Ocean Wonders Musical Aquarium Crib Attachment

Ocean Wonders Musical Aquarium Crib Attachment

The baby will enjoy the classical-style music; soothing lights and water bubble show with this crib-attaching Ocean Wonders Aquarium. Five ocean friends swim peacefully across the aquarium screen while lights fade on and off in a tranquil pattern. Sweet songs or sound effects play, and bubbles rise to the surface. After ten minutes of play, both baby and you will feel councey and relaxed. There are three modes of operation so that as baby grows, the aquarium will continue to be entertaining. Busy activities help baby transition to quiet time. It requires 3 D batteries, which are not included. It Measures 13.38″ x 4.5″ x 11″ and fits most standard cribs.

Main features

  • Five oceanic characters swim peacefully across the Aquarium while 3 lights fade on and off in a soothing fashion
  • Lovely classical music plays one of 5 songs (or one of 3 sound effects plays) all the while bubbles rise upwards to the “surface”
  • Four classical styled songs, 2 sound effects
  • 3 modes of use: 1 = Sounds, Lights and Water/Swimming Motion. 2 = Sounds & Lights
  • Age Range Birth to 36 Months
  • 3 = Sounds only Busy activities include spinnig crab, flutter ball and baby activated on/off button for the sitting baby

Verified reviews


LOUSY execution of product and frustrating to put together!

My wife keeps buying Fisher-Price products for our infant. I don’t know why. Most of the P.O.S. products we have bought from them have either malfunctioned prematurely, or have fallen short in expectations due to shoddy construction and/or poor design. This product is no exception. The concept is good, but execution is terrible. You will go crazy trying to find the tiny, recessed screws on the battery pack, in order to attach the unit to a crib. In addition, they easily strip, even with the proper sized screwdriver! This makes it impossible to either install the unit, or to remove it!!! Whoever designed the crib attachment battery pack part of this product should be fired Donald Trump style!!! Back to the drawing board Fisher-Price.

Jerri Thornwood, NY

Baby Loves It!!!!

We purchased this product after we received the Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer and found how much our baby loved it. Our baby loves to watch the lights and moving fish in this crib toy. He’s only 12 weeks and can’t yet push the buttons to turn it on himself, but he still enjoys it immensely! It is the only thing that will soothe him when he has a fussy night. The only thing I dislike is the short running time. The guide says it will stay on for 10 minutes, but ours only stays on for five. We have to get up and turn it back on at least a few times for our baby, but it is still well worth it!

Cassandra Murfreesboro, NC

Months of enjoyment!

My daughter has the older model, but I would highly recommend this. It is easy for her to operate herself. She will turn it on in the middle of the night and go back to sleep without bothering us. The music is nice and so are the other sounds. It casts a nice soothing light as well. I recommend having rechargable batteries. My daughter has been using this since she was 6 months old. She is now 17 months and still loves her fish!

Pam Windsor, KY

We had no problems with it…

Our 15 month old daughter has the older rectangular version of this and she stills loves it. It moved from her crib to her toddler bad and she made it very clear that “bubba” was NOT getting her “ish”. =) So we bought the new model yesterday without doing any research into it at all. I was very worried when we came home and I checked out the reviews but I have to say that we had no trouble with it.The battery pack is rather large and I will admit that Fisher Price could have designed it better but at least we can hide it against the wall of the nursery. Attaching the battery pack was easy but my husband helped me with it. We just attached the aquarium to the crib and then he inserted the batteries and snapped the pack on. It kind of snaps into place and then it was easy for hubby to tighten the screws. Ours didn’t slide down or anything like some have mentioned. So Fisher Price might have improved some of the flaws or maybe we just got lucky with ours.Anyway, once we had it up we loved it more than the first one we got. It has better sound quality and doesn’t sound as cheesy as our daughter’s. It still has the great ocean sounds and plays the classic lullabies. It is also larger so they have added more cute little aquatic creatures and they move around more in this one. It also still has the awesome lighting effects which are our daughter’s favorite. It does not seem any brighter than the older one as someone stated so I don’t think we’ll have any problems with it being more of a distraction than soother but only time will tell. But last night while hubby and I finished up in the nursery our daughter fell asleep in the new crib while watching and listening to this thing so I think we’ll continue to love our new “ish” as much as our older “ish”.

Tammi Hutchins, TX

good for newborns

our son when younger (0-3 months) loved this, now that he’s 10 months old he’s lost interest, but good to have for younger babies

Jerry Forest Dale, VT

Get the older Version or try the Flutterbye line

Don’t waste your time with this version. The older one can be found in most children’s consignment stores and is much better. I also have the Flutterbye version, which is even better.

Casandra Goldonna, LA

Very special toy

I have the older model – Hope what they say about the newer model isn’t true. This was the first toy my daughter actually noticed – and it happened very early. She is now 5 months old and still loves it.

Irene Mccall, ID

My Baby Girl Loves It

We got this as a registry gift when our daughter was a week old. She loved it right away! The music, lights, fish action & bubbles mesmerize her in her crib. She’s 9 weeks old now & the original batteries are still working. We also have the aquarium bouncer chair-another must-have item!

Shelia Mc Leansville, NC

bad toy

The motor on this toy is SO loud! I don’t know how any baby could fall asleep to this, mine never did. I looked everywhere for the older version and found it. What a difference. That one is so much better and no loud motor. It is so much more soothing. Still doesn’t put my baby to sleep but he likes looking at it.

Lesley East Parsonfield, ME

Whole lot of awesome!

This is the best thing I ever bought for my daughter. It is the only thing that got her to sleep.

Johanna Imnaha, OR

Well worth every penny!

My daughter LOVES this toy. When all of the lights are off, it makes a wonderful light show! It keeps her occupied long enough after we lay her down for her to fall asleep on her own. It was worth every penny! She loves to watch the bubbles rise to the surface–her favorite part!

Angelica Fort Walton Beach, FL

Load Motor

I purchased this item yesterday, and it will go back to the store tomorrow. I got it together, turned it on, and the motor on the thing was louder than the music. It really does sound as though the motor is straining and it will break any minute. There is no way I will be able to tolerate the motor to put my baby to sleep.

Roxanne Minden City, MI

Entertaining, possibly too distracting after awhile

I really like this item. My daughter was generally drawn to the moving critters since she was even weeks old. She would often fall asleep to it, and it always shuts off automatically. There are several music & sound selections, and a good range of volume control. The unit is rather noisy when the creatures are moving, but their movement can be turned off while still being able to play the music/sounds. My daughter could turn the music on/off by hitting the shell button, whether she knew she was controlling it or not. Sometimes she would do so accidentally in the middle of the night, so it was important for us to keep the sound level down. By about 4 months, she loved rolling to her side and spinning the red lobster (on the bottom middle), so much that she seemed to try doing it when half asleep, even when her arm wasn’t near it. We removed it from the crib around 5 months because it seemed to excite her too much when she needed to try to sleep, the same problem we have with a mobile. The mobile is still up because we can swing it out of the way, but to remove the aquarium requires a screwdriver and removal of the batteries, so it’s not easily put up and down. I will likely try it again when she can sit up in the crib. I still use it occasionally for the music, and wish it was more stable on the floor on its own.

Teri Pampa, TX

wish it had a timer

i really do like this thing, and got it to attach to my daughter’s crib just fine but is not easy to remove, and is very bulky. because it is not very easy to remove (and by easy i mean no screwdrivers required) i bought another one for when she stays at her grandparents’ so she has something familiar and i don’t have to attempt to remove hers from her crib. when she starts to get fussy or is about to wake up, i turn it on, and she falls right back asleep. i don’t know if it is because of the “soothing sounds” or because by now she’s used to it. i first got this for her when she was 2 months old, and then it made a real difference: when she’d wake in the middle of the night, i’d no longer be woken by crying but by the lullabies it plays because she’d kick against it, so that was enough for me. now (at 10 months), when she doesn’t want to go to sleep yet at night, she sits there just watching the bubbles and the creatures “swim” by until the music stops, then lies down. i only wish there was a way to set how long it plays and that they made it optional to attach to your baby’s crib, instead of a requirement.

Marlene Monkton, VT

Baby loves it!!!

Our 9-day-old daughter already appreciates this crib soother! The motor for the bubbles sounds loud to me, but she really likes it, and it can be set to play music and lights with no bubbles if needed. It calms our little one down so that she can fall asleep.There are a few improvements that would be nice. It really is a MAJOR pain to assemble and attach to the crib. It would also be wonderful to have a remote control so I could restart it from outside her room, or perhaps the ability to set the timer to play for a longer period of time.But overall, we’re really happy with it already! On a side note, she also LOVES the aquarium bouncer. We’re looking forward to using the aquarium high chair later on as well.

Wendy Bruin, PA

Just OK – motor is loud and it doesn’t stay on long enough

I didn’t pay a lot for this, so it’s not bad. I definitely would not pay $40+ for it! The motor is kind of loud and it doesn’t run long enough in my opinion. I think it only runs maybe 5 mins. and then shuts off. I just use it to occupy my 8 mo. old in the crib while I do some chores in her room (like folding laundry). I keep having to press the button to restart it again. It is cute though.

Brianna Minden City, MI

Great fun, maybe not for sleeping

My 6-month old still loves this, but not as something that soothes him to sleep. It’s great fun for him to play with while in his crib. He’s now able to start it himself, so sometimes when he wakes up from naps, the first thing we hear is the bubbling noise it makes. He’ll play with this for 15 minutes at a time without fussing, allowing me to take a shower or carry laundry downstairs knowing he is safe in his crib.It is definitely too loud and bright to lull him to sleep, but I am so glad we have it.My biggest problem was attaching it to the crib. The strap which holds it on has holes for little plastic knobs that I couldn’t get through the holes to save my life. I was almost in tears when I finally gave up and cut the holes wider.

Elizabeth Lacombe, LA

Must Have

We have the old version and love it. It’s soothing and our son learned to turn it on and off around 6 months. Our son is now 2 and has used this every time we’ve put him to bed – day or night. In the morning, he turns it on as he wakes up – what a pleasant way for us to wake up – hearing soft music or ocean sounds through the monitor as opposed to crying. At night, the ocean sounds soothe him and us to sleep as we hear them through the baby monitor 🙂 We bought extras for the grandparents and sitter’s house. Don’t leave home without it! If you don’t like the new one, I’ve seen plenty of old models in consignment stores.

Enid Carolina, WV

Ocean wonders Musical Aquarium

I bought this for my daughter before she was born. I play it for her every time I change her diaper in her crib. She didn’t seemed to notice it at first, but now that she is 12 weeks old, she loves this thing. She is attracted to the lights and music. And when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star along with the music, she smiles so big. She is not as attracted to this toy as she is to her mobile, but the songs play long enough to keep her entertained while I do quick chores around the house like folding laundry.There are 2 drawbacks for me (not including the need for a small screwdriver to install the battery).1.) The bubbles stopped working. But I doubt she notices the bubbles anyway.2.) I wish there was a night-light mode. There are several modes: Bubbles+Lights+Music, Lights+Music, and Music-only. I don’t know why I’d ever use the Music-only mode, but I often wish I could just use it as a night-light without the music to check on her in her sleep.

Audrey Canehill, AR

Why the bad reviews? I love it!

I’m not sure why so many people are unhappy with this product. It’s adorable, and more importantly, it puts my daughter to sleep! Heck, it puts ME to sleep! I haven’t had a problem with the batteries and it’s been 3 months, and we still have plenty of water in ours. The songs are cute, but I like the lights and bubbles function best. The only downside that I see is that the music, lights, and bubbles don’t stay on long enough. Definitely something I’d buy again, and something I would give as a gift.

James Swanton, MD

My baby and toddler love this soother!

This soother is very nice. The display captivates my toddler and infant and the music and bubbles are nice. Unlike my Flutterbye soother (which my older daughter took with her to her big girl room), this one has a spinning crab and spinning fish so the baby can interact with it rather than stare at the soother. I do wish it had a ceiling display like my flutterbye soother, but even without the light display it is very nice.My main complaint though is the giant battery pack in the back. It takes up a lot of space and is heavy. because our crib mattress is on the highest setting and we use a bumper we have to put the soother over the narrow side of our crib, so it is a bit higher than I would like. I prefer the design of the flutterbye soother which has the battery pack on the soother itself, rather than in some separate compartment.

Mildred Wamego, KS

Fun but loud

My daughter loves this, but the motor is too loud and the lights are to bright for bed time. There is a music only setting that I use and that is fine. I think this is way overpriced if I am just using it as a music box.

Melinda Roscoe, PA

What a cute crib toy !!!

I received this as a shower gift and put it on my daughters crib. Ever since she was born she has been using this. I love the way it lights up and plays different music and bubble sounds. She is 1 now and still plays with it. She turns it on and off and makes the little things move. Sometimes my husband and I hear it in the middle of the night on her monitor. The music makes her go right back to sleep. When she turns it on in the morning it keeps her busy until we get her milk ready and come to get her. A very good crib toy to have !!!

Magdalena Pena Blanca, NM

Nice for Baby

I bought this for my third grandchild who is 4 months old. She enjoys looking at it as she falls asleep, even when she isn’t quite ready for sleep when I put her down.One reason I bought it is that I have had this or something similar for my two older grandchildren – now 10 & 7. I was delighted with it back then and expect to continue to enjoy this one as long as Amanda is in a crib – and perhaps beyond…as I did with the older ones.I don’t believe Fisher Price can be beat.Rita

Amparo Pleasant Hill, CA

The Old One ROCKS!

They definately need to go back to the old model. My son turns it on and off all morning and LOVES to watch the bubbles. I believe the new one has lots of issues, but if you can find the old one, BUY IT!

Cassandra Orangevale, CA

Decent crib toy

It’s kind of big and clunky, but our baby likes to watch and listen to it. It has a good volume range — some toys are just too loud. The bubbling water is a nice effect. The toy was fairly simple to install on the crib and a plus is that it can be used beyond sitting-on-own age.

Myrtle Compton, MD

Good butt………….

Our son really likes it, and loves to watch it at bedtime. We only have three complaints:1. The battery pack is too heavy and unless the pack is proped up against a stationary object like a wall it will not power up the toy. At first I thought I just bought a messed up one but now I am on my third one from BRU! On the third attempt we realized that this is just a bad feature and we decided to just re-arranged the baby room where the crib was up against a wall so our son could enjoy the toy.2. The mechanics of it are very very loud. If you want the music to be heard you have to turn it all the way up.3. It does not stay on very long. Our son is never asleep when it shuts off automatically.One thing to keep in mind with our review, even with all three complaints above we were willing to re-arrange our baby room just to have this toy. Our son really does love it!

Beth Wadley, AL

Why can’t they get this right?

We had the older model that was also round looking with two fish. My daughter loved it but the gears came off and it started clicking and the fish wouldn’t move anymore. The square looking model was tacky looking to me so I was so happy to see this one now that I have a new baby b/c I thought it looked similar to the original model. The battery pack fell off the crib and broke the first time I tried to put it on. If you have a Next Generation or any other large, sleigh type crib.forget it. There is no way to attach it. I had to set it in a corner and tie the straps to the crib with fishing line. They need to make the straps way longer(test this on different types of cribs).Next problem….it needs more water in front of the toys. It is obvious they are not in the water(not a problem on the older model), it would make better bubbles too. I like the fish and the music.

Tricia Higginsport, OH