Nursing Pads Ekstra Style, Medium

Nursing Pads Ekstra Style, Medium

Soothingly soft nursing pads in KbT-certified organic merino wool. Beneficial with common breastfeeding problems. Designed by a Danish nurse. More comfortable than disposables or cotton – wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, without feeling wet. Once they do feet damp, they feel warm, rather than cold & clammy as with other textiles. Scandinavian midwives have traditionally advised breastfeeding mothers to keep their breasts warm, to prevent plugged ducts. Larger sizes provide gentle, soothing warmth for this purpose. Yet wool breathes, to maintain comfortable temperature in warmth or cold. Wool’s natural oil, lanolin, provides self-cleansing properties; for easy care. The woolen pads work well together with lanolin ointment to help promote healing of sores. Sold as set of 2 pads (one pair). Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit each woman’s needs.

Main features

  • Soothingly soft nursing pads in KbT-Certified Organic Merino Wool, designed by Danish nurse. Beneficial with most common breastfeeding problems. Wick moisture away from skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Even when wet, pads feel warm, unlike cotton and disposables. Larger sizes less noticeable through clothing.
  • Most women need only 2-3 pairs for entire nursing period. Wool’s self-cleansing properties allow wearing multiple times without washing – lanolin cleanses away bacteria as pads dry. Wash, on average (depending on amount of leaking), every 2 weeks with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain hygienic effects.
  • Medium, 7 inch diameter. Cup size DD-E or larger. Sold as set of 2 pads (one pair).
  • Style Ekstra (Extra) – 2 layers knitted wool with 3rd layer between – for heavier leaking. (Softline – interwoven wool for light/ moderate leaking)
  • Women find these helpful with any soreness associated with breastfeeding, plugged ducts, vasospasms. Designed by Danish nurse. Imported by lactation consultant.

Verified reviews


didn’t work for me

I was really looking forward to make this ones go along well with me…sadly that wasn’t the case, my skin felt so itchy with this ones. Maybe because I have dry skin in general but I liked the fact that these had the lanolin and keep it warm. Also, I didn’t feel they were sticky like the reusable Avent ones I bought.

Deidra Stanley, IA


I used these pads for my first born after trying all sorts of other reusable pads I’d leak right through and look forward to using them for my second from day one. I have one pair. I used them as daytime pads for at least a year and they are in perfect condition still. Yes, they’re very large but I appreciated the coverage. No obvious line from the pad shown through the shirt and I felt that the coverage helped with mastitis. I didn’t have itch issues and do have wool itch issues with some wool. I let them air each night and used a good quality prefold diaper for my leaking at night (sometimes having to change in out during the night). I rarely had to clean them (like every 4 weeks). Just made sure to air overnight, use lanolin soap and spray with lanolin when needed. I’d get a second pair for overnight but prefer not to wear a bra overnight. If you are a heavy leaker, I definitely recommend the EKSTRA, I never had a leak although I didn’t find them until after my heaviest leaking and spraying in the first months (I did continue to be a heavy leaker though).

Briana Rock Creek, OH

My favorite nursing pads

I bought 2 pairs of these along with Bamboobies and these are always the first ones I go to grab. They are so soft and absorbent! I purchased x-small and was a 34B pre-pregnancy and probably a C cup now. I think they definitely run on the bigger side.

Concepcion Pennock, MN

Hands down THE best reusable nursing pad

When I first heard of wool nursing pads, I thought, “Yowch!” After all, who’d want to put something scratchy like wool on such a tender area? But I heard so many good things about them that I decided to give them a try, and I’m very glad I did!The merino wool is incredibly soft (not a bit scratchy) and very absorbent. The pads are HUGE and look a bit intimidating when you first see them, but their size is supposed to help prevent plugged ducts by keeping the breasts warm. I find that the size is actually nice and keeps them from leaving little tell-tale circles that show through your shirt, like some smaller pads do.But the biggest benefit to wool is the lanolin, which keeps you from having to wash the pads every time you wear them. (Of course, you WILL have to wash them — just not nearly as frequently as other reusable pads.) As one site explains it, “As the wool absorbs moisture, lanolin is converted to lanolin-soap, which has an antibacterial effect.” You’ll need to use a special wool-friendly soap and occasionally relanolize the pads (you can do this with Lansinoh or other lanolin products). That’s a bit of a pain, in my opinion, but definitely worth it to cut down on the washing.If you’re a heavy leaker (like me), you’ll definitely want the Ekstra pads. The regular ones are nice, but I found that, at least at the beginning, they just weren’t thick enough for me.

Kaitlyn Sumrall, MS

LOVE THESE – Do not settle for cheaper ones!

Though these seem expensive I opted to try them when I was struggling with vasospasms. Rumor had it that the warmth these provided would help – it did – but then I fell in love with them for other reasons. 1) they are super soft -you don’t think wool will be – but they are 2) they actually conceal better under clothes – this is counter intuitive because these things are HUGE – but because they are huge they lay better – warning – they will also make you look bigger as they are a little thicker then regular nursing pads (some are thicker then others – these are about as thick as bamboonies overnights). 3) they are sooo easy. I had mine 3-5 weeks before I washed them (and I’m not sure I needed to – but I wanted to wash my other pair – more on that later). You do have to re lanolize (which scared me) – but I googled it and found that I could just mix some water, lanolin (great use for my Lanisnoh lanilon that I didn’t like to use on my breasts), and a few drops of baby wash. You then just mix it with water and massage it into the pads and then air dry. I wear these EVERY day.I was at a boutique in town and found a different brand (now I can’t remember the brand) – of wool breast pads – and I wanted a second pair – so I got them. They were about half the price – and now I know why. They are not nearly as soft – they are actually a little rigid. I haven’t decided if I hate them enough to get a second pair of These ones or not – They recommend you let the pair air at least once a day so I wear one pair at night and one pair during the day. I have been doing this now for 5 weeks and I love it.. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to regular disposables or cloth…

Bridgette Belle Plaine, KS

No Leakage

I am a heavy leaker but I love this nursing pads! I got 2 pairs and I never leak through and they do not make you hot or itchy.

Stacey Canyondam, CA

Worth the money

For the first month or so I used these, they did itch, so I wore small cotton nursing pads under them. But after a couple of washes using lanolin soap, they were soft enough for me to wear alone. I don’t know if they are to thank, but I had fewer plugged ducts once I started using these pads. They don’t show much under clothes either.

Maribel Cushing, MN

When in doubt size up and get the Ekstra!

I thought I fell into the "normal" category for the regular absorbancy and Small "fits most" sizing. Not so much. I bought two pairs of the size small regular and they don’t do enough. I leak a lot if I just wear one pair at a time, so I have to wear both. Kinda defeats the purpose. Then, I bought this pair of the Ekstra and they’re much better. I still use the other two sets to double up and then they seem to work. I wish I would have spent the money on two pairs of Ekstra, but I’m hoping my supply levels off to where I won’t need to wear both. My son is 4.5 months, so I’m not sure if that’ll happen anytime soon. Just for reference, I’m now 36D and the Medium fit just perfectly.

Lucia North Fort Myers, FL

great for nursing moms

These are very absorbent. I wear these at night and they do wonders. I would recommend to any nursing mom.

Ivy Grays River, WA

Good product, could be found cheaper

I bought these pads in Ekstra and Original sizes. I thought the Ekstra were too thick at first, but after wearing them they were perfect for wearing for a full day out of the house. The original size was good for overnight when it didn’t matter if I leaked through them. The Ekstra size is good for daily use. I would try both sizes to see what works for you. The only complaint I have is the price – has organic wool pads for half the price.

Lakesha Saint Hedwig, TX


not comfy, not so absorbant, better to just use a piece of flannel, the milk dries and hardens on the pad

Dona Tuttle, OK

Regret this purchase

I wish I didn’t purchase these nursing pads. They are expensive, but I thought I’d finally find nursing pads that work well for overnight use. However, I leaked through these gigantic wool pads when I used them overnight. Instead of the milk spreading through the whole nursing pad, it just leaked right through so that most of the pad was dry except the one spot where the milk was leaking. On top of that they are not comfortable. They are very bulky and not soft– they made me itchy. I tried washing them with wool soap and curing them with lanolin like I do my wool diaper covers, but they still did not perform well. I finally did end up finding something soft and absorbent enough to handle my nighttime leaking– washcloths! Too bad I didn’t figure that out before buying these.

Rhea Troy, ME

AMAZING! give these a try!!

So I am a heavy leaker overnight and during letdown, with minimal to moderate daytime leaking, and I am a 36DD while breastfeeding. So I decided to try the Medium Ekstra first, for overnight.The Ekstra pads work really well for any day or night time leaking, and are *almost* enough for my letdown leaking, so I just tuck a disposable pad or washcloth on the opposite side when baby is nursing if I’m not at home, and if I’m at home, I just use Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Shell Set to save the milk that is otherwise lost from letdown on the breast baby isn’t currently nursing from.SIZING: I had a difficult time determining sizing for myself. I’m currently a 36DD while nursing, so I started with a Medium Ekstra, and it is ideal for overnight. It covers the majority of my breast, and still fits into bras and shelf bras well enough. I then got a Medium Original and a Small Ekstra to try, for daytime use, and while the Medium Original was insufficient for leaking or letdown, it was also odd to me that it seemed more difficult to fit in my bras, even though it is the same diameter and actually much thinner…I’m really not sure why that is. The Small Ekstra is perfect for daytime leaking, and the sizing seems pretty nice: it doesn’t cover my whole breast, but it covers the full front, and stays put very nicely in bras. If I were doing it all over again, I would keep the ones I got: Small Ekstra for daytime, Medium Ekstra for nighttime. I use the Medium Original just as a temporary use for if I’m washing one of the sets.Oh, and I don’t know why people complain about maintaining these! It’s so easy to wash these using the LANAcare Lanolin Wool Soap, and it’s amazing to not have to wash them all the time like the cotton pads, and my nipples feel so much better using these rather than cotton or disposable pads!

Sandy Scottsburg, IN