O Ball 12 Linky Loops Toy

O Ball 12 Linky Loops Toy

The perfect set for linking, grasping and teething. Soft, flexible material make the 12 linky loops easy to attach to carriers, diaper bags, strollers and more. The colorful, multi textured links are visually stimulating and are virtually indestructible. Great for on the go.

Main features

  • Soft, flexible material makes it easy to attach to carriers, diaper bags, strollers and more
  • Perfect for little hands to grasp and hold and fit the pieces together
  • 12 colorful multi textured links for baby to teethe and play
  • Visually stimulating
  • Virtually indestructible

Verified reviews


Fun and different

Everyone has the toy links for baby, but these are unique and really fun to hold and chew on. These grow with baby better than the regular links because of all of the fun and interesting shapes. As other reviewers have said, the downside is there are only 4 open link rings. You can remedy this by using open links from other linking toys, or by just linking two solids to one open…or, little one can just hold onto and play with, explore and chew one or two solids not linked to anything. These are great for on the go (they are a favorite diaper bag toy).I too, like a previous reviewer, did not receive a swirl/spiral piece and was a bit disappointed. I thought all of the shapes looked fun, and I don’t get why one of the advertised shapes is not included.

Delores Wanakena, NY

Missing cutest swirly link…. Grrr, that one is the cutest!

Maybe 3 and a half stars… Love them but did not get the cute swirly link and you cannot connect them like a chain, which kind of bugs me. There are not enough pieces with an opening to connect them all together one at a time. Cute, well made, really cute (pointy) box, perfect for gifting. Son loves the shake a set of three and chew on them.

Nannie Fort Irwin, CA

Great links but not all links…

The real bummer on these is that only the roundish ones are actually links. The rest don’t have the space in them where you could attach them independently. I love these and so does my daughter but we use this with a pack of regular links to have enough links to get everything the way we like it.In the picture shown (12 linky loops) there are only 4 actual chain-style links. The other 8 are circles you can connect to a link but not each other.All of that said my little one loves the colors and grabbing at them.

Cathryn Edina, MO

Attractive and fun but not that practical

We already have a couple of sets of the standard plastic links, but these looked fun. The pieces are large and colorful and there’s no paint to rub off since the color is embedded in the material. Some pieces are a harder plastic while others are more flexible. My baby is interested in these, but I’m not thrilled with this set. For one, there’s only a few open ended pieces that can link the others. My biggest complaint is that the pieces that link are irregularly shaped and wavy and everything just slips off so easily. We’re constantly losing pieces when we are out and about. I’m swapping out the linkers for the regular sassy links and hopefully we’ll have a more practical combination.

Shelby Shady Spring, WV

Interesting alternative to the typical toy links!!

We have the Sassy toy links . . . Everybody does!! What I like about these is they are unique, interesting for baby to grasp and explore, so interesting in fact that our son regularly plays with them without any other toy linked to the end. He has liked them since I first found them when he was 6 months old (he’s 11 months now). He probably would have liked them sooner but I hadn’t seen them!! Give ’em a try, you won’t regret it!

Hattie Woodburn, IA

great product

you always need extra loops to arrange and secure your baby toys in place and easy to catch for him at the same time, those ones are great, cute, bigger than others and well colored and textured, I don’t give them 5 stars as I wish they all would have an opening but they don’t.

Dixie Wynantskill, NY

Fun non-traditional rings!

I did not want a huge pack of the same old classic rings so I was thrilled when I found these rings! They are durable, bright-colored, and my daughter loves them. The reasons I bumped them down a star are three-fold:1) There are only 4 open rings that can actually link things. We have no other links, so we are quite short-handed. However if you have other links, these will be a fantastic addition. was they are not as pictured.2) The four links are quite "loose" in their hold–other loops and even the O ball itself fall out of the opening without much of a tug.3) There is no spiral piece–there is even a spiral piece on the official O ball packaging’s picture. Instead you get another star/blob looking piece like the orange one picured.

Francesca Sandy Springs, SC

Cute, fun, and different

I like the variety in shapes, colors, and textures. I can’t make one long change because of the mix of open and closed loops but I really enjoy mixing them up to create variety and novelty for my 5 month old. He of course loves to gum them. My only criticism really is that the open loops are too flexible so they don’t stay connected with a good tug. But since that just aids my baby’s goal of putting them in his mouth it’s not that big of a deal.

Bethany Arvada, WY

Not enough linky toys…

These are nice, but I didn’t get any of the spiral linky loops =( I purchased 2 packages of these with the hopes that they would allow me to link my sons Oball to his gym, stroller or carseat as this is his favorite toy. Both packages had exactly the same linky loops in it, no variety at all… There were only 4 in each package that had a split for hanging things so that left me with 16 plastic pieces that don’t have a real purpose. The 16 other pieces are flexible but my son shows no interest in them. I am not going to open the second package, may use it as a gift later down the road but not worth it to ship it back.Update:I take back my words, in a way. I am still not happy that there are not enough linkable loops and that when I contacted the company they never responded but… My son LOVES these things. I used the 4 linky loops attached together and attached the non-linkable (no openings) to these. He makes it his mission to pull them apart and place them on the floor. He is only 6 months old and he doesn’t play with any of his toys like he plays with these (and of course his original Oball!). I would recommend these for young children, it does work well with dexterity and motor development. Plus, the price is right, they are not expensive for a childs toy and they are very durable.

Lynette Horseshoe Bend, ID

Works & more interesting then other toy links.

My older kids were impressed by these as well. I had the plain links for my older kids & I bought these for my third baby because they looked like so much fun. We had fun linking them with the O Ball rattle & other toys we bought.

Marissa Butler, PA

So cute!

These rings are so cute and so creative and quickly became my 9 month old’s favorite toy. He carries them around with him everywhere. They are bright colors, fun shapes, and super lightweight to carry around. I would love to have more!

Frances Lincolnville Center, ME