NurSit Nursing Pillow with Removable Blue Slipcover, Stripe Print

NurSit Nursing Pillow with Removable Blue Slipcover, Stripe Print

From the maker of Critter Pillers comes an affordable nursing and support pillow. Great at home! Convenient for travel! NurSit provides a versatile support pillow for mom and her baby. Use around mom’s waist for nursing support or use on the floor to support your baby or toddler as they learn to sit upright.

Main features

  • Includes a bonus slipcover. 100% cotton.
  • Filled with feather-soft, hypoallergenic microfibers
  • Soft, easy-care polyester cover
  • Machine washable. Guaranteed to be as soft each and every time you use it; Filled and Finished in the USA
  • Includes a convenient, clear-vinyl tote bag for easy-carry and to keep pillow clean

Verified reviews


Cheaper Than Boppy, Works Great

I never owned the original Boppy pillow (I couldn’t stomach the $40 price tag), so I can’t compare the two. I can say that this pillow works excellently for nursing and for half the price of a Boppy. I love this pillow.12/05/13 To clarify, the pattern of the pillow is on the actual pillow construction and is not removable for washing. The solid color is the removable slipcover.

Trisha Gregory, MI

I’ve already recommended to friends!

This is my fourth kid – and I don’t know what had I done before without my Boppy… Guys, it really helps, to feed, to put kid to lay on it, to help little munchkin start to sit, and to sleep to mama. Why didn’t I buy it being pregnant, huh? Silly me, haahhaha))

Corinne Waynesboro, VA

the part around the waist is kind of long

The "hole" is too big. Bear with me. When I have this around my waist and I sit back against a chair, I can’t get the pillow to rest against my stomach because the "arms" push against the chair. This makes my baby fall into the crevice instead of sit on top of the pillow. Not sure if other brands (Boppy, etc) are like that because this is the only one I’ve tried. I’m average weight (130lbs).

Elsa Roebling, NJ

It’s a boppy, nothing special

For a boppy it is a little on the big side. Plus the pretty blue cover does not come off so I have to spot wash it constantly. The pink cover is nice and goes on easily. I had just thought that both were removable. When I sit down it actually sets the baby too high to nurse. it might work better for someone who’s taller than 5’4"

Lisa Mount Gay, WV

Comes with freebies 🙂

Very nice product. Comes with a free toy and extra cover. I really like that the cover is washable. the pillow fits nicely around my wife’s waist.

Ursula Hillsborough, NC

Love the size & price!

Nice Alternative to the over priced boppy nursing pillow. Love the size & extra cover that was included in the package. I would definitely reccomed this product. I gave 4 stars just because I haven’t used it enough to know how durable it is.

Tommie Sleepy Eye, MN

Very helpful when feeding the baby!

I love this type of pillow as it helps to keep arm fatigue down while caring for the little ones. Even when I don’t have the baby, I tend to wrap it around me anyway, since I like using it as an arm rest.

Alyssa Shiloh, OH

must buy from THIS Seller


Lacey Cartwright, OK

Really Impressed.

At first I was reluctant because I didn’t think it would be as great as the Boppy, but I received it and it is beautiful! Also. way cheaper. I would buy more if I needed them!

Roxie Hampstead, NC