NUK/Gerber Gentle Moisturizing Balm, Single Pack, 0.6 oz.

NUK/Gerber Gentle Moisturizing Balm, Single Pack, 0.6 oz.

Designed with breastfeeding moms in mind, this Gentle Moisturizing Balm relieves chapped, tender nipples. The soft gliding applicator makes it easy to use anywhere, at anytime – while keeping your hands clean! It is safe for baby to use, so mom never has to worry to wash it off before feedings.

Main features

  • Scientifically designed to relieve chapped, tender nipples
  • Soft gliding application slides over breast so hands stay clean
  • Safe for babies to consume so no need to wash off before feeding
  • Hypo-allergetic

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for me

It burns and it easily melts and gets messy on the tube. I prefer Medela lanolin. I had really bad damage and the lanolin helped. It even burned my lips.

Adrian Deale, MD


I love this stuff! I love that I don’t have to get it all over my fingers trying to get it on, I can just rub it right on.

Lila Cottonton, AL

Absolute Must Have for Pumping Mothers

This is an excellent product. I am exclusively pumping (long story – daughter won’t latch – lost more than 10% in hospital and had to suppliment with expressed milk in bottle – classic case of nipple confusion). This product has been a life saver. It goes on easily cold or warm (unlike lanolin which needs to be warm to apply). The delivery method is great – like a giant chapstick tube – your fingers don’t get greasy at all. It also doesn’t hurt when it glides over very sensitive, very painful (cracks / wounds / sores). My only complaint is that since it is not lanolin based, it doesn’t keep your nipples moisturized for long periods of time which could allow cracks, etc. to scab over…however, I found that lanolin kept my nipple too moisturized which led to never healing nipples. I also had an allergy to lanolin after 2-3 months of use and have since been using this exclusively. Don’t know what I would do without it.

Kathryn Country Club Hills, IL

Smells nice

Soothing and has a nice smell. I keep one at work and use it every time after pumping. Easier than other products because I can apply it without getting it all over my hands.

Merle Westtown, PA

Great product.

This product works really well. I love the idea of just rolling it over my nipples without having to use my fingers to keep germs off but it gets so mushy and soft at times that the grease got all over the stick sides and inside the cap. I wish it was a little more thicker in consistency so it’s not as messy. It smells like olive oil but the ingredients don’t state there are any in it which is odd to me. It works well for my chapped, chewed up nipples. I recommend this product to other mothers.

Malinda Lone Rock, WI


Can’t really say this was better or worse than others. I chose to get an organic one that seemed to look the same as this brand.

Kimberlee Bristolville, OH


I liked this better than Lanolin that help my fingers greasy. Worked & I never had to actually touch it.

Lauri Teresita, MO