NUK Universal 1 Pack BPA Free Pacifier Clip, Colors May Vary

NUK Universal 1 Pack BPA Free Pacifier Clip, Colors May Vary

NUK universal clip provides dual function for pacifier with or without handle.

Main features

  • Clip is easy to attach with one hand
  • Silicone loop
  • Dual function for pacifier with or without handle
  • BPA free
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following color and design combinations – green band with square design on clip or blue band with circle design on clip

Verified reviews


Hard to clip on

This is helpful for NUK pacifiers since it attaches at the base of them. The only problem I have with the design is that it’s hard to clip onto their shirts. It’s a bulky plastic clip and you need two hands for some reason, one hand to open teh clip and the other hand to try to slide the cloth into update: one month later. i can use this with one hand now, it just had to loosen up a bit. it is still stiff to put on but i guess its better than metal for babies. its 3.5 stars.

Jenny Mc Rae, GA

Not so useful

Very small stuff, not so useful for my boy, maybe it is good for those who love pacifier, but not mine.

Florine Wattsburg, PA

Get these or prepare to loose your pacifiers!

Life saver! Easily fits onto almost any pacifier and has a good clamp. Good color to identify. Easy to clean. Safe for kids.AAA+++

Rocio Fort Lawn, SC

Good clip; works well

This clip works great. The ring is stretchy to fit over any pacifier. I have some other clips that are too long; this one is the right length so it doesn’t get tangled or stuck under baby. Like other reviewers have said, the clip is very stiff at first, but loosens up with use.

Kari Beaumont, TX

fine strap

I bought this to attach my son’s teether toy to his shirt so he doesn’t drop it out of his stroller. Unfortunately the design of the strap is too small to wrap through his teething ring. I wouldn’t have bought this item had I known it wouldn’t do the job, however it will still work for his pacifiers that I give him every now and then.

Jessica Honoraville, AL

Works great….

I like the clip of this in that it is plastic, and is not the same style clip as others out there. I also like that the end of it is universal so that it can be used for different kids/different style pacifiers. I really have no complaints, we received the blue one, and it is really cute as well.

Lea Fort Eustis, VA

Not sure how the plastic clip will hold up and nto quite universal

I really like this clip, and even though I haven’t used it yet (baby is being stubborn and doesn’t want to be born yet) I do have some issues with it. The clip that goes on the clothes is plastic, so it doesn’t grip as well. I tried clipping it to my own shirt, and was able to fairly easily pull it off. I guess that’s good in that it won’t rip the baby’s clothes, but it should make it fairly easy for a child to pull it off themselves when they’re old enough. Also, it does mention it’s universal, but I don’t see how it would work with something like the Avent Soothies that don’t have any type of plastic holder. Luckily I have both Soothies and regular pacifiers so I’ll just use this when going out and taking the regular pacifiers. If you use regular pacifiers that have the plastic shield they’ll work, but anything with just a plastic nipple most likely won’t.

Elba Odon, IN

Great clip

The silicone end tucks well into Avent and Nuk pacifier handles. I only wish it were thin enough to work on Soothies. The clip end is easy to use and the ribbon is strong enough to take some abuse without fraying. Overall, a good choice. I’ve purchased three additional clips after having such good success with our first.

Tamera Green River, WY

Love this clip!

We love this product in our house, no complaints! We prefer the pacifier without the loop for baby to pull on, and this keeps the pacifier from hitting the floor over and over again. Attaches to the paci easily, doesn’t fall off, and attaches to clothes/stroller straps easily.

Carmella Hardaway, AL