O Ball Clickity Twist Toy

O Ball Clickity Twist Toy

Hand held entertainment with bright colors, soft teethable spirals, and fun clicking sounds. The clickity twist features soft, flexible arms that are great for teething and are easy for baby to grasp and hold.

Main features

  • Colorful flexible arms are easy for grasp and hold and super soft for teething
  • Center ball twists and turn with fun clicking sounds
  • Bright colors and multiple texture provide visual and tactile stimulation

Verified reviews


Great toy for curious babies!

Our little boy, since his hands could grasp anything (3 months on), loves to tinker and see how things work. This toy is excellent because the ends are soft to teethe on, and the middle twists and makes a cool clicking sound which he loves. He wasn’t able to twist it on his own until 8-9 months, but now at 11 months it is one of his favorites!

Marylou Edroy, TX

First hard toy she liked, as she had only like soft fabric toys …

Baby girl loves this ball! First hard toy she liked, as she had only like soft fabric toys previously. This is great because she can easily hold it and fit any of the wacky protrusions into her mouth, making it easy to enjoy – as all she wants to do is mouth things!

Sybil Washington, MS

fun and stimulating.

the toy is big enough that little hands can grasp on in a number of places. The loops and shapes are all pliable and flexible and work well for babies. The twist clicks as described. It isn’t too hard to twist so baby won’t have to be too strong, but the clicking is not super loud. Loud enough to hear, but not so loud that you will go crazy when little one is playing with it. It is a decent toy, but I may not bring it to church or something that is generally quieter inside. Very pleased with this toy though and I think baby will enjoy it too. it is also all plastic and silicone and very easy to sanitize.

Freida Minter City, MS

Nice toy but…

Its not baby’s favorite toy but he mouths it sometimes if he does not see it for a couple of days. He can’t turn hold the loops to turn the ball in the center to make the clicking sound yet but he bangs it on everything, so I guess he is happy with it.

Jane Trout Creek, NY

Great Toy!

Great my son whose 6 months loves it! He can grab it easily and he loves that it twists. It’s one of the toys he always goes for.

Bessie Richardsville, KY

Great toy for baby

For a young infant, this toy is very easy to grab. For older infant, the soft and flexible material is great for teething. The "clicking" noise when twisted is also entertaining for them. Worth the money!

Miranda Clarks Summit, PA