Nurtria Basic BPA Free Sippy Cups 6 pack – Green

Nurtria Basic BPA Free Sippy Cups 6 pack – Green


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Perfect size!

Great training cup for my toddler. They aren’t spill-proof so we only allow them while he is in his highchair. I did buy a second set to split up between the grandparents’ houses, too.

Francesca Lancaster, PA

These are OK

I bought a pack of these to keep at my parents’ house when we go to visit. They are simple, basic, tiny sippy cups…and they LEAK LEAK LEAK. They were a good buy, but next time, I’ll bring our other leak-proof cups.

Deborah Maybeury, WV

Will buy again

We’ve had these for several months and they’re our go-to cup for toddler meal times. I really like the stylish colors (my standards have dropped a bit since having a kid okay? At least they’re not primary colors.) and the fact that the cup is transparent so my son doesn’t feel the need to open the cup to see what’s inside. We only wash them in the dish washer (top rack) and they get catapulted from the high chair often. I’ve only had one cup develop a small crack in the side of the lid but it’s still usable. I feel like they’re durable enough for our purposes and I’ll buy them again when these wear out.

Charlotte Wadley, AL

Not bad..

But, the lids are hard to put on. I bought these for my daycare kids for summer, and they are fine, but a little harder to use than I was hoping for.

Alberta Black River, MI

Love these

This is my third set of these cups that I have purchased from this same seller. They always arrive on time and in good condition. I will never buy any in-between cups again. I want a cup that has a lid to avoid major spills but without a valve to teach my child how he needs to properly use his big boy cups. These are just what the Mommy ordered! They are durable plastic, no BPA, very cheap but better quality then Take and Toss cups and they come in cute colors. I have washed mine both by hand and in the dishwasher and never had a single lid shrink or warp. I would honestly compare these to those fancy Tupperware sippy cups our mothers’ had. I continue to buy these to give away and to replace the ones that mysteriously disappear.

Roxanne West Bridgewater, MA

Great products

These cups were great at teaching our little one to drink out of a cup. They work well and are everything you’d expect. The one negative thing is that there is no way close off the top and prevent water from coming out of the spout. In this way you can’t fill it with water and throw it in a diaper bag. But hey, that’s not really what they’re made for I suppose.

Gretchen Esmont, VA