comfortable and absorbant, worth ordering! and the double pack means i dont have to worry about running out any time soon!

Judith Helvetia, WV

Not very absorbent

These leak pretty quickly. And show through nursing tanks or any non padded bra. I ended up using them around the house and then switching to bamboobies overnights and medela disposables for daytime.

Marianne Kamiah, ID

Nice and thin – Wish they would Stay Put!

These are nice and soft on one side and have a shiny, leak barrier on the other side. Comfortable to wear and unnoticeable. So unnoticeable in fact, that you won’t know they are not in place until.. well you’ll eventually know when they aren’t in place. Now I’m not saying that they will full on vacate the premises BUT they do tend to wander a bit. For the info I am a nursing 36 and the wandering is happening in regular activity, like the work I do around the office etc. not marathon running and basketball – both of which would certainly cause them to vacate the premises.These are only getting 3 stars because although they are very discreet, thin and functional they would be much better if they would stay in place. That little sticky tab on the back of the more absorbent ones would make these a fabulous item and would not change how super thin they are.Price wise, this deal cannot be beat. I price shop all the other main, big box stores and this is the best price around.I recommend them and will purchase them again.

Sheree Mosinee, WI