O Ball Toys, Football

O Ball Toys, Football

This flexible, bendable football will quickly become baby’s favorite toy. The multiple finger holes make this football easy to grasp, squeeze and throw. Smooth, flexible design makes this the perfect football for little hands to hold. Styles may vary. Assortment of 2, sold separately.

Main features

  • Easy for baby to grasp, squeeze, or throw
  • Smooth, flexible plastic makes the Oball football soft and captivating for little hands
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Perfect for kids of all ages
  • Styles may vary, Assortment of 2, sold separately, “Customer will receive 1 item, styles will vary
  • Styles may vary; Assortment of 2, sold separately; “Customer will receive 1 item, styles will vary”

Verified reviews


fun fun

Kids love these silly things. They are soft enough that little kiddos can use them. Great toy. Safe for chewers.

Krista Ewing, KY

Almost a homerun

My 4 month old son can grasp this toy really easily! That is something I love about the toy. However, he also likes to put everything in his mouth and he cannot do that with this toy. He ends up getting frustrated after a few minutes of holding because he brings it to his mouth and it doesn’t work out. I can see how this toy is great developmentally for grasping, but my son is just not that in to it right now.

Gretchen Cataumet, MA

Great for infants!

My son was six months old when I go this for him, and he loved it. It’s much easier to pick up than other balls because he can fit his little fingers into the holes. He also likes to squish it and chew on it.

Concepcion Venus, PA

A favorite

Although this is a basic toy, this is a favorite in our house. My daughter loves her football, and the holes make it really easy for her to hold. Now that she is a bit older she also likes to toss it and have us retrieve it. Whenever we bring it on playdates, all the other kids want to play with it from small babies up to preschoolers.

Enid Longstreet, LA

Love this

My son just got this as an early birthday gift and he LOVES it. He will chew and throw it and we use it to give him an incentive to crawl.

Terry Esparto, CA