Nursing Pads Original Style, X-Small

Nursing Pads Original Style, X-Small

Soothingly soft nursing pads in KbT-certified organic merino wool. Beneficial with common breastfeeding problems. More comfortable than disposables or cotton – wool absorbs moisture, keeping skin dry, and breathes, to maintain comfortable temperature in warmth or cold. Sold as set of 2 pads (one pair). Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit each woman’s needs. Designed by a Danish nurse.

Main features

  • Soothingly soft nursing pads in KbT-Certified Organic Merino Wool, designed by Danish nurse. Beneficial with most common breastfeeding problems. Wick moisture away from skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Even when wet, pads feel warm, unlike cotton and disposables. Larger sizes less noticeable through clothing.
  • Most women need only 2-3 pairs for entire nursing period. Wool’s self-cleansing properties allow wearing multiple times without washing – lanolin cleanses away bacteria as pads dry. Wash, on average (depending on amount of leaking), every 2 weeks with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain hygienic effects.
  • XS, 5 inch diameter. Most comparable to disposables in size when in place. Cup size A-B. Sold as set of 2 pads (one pair).
  • Style Original – 2 layers knitted wool – sufficient for most women’s needs. (Additional styles – Softline – light/moderate leaking; Extra for heavier leaking)
  • Women find these helpful with any soreness associated with breastfeeding, plugged ducts, vasospasms. Designed by Danish nurse. Imported by lactation consultant.

Verified reviews


Fantastic and oh so comfortable

Im a new mom, so I’m new to breast feeding, and needless to say I was very sore. Between the soothies and these nursing pads, I was able to heal much faster. These pads kept the breast warm to keep the breast ready to nurse and also seemed to prevent the nipples from cracking. It really is amazing that you don’t have to wash them very often. Wool is a fantastic product for nursing, nursery bedding and diapering. These pads are huge though so be prepared, I bought small and medium and I swear the medium will cover my face. In the end I had one C cup and one D cup so I used the medium to cover the entire breast, and love love love them.

Dona Satsop, WA


Stupid purchase. These pads feel scratchy on the breasts. I wear a lot of wool, even as undershirts, and the wool is ok to the hand. It would be fine as a sweater but pressed up against the breasts is not so comfortable. They don’t seem to absorb that well either, and the milk dries and solidifies on the pad, so it does need to be washed periodically. I think a small piece of an old flannel pillowcase would be better (more absorbent).

Jennifer Beachwood, NJ

Soft, warm, help me with lactation!

These are great, I wear them at work to contain leaking. They are very soft and are not noticeable under the shirt (but I work as a nurse and wear scrubs so they’re pretty baggy, I don’t know how it would look like under a thin sleak shirt). They make my breasts warm and when I pump I feel it helps me pump better. I don’t leak that much but occasionally I do and they contain small leaks perfectly. Amazing product!Pretty expensive but well worth it. Note that these are very big, they are supposed to cover the whole breast so if you have medium breasts buy size S.

Tameka Colerain, NC

Prefer the thickness of the soft line, but wanted less…. Cush

I’m depressed. I bought these in hopes they were more substantial than the soft line. The description leads you to believe they would be. But alas, no, they are thinner, you can see the material through the wool fibers, unlike the soft line. These are also more stretchy. And of course keep in mind how large these really are. I’m a solid C cup and when I’m full I’m easily a 36/38 D. These cover darn near my entire breast. Soooo I’m going to toss them in the washing machine with the burp cloths and see if I don’t get what I’m looking for in the final product. Can’t loose at this point.

Miranda Woodward, OK

Good for warmth, not as soft as I’d like

My lactation consultant recommended wool pads after diagnosing me with Reynaud’s. They definitely work well to keep me warm, but I find them a bit scratchy (I have extremely sensitive skin). I’m hoping with a few more washings with lanolin they may soften up some more (I’ve only had them a couple weeks so far).As for the size, I’m a 36D and the medium is the correct size. They’re not like the disposables that only cover the nipple/areola. These are actually supposed to cover the entire breast. They do very well at keeping warmth in, which is why I got them. Personally, I’ve never had any trouble with their absorbancy, but I’m not a heavy leaker.

Jane Stanford, MT

Amazing! Great even for those sensitive to wool

If you leak heavily, there is no question about the fact that you need wool nursing pads. Cotton will get drenched within minutes and keep you wet and cold — a feeling that can be very painful on your boobs. There are other wool pads out there, but I love the quality of these and the fact that they are organic! My skin is very sensitive and I tend to feel "scratchy" from most wool products, so I don’t wear wool most of the time, but still found these to work great for me: they are incredibly soft, naturally anti-microbial, and they keep you warm — a feeling that your breasts will definitely appreciate while you’re lactating. Occasionally, when I’m leaking heavily, they do get soaked, but they feel warm even then and they dry really fast as you wear them. I’m only using 2 pairs: one for around the house and another one that I keep dry for when I need to leave the house.

Vilma Mulberry, FL

LIFESAVER if you have vasospasms

I have vasospasms in my breast, causing pain and blanching of the nipples. This made breastfeeding miserable, and even getting out of the shower was painful. I had tried everything–all the supplements I read about, all the tricks to keep the breast warm, keep the breast cool, etc., and nothing worked. Finally a lactation consultant recommended these, and literally in ONE day my problems were solved. I have honestly not had a day of pain since wearing these. I really can’t believe it. So obviously, I can’t recommend them enough. Even for those without any vasospasms, they are incredibly soft and comfy to wear as breast pads (way better than those paper ones, and larger than the cotton ones, which can leave an unsightly circle around your breasts that can be seen through clothing!).

Miriam Bradyville, TN

Works Great!

First, these nursing pads work really well. I tried Lansinoh and J&J; disposables and UnderKanppies and Bamboobies washables. The disposables stuck to my nipples, and the other washables kept too much moisture against my nipples, causing them to itch. Also, it was really hard to always make sure to wash the nursing pads, and I didn’t want to make the investment to have 10 pairs just in case.These don’t have to be washed but once in a loooong while. I’ve been wearing mine for almost a month and STILL haven’t washed them. When I do, it’s just a quick soak and then leave them out to dry. So much easier!Also, I worried about the wool in the heat as I live in Houston, Texas. So far, they haven’t been a problem. We’ve had about a week of 90+ degree days with high humidity, so I think that’s a fair test.Sizing is tricky. I tried the small and the x-small because I’m wearing a 32C. The x-small fit inside my bras better, but I’ve always heard these are supposed to cover basically the whole breast, so I went with the small. A little will peak out at the top/sides/bottom of my bra, but it’s actually LESS lumpy than the x-small where you could see the circle of the pad.My supply has evened out, so I don’t ALWAYS have to wear pads, but I do just in case. I’m not sure how these would have performed when my milk first came in and I was soaking through my shirts every night, but I plan on using them with my next child to find out. I like them that much, and I’m glad I CAN use them again.They may seem pricey, but you only need 2 pairs MAX, meaning ~$50. You’d easily spend that in 3 months on disposables. Twice or three times that on having enough pairs of the other types of washable pads.

Judy Braintree, MA

Good for light leakers

I got this in Original and Ekstra sizes. At first I thought the Ekstra were too thick, but when I wore the original pads out during the day I leaked through them. So now I wear the Original at night (when if I leak through them it’s ok) and they work great. I wear the Ekstra during the day when I go out. Both pads work well, but there are less expensive pads out there that probably work just as well. has pads at half the cost.

Deanne Atlanta, MO

great cure for vasospasms

I was in a great amount of pain and scoured the internet for a viable solution. This was the one that worked for my vasospasms! These pads are large, but they are meant to be so that they cover most of your breast. I am a DD and the size small worked great. Doesn’t show under clothing. Highly recommend these!

Ericka Rogers, NE

I prefer the Ekstra style

I tried the Ekstra style first, and I definitely prefer the Ekstra, for me.I have minimal leaking during the day, but I leak quite a bit overnight, and excessively during letdown! These original pads are much too thin to contain my night-time and letdown leaking, and too thin even for minimal daytime leaking…even normal cotton pads are better at containing the milk. However, the Ekstra pads work really well for any day or night time leaking, and are *almost* enough for my letdown leaking, so I just tuck a disposable pad or washcloth on the opposite side when baby is nursing if I’m not at home, and if I’m at home, I just use Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Shell Set to save the milk that is otherwise lost from letdown.SIZING: I had a difficult time determining sizing for myself. I’m currently a 36DD while nursing, so I started with a Medium Ekstra, and it is ideal for overnight. It covers the majority of my breast, and still fits into bras and shelf bras well enough. I then got a Medium Original and a Small Ekstra to try, for daytime use, and while the Medium Original was insufficient for leaking or letdown, it was also odd to me that it seemed more difficult to fit in my bras, even though it is the same diameter and actually much thinner…I’m really not sure why that is. The Small Ekstra is perfect for daytime leaking, and the sizing seems pretty nice: it doesn’t cover my whole breast, but it covers the full front, and stays put very nicely in bras. If I were doing it all over again, I would keep the ones I got: Small Ekstra for daytime, Medium Ekstra for nighttime. I use the Medium Original just as a temporary use for if I’m washing one of the sets.Oh, and I don’t know why people complain about maintaining these! It’s so easy to wash these using the LANAcare Lanolin Wool Soap, and it’s amazing to not have to wash them all the time like the cotton pads, and my nipples feel so much better using these rather than cotton or disposable pads!

Bertha Fishkill, NY

Leaked Right Through on First Feed!

Purchased these pads since I suffer from Raynaud’s. I usually wear disposables, which barely get wet (I’ve even worn the same pair overnight AND next day without a single leak!). Well, popped these on and what do you know, I’ve soaked through the pad, bra and my shirt while feeding off the other side. I do not have a very strong let down and these pads did nothing to catch the minimal milk flow. Really upset that I wasted nearly 30 dollars on a product that doesn’t even work for a few minutes, much less an entire day.ETA: Contacted the company, and they were very responsive and sent me a pair of Ekstra (the thicker pads) immediately. Great customer service!

Janie Menasha, WI

Very disappointed

Really want these to work for me. I read so many positive reviews, but they sre simply no good for me. I put them on immediately after having our fifth baby. They felt great! Soft, warm, very natural feeling and looking. Then my milk came in. My husband was thinking of building an ark to save us from the flood that was coming from under my shirt! The pads leaked thru. The pads leaked around the edges. Milk was literally dripping down my chest as i lay in bed nursing my sweet baby. When i removed the pads, i expected them to be saturated. No. Just in the spot that was directly over my nipple. So, not only did the pads leak thru, they somehow repelled the milk and shunted it out of my bra, hence the milk was dripping across my chest.I decided to give the pads another go once my milk supply stabilized and the engorgement had resolved. Well, the pads leaked in the same manner with the very first feed.I emailed the company and they did not respond. So, since i foolishly bought two pairs plus the lanolin soap…i’m out $60.

Ruby East Templeton, MA