NuRoo Pocket Skin to Skin

NuRoo Pocket Skin to Skin

The N�Roo Pocket is only babywearing shirt that offers full coverage and mobility for moms practicing Skin-to-Skin Contact with their newborns, that doubles as a hands free newborn carrier. No wrapping, tying and knotting? you get the closeness of a wrap without the hassle! The ?cross and hug? closures provide a custom fit as your body changes and your baby grows. Our signature N�Roo� fabric is super soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and offers just the right amount of compression to ensure proper position and continued support.

Main features

  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Designed for pre- and full-term newborns up to 15 lbs.
  • Allows skin-to-skin contact with your baby
  • Cross & Hug closure provides an adjustable
  • custom fit from maternity wear through three months postpartum as your body changes and your baby grows
  • Inner no-slip pocket helps your baby stay in the optimal position

Verified reviews


Poor design leaves me unimpressed

I looked forward for a long time to getting this and am familiar with a lot of babywearing items. The shirt that came before this one is called the Miracle Cami. The Nuroo looked to me to offer better support/safety as well as looking more stylish and I was very excited about it.However now that I’ve used it I find it has a lot of unnecessary flaws. They could have done a lot better with this one.1. The velcro (which takes up a lot of space on this garment) has painful, scratchy sides – even the soft velcro. ESPECIALLY if you have sore nipples, this sucks, but even without that it makes the shirt pretty unappealing.2. The velcro is stiff to the point that when you close the shirt snugly around your body, it pulls the other side of the shirt in a weird direction. It looks sloppy, and exposes the velcro more…3. Which is not good, because the shirt catches on the velcro wherever it’s exposed, and is going to start getting pilly really quickly, in addition to being noisy and uncomfortable to constantly unstick yourself.3. The plastic link that allows you to close the belt is an awkward shape and doesn’t stay in place. You can’t make it sit right so the belt bunches up weirdly around it. It’s a cheap touch that would have been easy to avoid.4. The batting of the belt is polyurethane foam, which is gross and toxic. I have to wonder how expensive it would have been to just fill it with plain old cotton or even just basic polyester fill which would give it the same softness.On top of all this, unlike the Miracle Cami, you can’t easily pump in this shirt while wearing your baby, which is one of the most valuable reasons to do skin-to-skin (S2S increases milk supply and wearing baby while you pump helps your output!). I don’t fault NuRoo for this because it’s not advertised as a pumping shirt, but it would have given it a few more points in my book. I was able to pump by unfastening the top of the shirt to loosen it a little, but it didn’t look very comfortable for my 8 lb baby and I doubt it will be as doable as my baby gets bigger.Three stars because any shirt like this is a great concept, but I hope this will either get improved or overtaken by a better product soon.

Sondra West Branch, MI

Was a bit on the small side

I got what was supposed to fit my body, and when I put it on it fits, but when I try to put my baby in it was crushing her. I’d say go larger. Other then that it seems pretty good. and the material is nice. But, i could see it being too hot right after delivery. I was very hot for days after giving birth, and this would have been way too warm to wear in those days.

Bernadette Holland, IN

My favourite baby purchase!!!

I am seriously obsessed with the Nuroo pocket!!! My only regret is that I didn’t buy it when our baby was first born. I only discovered and purchased it when she was 6 wks old and I am still using it at 3 months!! I was given the Ergo carrier at my shower but found that with the infant insert, it was just so bulky and soooo hot for summer! So I went on the hunt for something more lightweight and cooler. There are so many wraps out there but the others seemed so complicated, I just wanted something really easy to wear. The Nuroo is super easy to wear, its like a shirt you put on, slip your baby in the pocket and then velcro the shirt together. There is also a support belt that comes with the shirt that helps keep the baby from slipping down the pocket. If you’ve been walking around alot, the baby will slip down the pocket, but just push your baby up a little, tighten the belt again and you’re set! My baby can be super fussy but as soon as I put her in the pocket she falls asleep every.single.time!!! I can get errands done, dishes washed, laundry folded, it’s honestly the best baby product I’ve purchased and now my go to shower gift for all my friends!!

Maria Cowden, IL

If your baby is 6 weeks or older I wouldn’t bother.

I purchased this when my baby was 6 weeks and think I waited too long. While she still meets the weight requirements at only 10 lbs. your baby needs to have their feet tucked for it to really work. My little girl now wants her legs straight when I hold her against my chest. I still gave it three stars because it may have worked when she was younger and it is also very good quality.

Willa Corunna, MI

it works

i gotta say, i bought this later than i wish i had. if i would have bought it before my daughter was born, i think i would have used it more. by about 2 months she no longer wanted to be a "roo" — she wanted to be out and social. skin to skin is now mostly just when we are nursing. also, i never really felt secure walking around. i always felt i needed to keep one arm on her which kind of defeated the purpose. i also ended up having to go up a size to accomodate my chest. i’d suggest trying it on at bru if you can. still, i’d probably buy it again. price is much better at amazon than at bru

Leslie Spencer, NE

Five Stars

This shirt was such an excellent purchase. Fits well. Daughter loves it. And so do i.

Celeste Thayer, IA

Great product

4 stars because it runs a little snug and the material is very stretchy which I wasn’t expecting. Other than that, it is perfect for carrying the baby close to you and practicing kangaroo care. Can’t be used for tiny babies <8lbs per instructions. There is no structure to the shirt so little babies kind of get lost and can’t be supported well. Would recommend getting a carrier if you plan on doing things around the house while baby wearing, but if kangaroo care and snuggling is the goal, this is a great shirt for that.

Fanny Buffalo, SC